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Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii

Eat like a first-century Roman, using recent archaeological discoveries as your guide.

‘Lean Into Loneliness Like It Is Holding You’

‘If the absence of people unravels you … /Lean into loneliness like it is holding you’ – a poetic reflection on life in lockdown

In the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, We Have Decided to Reopen Restaurants

“Facing swelling political pressure and numerous lawsuits by businesses forced to shut down, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Monday lifted a str...

The Beautiful, Brutal World of Whaleship Art

The logbooks kept by 19th-century Nantucket whalers offer a colorful peek into the gruesome industry.

AskReddit: What Are Some of Dark Events Happened in History Not Many People Know About?

The Most Influential Artists of 2020

The most influential artists of 2020 include Banksy, Titus Kaphar, Betye Saar, Zanele Muholi, and more.

25 Great Writers and Thinkers Weigh in on Books That Matter

To celebrate the Book Review’s 125th anniversary, we’re dipping into the archives to revisit our most thrilling, memorable and thought-provoking coverage.

Famous Paintings and Historical Figures Recreated Using Artificial Intelligence

Nathan Shipley is a San Francisco-based graphics artist who used artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine a handful of historical figures, cartoon characters, and famous paintings as modern-day...

Clair De Lune (Debussy): Alexandre Tharaud, Yoann Bourgeois - Piano & Dance

A 10 Billion Pixel Scan of Vermeer’s Masterpiece Girl With a Pearl Earring: Explore It Online

We admire Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring for many reasons, not least that it looks exactly like a girl with a pearl earring.

Roman Roads Were the Infrastructure of Empire

Built during the republic and empire, a vast network of roads made moving goods and troops easier through all corners of the Roman world.

On the Rocks: How Vodka Tourism Shaped and Shattered Decades of Soviet-Finnish Relations

In the West, the Soviet Union conjured images of tower blocks and the Cold War. It Finland, it meant cheap booze.

Is This the World’s New Most Expensive Art Piece?

Beer company Natty Light is the unlikely force behind the Da Vinci of Debt, now on view in Grand Central Station

AskReddit: What Is the Equivalent of "Apple Removed 3.5mm Jack" of Your Favorite Products?

The Volume Cleaner

Photographs by Franck Bohbot of an Unusually Deserted and Wintry New York City

Photographs by Franck Bohbot of an unusually deserted and wintry New York City.

Who Invented Chess and When Did It Start Being Played?

There are few pursuits...

AP Images: Children Learn Spain’s Deadly Art of Bullfighting

Photos and Text by Manu Fernandez

Take a Peak: The Mountains and Mysticism of Nepal

Despite no real climbing experience, photographer Bastiaan Woudt went in search of the Himalayas’ highest peaks … and himself

Wikipedia: Paradox of Tolerance

The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the...

Secrets From Tel Aviv’s ‘Eclectic’ Era Are Hiding All Over the City

Briefly popular in the 1920s, these beautifully patterned tiles have made a comeback.

Pink Seesaws Across the US-Mexico Border Win Design of the Year 2020, on Trump’s Last Day

The Teeter Totter Wall by Rael San Fratello and Colectivo Chopeke allowed children on both sides of the border to play together.

The Folding Process of Origami Samurai Warrior

New Irregular Verb Conjugations

To smile Simple past: I smiled. Present: I smize behind my mask. Present continuous: I am squinting jovially and half-nodding at strangers on the s...

Why You Should Read Toni Morrison's Beloved

Why Do We Keep Reading the Great Gatsby?

‘The Great Gatsby’ is not a book about people, per se. Secretly, it’s a novel of ideas.

The 'Trump Baby' Blimp Will Live on in the Museum of London

A giant blimp depicting Donald Trump as a diaper-clad baby, which followed the outgoing US President on his visits to London and symbolized international opposition to his administration, has...

Fran Lebowitz to Fleeing New Yorkers: “Don’t Come Back. Ok?”

The acclaimed New York writer Fran Lebowitz on her new Netflix show created by Martin Scorcese, "Pretend It's A City,' delves into old New York history, its culture and its obvious annoyances. She...

Through the Looking Glass: Europe's Captive Primates

My Failed Attempts to Hoard Anything at All

It helps to look at which shelves are bare. That teaches you, I suppose, what you should be hoarding.

Saving the Songs of South Korea’s Female Divers

Three elderly women are teaching the music of these famed fisherwomen.

Even I, Satan, Am Appalled at the State of the Republican Party

These past two weeks have been dark. And I know a thing or two about darkness, because I’m the prince of it. And while I enjoy chaos and carnage as...

Dave Whyte (@Davebeesbombs) • Amazing Motion Illustrations

Hat tip to the Dense Discovery newsletter for hipping me to this awesome collection of painstakingly (I imagine) animated motion graphics

Wiki Wormhole: The Feast of the Ass Isn’t as Filthy as It Sounds

Headlines that write themselves...

Five Tips to Get Reading Again if You’ve Struggled During the Pandemic

The good news is you read a lot more than you think

In This Remote Corner of China, Locals Use Zip Lines to Get Around

When few bridges crossed the Nu River, locals found a creative way to transport themselves, their children, and their livestock over its rushing waters.

Inside the Forgotten Ghost Stations of a Once-Divided Berlin

The old adage of “what you see on the surface tells only part of the story” couldn’t be more true for a city like Berlin.


Celia Townsend’s mother brought up the subject of debutante balls for the first time in June. It was the day after graduation, and they were discussing when Celia would have to be home from Maine...

The Secret Society of Lightning Strike Survivors

After the sudden and intense drama of getting hit, they suffered from devastating symptoms that wouldn’t go away. It seemed like no one could help—until they found each other.

The Secret Letters of History's First-Known Businesswomen

New research gives us insights into history's first well-documented businesswomen, who made their mark earlier than you may think.

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