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Gamestop, Memestocks, and the Revenge of the Retail Trader

Gamestop shares are set to rally 70% this morning when trading starts, and AMC shares opened up 300%, extending a run that has perplexed market observers, irked hedge funds, and generally made...

Is This the End of WeWork?

WeWork’s CEO says the company could IPO (again) and break even this year. The financials tell a very different story

Surprise: Money Actually Can Buy Happiness, Study Says

Researchers have learned that earning more than $75K a year does, in fact, make you happier.

Manhattan’s Trump Buildings Have Lost Half Their Value

An indication that the gold-plated name has become a toxic asset.

Livestream Shopping Goes Global

China’s $67 billion livestreaming e-commerce market is going global, with Taobao and Alibaba affiliates leading the charge.

GameStop and the Future of Financial Shitposting

Wall Street doesn’t know what to make of Reddit investors who live by the meme

Earnings of Wealthiest 10 Men During Pandemic 'Could Buy Vaccines for All'

Billionaires' wealth has soared while the pandemic has plunged millions into poverty, Oxfam says.

Uber Has a Wild New Plan for Global Ride-Hailing Domination

After years of riling regulators and rivals Uber has settled on a somewhat novel approach to grow its business: playing nice. Success is far from guaranteed

The Business of a Marriage

After my wedding, I began looking for a language for the partnership, both metaphorical and actual, I seemed to have contracted.

The Mathematical Case Against Blaming People for Their Misfortune

Complexity science reveals the hard limits of our predictive abilities, and makes a mathematical case for compassion

The Stock Market Is at or Near the Most-Expensive Levels Ever by Most Measures. When Will It Matter?

There is a distinct "greed hive" that's boiling over with options speculation, engineered short squeezes and heedless momentum buying.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining in Arctic Circle as Price Rises

Collected: 2021 Trend Reports

A Guide to 2021: Covid Vaccines, Stimulus, Sanity

Is a/B Testing Effective? Evidence From 35,000 Startups

A/B tests help startup founders capitalize on good ideas—and move on from duds—faster, says research from Rembrand Koning. How can established companies benefit?

Millennials Are Mourning a Fallen ’90s Icon: Sit-Down Pizza Hut

In our youth, the Hut worshipped at the altar of casual dining. Now that it’s takeout only, we’ve lost an important slice of pre-pandemic life

Can the Pizza Pusha Survive Pot Legalization?

Chris Barrett has made bank on the gray market selling pizza laced with 40 mg of THC per slice. Can the Pizza Pusha survive pot legalization?

What’s Wrong With the Way We Work

Americans are told to give their all—time, labor, and passion—to their jobs. But do their jobs give enough back?

How the World Embraced Consumerism

Over the course of the 20th Century, capitalism moulded the ordinary person into a consumer. Kerryn Higgs traces the historical roots of the world's unquenchable thirst for more stuff.

100 True Fans

More than a decade ago, Wired editor Kevin Kelly wrote an essay called "1,000 True Fans” predicting that the internet would allow large swaths of people to make a living off their creations,...

The Origins of Money

Researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands are adding an Early Bronze Age piece to the currency puzzle

Two Worlds: So Much Prosperity, So Much Skepticism

Bill Gates: America's Top Farmland Owner

The co-founder of Microsoft and his wife make an auspicious debut on the 2020 LAND REPORT 100, as America's largest private farmland owners.

Some Google Staff Have Formed a Union. Will Other Techies Follow?

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Mapped: Who Are the 50 Richest Women in the World in 2021?

Fewer than 12% of global billionaires are women, but they still hold massive amounts of wealth. Who are the 50 richest women in the world?

What to Do if Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office

…but company leaders are insisting on it.

From Russia With Free Shipping

Wildberries is a genuine success. But its corporate backstory involves a lot of mythmaking.

How Amazon's Super-Complex Shipping System Works

San Francisco's Tech Workers Are Leaving the Bay Area

As a tech era draws to an end, more workers and companies are packing up. What comes next?

The Customer Is Not Always Right

Customer entitlement at restaurants is at an all-time high, making work unsafe and unbearable for many in the industry. The way we think about hospitality needs to change.

What Do Wall Street Leaders Think Is the Next Big Risk?

Europe Is Guaranteeing Citizens the "Right to Repair"

The EU is restricting products designed to be unfixable, forcing companies to change their ways.

A Brief History of Consumer Culture

Over the course of the 20th century, capitalism preserved its momentum by molding the ordinary person into a consumer with an unquenchable thirst for more stuff.

The Great Grift

9-min read The federal response to the pandemic has been massive — a $5 trillion effort. It has also...

The Next Normal Arrives: Trends That Will Define 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. Here are some trends for the next normal that business leaders should keep in mind.

China Loves Elon Musk and Tesla. How Long Will That Last?

U.S. Supply Chains Disrupted by Millions Calling Out Sick

Tesla Would Take Nearly 1,600 Years to Make the Amount of Money the Stock Market Values It At

Tesla is an oddity in the business landscape. The company’s stock is so stratospheric that Elon Musk has surpassed Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person. Now, we have another mind-blowing...

Inside the Booming Business of Relaxation Drinks

Kick back and enjoy a branded relaxation beverage.

How Covid-19 Accelerated the Rise of Ghost Kitchens

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