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Upstract is my next small thing in the news space — made for those who miss the days when Digg 1.0 was fun, Reddit less of a political play, and content discovery all about genuine affinity and...

The Countries With the Highest Density of Robot Workers

The Sweet Smell of Success

If you have ever been truly poor (or a soldier or mountain man), you understand that having potable water, edible food, immediate physical safety, lifegiving medicine, heat in the winter, and...

Inside the Race to Save Big Lipstick

The pandemic has forced beauty brands to ditch shiny shopfronts and drag makeup into the future

Watch: Streets of Lagos

The value of uncertainty

I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. In order to make progress, one must leave...

The Rise and Fall of Video Game Cheat Codes

Cheaters never win…unless you’re talking about video games.

Like, Subscribe, Invest — Confronting a Crisis With the Real Estate Gurus of YouTube

The real estate gurus of YouTube espouse an ideology suited to a world where financialization has made wannabe investors of us all.

Shiba Inu Hot Dog

A Look at Virus’s Impact as Deaths Near 1 Million

As it marched from East to West this year, the coronavirus pandemic sank economies and transformed social interactions. It shut schools and businesses, stopped the sports and entertainment...

The Weird World of Kidnapping Insurance

Inside one of the strangest corners of the international insurance market

The Wurst Is Over: Why Germany Now Loves to Go Vegetarian

More than 40% of Germans are cutting down on meat, and vegan burgers are a shopping mall staple

First Ever Self Charging Battery From Nuclear Waste That Can Last Upto 28,000 Years

NDB Company says its nano diamond battery will absolutely upend the energy equation, acting like tiny nuclear generators. Which last upto 28000 years.

Dreading a Dark Winter Lockdown? Think Like a Norwegian

Studies show people living in the Arctic Circle are armed with a mindset that helps combat the long ‘polar night’. It might come in handy for us all…

How Screen Time Affects Children

Screens are a fixture in children's lives from a young age, but giving them access to television, tablets or phones doesn't always have a negative impact on their development.

The Weirdest Minds in the World

The Bee Lady Is Back at It Again


Leonid S. is eight and a half feet tall, and he is still growing. He is 34 years old, weighs 480 pounds, and he is still growing. He can't fit in a car, wears size 26 EEEEE shoes, can pick apples...

The Elusive Story of the Bread-and-Butter Pickle Sandwich

Midway between dainty afternoon tea and grab-and-go farmhouse lunch, Amy Theilen’s pickle sandwich is an under-the-radar fixture of American home snacking.

Memorable Moments From 60 Years of U.S. Presidential Debates

1960: The first televised debate pitted Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy against Republican Vice President Richard Nixon, who was recovering from a hospital visit and had a 5 o’clock shadow, having

A Primer on Eco-Fascism

As the effects of climate change are intensifying, ecology is "playing a bigger role in fascist ideology across the board."

How Hollywood Sold Glamour

The complicated notion of glamour in classic Hollywood, suggesting that stars were aloof and unknowable, was also a means to sell products.

The World's Most Admired People

Why Are All Swedish Cottages Painted Red?

One company has exclusive rights to the source of the iconic pigment—a copper mine's supply of iron deposits that may last just a century more

Pasta, Wine and Inflatable Pools: How Amazon Conquered Italy in the Pandemic

The e-commerce giant had struggled to gain a foothold in a society that prefers to shop in person, with cash, but now Italians are hooked on online shopping.

Have We Got Dust All Wrong?

Scientists are challenging conventional notions of how dust particles are aligned; “everything we’ve so far hypothesized about the impact of dust on the atmosphere might be misplaced.”

The Powerful Decide

What makes good or bad design happen anywhere depends on who has the most power.

Dentists Fear a ‘Tsunami’ of Post-Lockdown Tooth Decay

Half of UK parents say their children have missed a check-up since restrictions began in March – survey

Swiss Voters Reject EU Immigration Curbs

Referendum called by rightwing Swiss People’s party rejected by 61.7% of voters

FedEx Teams Up With Reliable Robotics on Autonomous Cargo Planes

The logistics company is looking at putting the aircraft in "very remote and uninhabited areas" of its network, CEO Fred Smith told investors this week.

A 'Climate Anomaly' Worsened World War I and the 1918 Flu Pandemic, New Research Suggests

A once-in-a-century “climate anomaly” exacerbated the awful conditions along the Western Front in Europe during the First World War, according to new research. This unusual weather may have also...

Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal

“People are basically good” was eBay’s founding principle. But in the deranged summer of 2019, prosecutors say, a campaign to terrorize a blogger crawled out of a dark place in the corporate soul.

Good Boy Save a Fish

What to Do When the Future Feels Hopeless

Humans like to feel optimistic about and in control of where their life is headed. The pandemic has made it very hard to feel that way.

What It’s Like to Moderate a Presidential Debate

The moderator of one of Mexico’s 2018 debates on one of the most terrifying experiences in journalism.

The Mad 1920s Fad of Pole-Sitting

Forget planking – or any other useless but mildly entertaining stunts you might have seen via Tik Tok for that matter. Before all that, came the strange spectacle of pole-sitting, a fad that...

Utopia and the Power of the Conspiracy Thriller

Amazon’s new show Utopia tells the story of a plot to depopulate the earth with a pandemic. It’s just the latest paranoid drama to offer perverse comfort, writes David Jesudason.

Wall Street Lawyer Reviews Financial Crime Scenes, From "Billions" to "Mr. Robot"

Wall Street defense attorney Vinoo Varghese fact checks financial crime scenes from movies and television including 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' 'Catch Me If Y...

How the Candy Industry Convinced Us That #HalloweenisHappening

If screaming will likely occur, greater distancing is advised

Venice Syndrome

Venice Syndrome spots the similarities between Venice and 2 replicas of Venice (a chinese replica in Hangzhou and Las Vegas)