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The Store of Value Generation Is Kicking Your Ass and You Don’t Even Know It

What is something worth ? A building, a pen, a stock, a cryptocurrency, gold, Intellectual property, any asset? Valuing something we own has always been more art than science.

100 True Fans

More than a decade ago, Wired editor Kevin Kelly wrote an essay called "1,000 True Fans” predicting that the internet would allow large swaths of people to make a living off their creations,...

1991: Donald Trump Gets Small

Like a Third World dictator who betrays not one iota of weakness until the very moment he is shipped off to exile in Gstaad, Donald Trump is showing no signs of being daunted by the widespread...

Who’s Making All Those Scam Calls?

Every year, tens of millions of Americans collectively lose billions of dollars to scam callers. Where does the other end of the line lead?

The Dark Side of the GameStop Bubble: Driving Stock Prices to the Moon Can Hurt America [OP]

Stock market bubbles and crashes are good for neither Wall Street nor Main Street.

What’s Wrong With the Way We Work

Americans are told to give their all—time, labor, and passion—to their jobs. But do their jobs give enough back?

Collected: 2021 Trend Reports

Some Google Staff Have Formed a Union. Will Other Techies Follow?

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50 Company Stocks to Watch in 2021

The Wolves of Dogecoin: Inside the Underground Crypto Hustle

For over four years, a pump-and-dump Discord channel has scammed millions from unregulated cryptocurrency markets — and it’s only growing stronger

Inside the Billion-Dollar Plan to Kill Credit Cards

Millennials were shunning plastic and supposedly wary of consumer debt. Affirm's Max Levchin saw a way to repackage buying now and paying later for younger folks—and it's made him a billionaire.

Chart of Historic iPhone Pricing

Amazon Ruined My Life — Story From a Marketplace Seller

Barak Govani ran a clothing store on LA's famed Melrose Avenue. Then earlier this year he made a big bet on Amazon that he now regrets.

President Trump Declared New York Restaurants Are Dying, Not Everyone Agrees.

Restaurants are struggling all right. Hospitality experts believe that more than one thousand may have closed since the beginning of the pandemic and it’s clear the plight of the industry is...

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining in Arctic Circle as Price Rises

Gamestop, Memestocks, and the Revenge of the Retail Trader

Gamestop shares are set to rally 70% this morning when trading starts, and AMC shares opened up 300%, extending a run that has perplexed market observers, irked hedge funds, and generally made...

Mark Cuban Has Some Things to Say

The billionaire says the current stock market is reminiscent of the first dot-com boom. He also shares his thoughts on vaccine tourism, Donald Trump and platform moderation.

AskReddit: How Would $12,500 Affect Your Life Right Now?

Big Banks Entrusted Money to GardaWorld. It Secretly Lost Track of Millions

A Times investigation found that the Florida-based armored truck company concealed missing money from the banks.

Teen Spending Hits Two-Decade Low

Teen spending hit its lowest levels in two decades, according to a new survey, as teens spent less money on food, concerts and events during the coronavirus pandemic, and worry about the economy...

Visualizing the Economics of Coffee in One Chart

We Bought the Diner From Twin Peaks. Then COVID Hit

“We could do so much cool stuff.”

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: A Hands-Off CEO in a Time of Turmoil

The CEO, who splits his time between two companies, delegates most major business decisions in part so he can pursue his personal passions—including an intense curiosity about others. His...

Percentage of Households That Spend More Than 50% of Their Income on Housing

Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet

In a landmark antitrust complaint, the Justice Department is targeting a secretive partnership that is worth billions of dollars to both companies.

The Bads of Ads

How McDonald's Really Makes Money

An Epic Feat: New Berlin Airport Opens After 14 Years

Super Cubes: Inside the (Surprisingly) Big Business of Packaged Ice

The long read: Britain’s leading ice company makes five billion cubes a year, filling everything from cocktail glasses to ice baths. Now it faces its toughest challenge – for what is ice without a...

Robinhood App Makes Wall Street Feel Like a Game to Win

Robinhood's trading app uses features commonly found in video games and casinos to make investing more fun, which also obscures the real risks involved.

China's Singles Day: A Logistical Feat

The world's biggest 24-hour online shopping event requires a monumental effort to deliver all the goods.

Study Finds a Manly Beard May Help Drive Sales

The next time you are considering purchasing a big-ticket item, it might be worth paying attention to the salesperson's facial hair.

How Did Madagascar Become the World's Biggest Producer of Vanilla?

A tale of a botanical mystery, colonialism, and savvy marketing.

Jeff Bezos: Here’s How I Make High-Stakes Decisions

In an excerpt from a new collection of his writings, Amazon’s CEO says that his secret is making fewer, better decsions—and thinking three years out.

Watching My Father’s Small Business Fade

“I’m more than just my store,” my father told me. And yet, for nearly his entire adult life, all of his decisions had argued the opposite.

How Fake Customer Reviews Do — And Don’t Work

New research reveals the short-term gains and long-term costs.

An FDA Whistleblower's Documents: Commerce, Corruption and Death

An FDA whistleblower's documents tell of approval of antipsychotic drugs that lack efficacy and increase risk of death

Are Tech IPOs Worth the Hype for Investors?

Technology IPOs draw massive investor and media attention, sometimes raising billions of dollars. But do tech IPO returns match up with the hype?

Why the S&P 500 cares less about who's president in their first year

Investors fleeing the stock market just prior to President Obama's White House tenure missed a 26% return in 2009, and a 22% gain in 2017 for those sellers...

A Love Letter to the Federal Reserve From the Adoring Stock Market

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