I Tried Hacking My Life With Instagram Gadgets. Did It Work?

Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve been assailed by targeted ads for ‘life-changing’ products – so I put a selection of them to the test

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV: On Memorizing

Imagine that someone asked you to come up with a sequence of five words. In any other year, some idiosyncratic combination would likely…

New Study on Link Between Microbiome and Depression

Researchers discover distinct gut bacteria prevalent in people with clinical depression compared to healthy people.

What Happened to Fact-Checkers?

How a respected but peripheral editorial job evolved into a partisan bludgeon for both sides of the American divide

Intentional and Unintentional Sludge

Where there’s sludge, there’s an end user who’s come off worse. Understanding how to remedy sludge comes down in part to understanding the motives behind it.

Death and the All-American Boy: Biden 1974

Joseph Robinette Biden, the 31-year-old Democrat from Delaware, is the youngest man in the Senate, which makes him a celebrity of sorts. But there's something else that makes him good copy:...

Eye of Moon

The Art Review Power 100 for 2020 Ranking

How American Airlines Plans to Restore Confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX

We didn't intend to be first to put the Max back in the air. But the only way to truly build confidence is by flying it. You don't build that back by sitting on the ground

20 Weird Japanese Inventions That We Definitely Need

Japan, the land of the rising sun, is world-reknowned for its technological prowess. It’s no secret that Japanese always try to come up with...

The Extremists Knocking on Doors and Claiming People’s Homes

Homeowners in the Seattle suburbs have been getting disturbing visits from members of the Moorish sovereign citizen movement.

Reversal of Biological Clock Restores Vision in Old Mice

‘Reprogramming’ approach seems to makes old cells young again.

What's It Like Cycling the World's Most Dangerous Road?

North Yungas Road in Bolivia was dubbed the World's Most Dangerous Road in the 1990s, thanks to the hundreds of people who lost their lives each year on its twisting narrow path with a 2,000 foot...

7 Ways a Biden Administration Could Impact Global Technology

A change in the White House will mean new policies on content moderation, semiconductors, the H-1B visa, and, yes, TikTok.

The Cost Per Jab of Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates

Déjà Vu in Pakistan

Seventy years of disaster, dictatorship and disruption have trained us mentally to expect pandemic-like restrictions, not unlimited freedoms.

Watch: Daily Life in Egypt, 1925

Covid's Other Victim: The Global Food System

Inside the Bidding War for Covid-19 Nurses

A shortage of nurses has turned hospital staffing into a cutthroat competition, but there are unintended consequences.

GIPHY’s Most-Viewed GIFs of 2020

2020… how do we even begin to describe this year? It’s safe to say we haven’t experienced anything like it before. The world was shaken by…

The Steampunk Artist Who Designed Disneyland's Main Street USA

“Yeah, I was born in that little town… Fort Collins, Colorado. My dad owned a newspaper there, the Fort Collins Express Courier, and I grew up there. It was a very prosperous town. We had banks...

The Country Governed by Women in Their 30s

Nearly a year into her job, Finnish PM Sanna Marin says it's 'everyone's job to identify themselves'.

Is This the World’s Longest Continuous Walk? Cape Town to Magadan

Map created using Google Maps The map above potentially shows one of the world's longest uninterrupted walks from Cape Town, South Africa to Magadan, Russia a distance of 22,387km (13,910 miles)....

The Ten Best Short Films on Netflix

Feat. Oscar-winning docs, a Paul Thomas Anderson / Thom Yorke collab & David Lynch interrogating a monkey - the 10 best short films to watch on Netflix now.

Why Archaeologists Are Brewing Ancient Beers

Scientists are partnering with brewers to taste test ancient recipes and sip a long-lost past.

China’s Ambitions in Space, Explained

The Gobi Desert in China is an ideal place for prospective Martians. Here, along the ragged red landscape, is Mars Base 1, a mock Martian...

New Fish Data Reveal How Evolutionary Bursts Create Species

Tony Hsieh: Desert Visionary

The death of Tony Hsieh is the loss of an urban pioneer.

Meet the Deadly Seawolf Submarine

We're rigged for silent running in the Seawolf, America's newest and fastest attack submarine.

Soviet Hotels Fit for a KGB Officer — In Pictures

Here’s My Review of the Social Dilemma: No, Social Media Is Not “Hijacking” Your Brain

Most reviews of this film gobbled up its dark warnings about social media, but as an expert on habit-forming products, I think the film is dangerously wrong.

NPR's Best Books of 2020

Cultured Meat Has Been Approved for Consumers for the First Time

Most cultured meat is made in a similar way. Cells are taken from an animal, often via a biopsy or from an established animal cell line. These cells are then fed a nutrient broth and placed in a...

AskReddit: Your Single Most Important Item That Has a Value of $1 or Less?

The Royal Jelly Problem of Modern Workplaces

In which predetermining the success of a few leaves the vast majority neglected and bound for failure.

Socialism Is a Trigger Word on Social Media

An analysis of social media commentary about socialism versus capitalism shows that people are talking past each other, but some are engaging in more nuanced discussions as well.

After Minimalism

"All great ages have left a record of themselves in their styles of building. Why should we not try to find a style for ourselves?" — Karl Schinkel Have you noticed how much of the world now...

The LEGO beehive

On a Singapore Street, Two Rival Restaurants Go to War

A century-old rivalry between Zam Zam and Victory restaurants has descended into violent chaos.

Pictures of the Year: Natural Disasters

A home is seen destroyed in the aftermath of Hurricane Delta in Creole, Louisiana, October 10, 2020. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

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