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July 28
Health and environment Law and crime
July 27
Armed conflicts and attacks
  • Afar–Somali clashes
    • According to the Somali Regional government, militants from the Afar Region attack for the fourth day the Somali town of Garbaiisa, killing up to 300 people. In response, protesters set up roadblocks along a highway leading to Djibouti and damaged parts of the Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway, threatening Ethiopia's economy. This comes after multiple days of fighting between Afaris and Somalis militants in Garbaiisa. (Reuters) (Bloomberg)
  • The Cuban embassy in Paris, France, is attacked with three molotovs, resulting in a fire outside the building but without causing any injuries. The identities of the perpetrators of the attack are unknown. (Al Jazeera)
Arts and culture Disasters and accidents Health and environment International relations Law and crime
  • Hong Kong national security law
    • A court in Hong Kong finds 24-year-old Tong Ying-kit, the first person to be charged under the national security law on July 1, 2020 (one day after its approval), guilty of terrorism and secession. He faces a sentence ranging from seven years to life in prison. The ruling also marked a limit to free speech for the slogan "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times", which Tong carried when he committed the offense. The judges stated that the slogan could "incite others to commit secession". (DW) (Bloomberg)
  • The trial against Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu and ten others for financial crimes opens in the Holy See. Becciu and a monsignor are the only two to appear in court in person. Becciu denied any wrongdoing and the trial was adjourned. Pope Francis had previously stripped Becciu of his immunity and approved his indictment. Becciu's lawyers asked the court not to order the Cardinal's arrest. (Reuters)
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