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The Beatles: Get Back—An Exclusive Deep Dive Into Peter Jackson’s Revelatory New Movie

This fall Disney+ unveils the three-part documentary, which mines long-lost footage for a portrait of the band’s final chapter that’s so unexpected it surprised even Paul McCartney.

The History of Locker-Room Talk

The term pussy is related because cats are soft and warm, but they also have retractable razor-sharp claws and predator’s teeth.

The Barista’s Guide to Troubleshooting Your Camp Coffee

How to level up your camp coffee game, no matter your brew method

In Argentina, Cheap Government-Issued Netbooks Sparked a Musical Renaissance

Working-class teens turned junked machines into musical instruments.

Use Hearing Protection: Take a Much Deeper Look at the Early Years of Factory Records

Take a much deeper look at the early years of Factory Records in Manchester.

It Has the Feel of a Little Local Pub!’: Guardian Readers on Their Extraordinary DIY Sheds

From an allotment shelter built out of old doors to a storage shack turned into a chapel, here are some of the best of our readers’ creations

How the Forgotten Tricks of 'Letterlocking' Shaped History

Hundreds of years ago, people developed ingenious methods to secure their letters from prying eyes – and they did it with only paper, adhesive and folds.

Why You've NEVER Had Real Sushi

For the past 18 generations, one family has preserved a 400-year-old recipe showing how sushi once tasted, and it doesn't use raw seafood, but fish aged for three years.

Italian Artist Illustrates the Sad Truth of Modern Life

According to Marco Melgrati: "I’m an Italian freelance illustrator from Milan. I work mostly for magazines, newspapers, and websites. When I work on commission I try to find an unusual and...


How to Buy a Work of Art

With the help of gallery owners, patrons, collectors and artists, T explores some of the complications behind an obvious question.

The Best Albums of 2021 So Far

From drill’s high watermark to Tuareg rock, Colombian pop and London jazz, here are our music editors’ picks of the best LPs from the first half of the year


Forekast, Calendar of the Internet

Daniel Popper's Incredible Sculptures Invade the Morton Arboretum

These glorious figures of giants made of trees look like guardians of the forest.

In One of Egypt’s Most Spiritual Places, Bedouins Find Peace and Resilience

Connecting with Bedouin roots in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt: "What I always see is an unconditional love for the land."

Every Landmark in China Now Makes Gorgeous Themed Ice Cream

Temples, towers, and famous figures, all as frozen treats.

Philosophy’s lack of progress

For centuries, all philosophers seem to have done is question and debate. Why do philosophical problems resist solution?

The Unexpected Beauty of COVID Hair

The pandemic obliged—or enabled—many women to go gray. They’re still reckoning with the transformation.

"Cheese Grater Climbing", Tatsuya Tanaka

Inside the Hateful Pokémon Card Grading Scene

It’s a world filled with Pokémon card grading fun – and tons and tons of abuse

Sushi Mario, Tatsuya Tanaka

Summer Reading: The 50 Hottest New Books Everyone Should Read

From missing lighthouse keepers to the healing power of trees ... 50 new fiction and nonfiction books to enjoy. Plus recent paperbacks to pack and the best children’s stories

Who Invented the "Mexican" Food of the United States?

The debate over what counts as authentic Mexican food may be moot when there are 7,000 Taco Bells around the world.

Germany Became a Tolerant Nation Only by Painful, Small Steps

Shaking off Nazism was no simple matter: the work to create a plural and peacable Germany was prolonged and painful

This Guy Bends Time and Space in Slow Motion"Playing With Time" is a video in which a man plays with time and space. It was created entirely with a high-speed camera and...

Who Are the Illuminati? How to Join, All-Seeing Eye & World Domination

Who were the Illuminati, and do they really control the world? Here's what we know about one of history's most alluring secret societies, including how you became a member...

"Wear Good Shoes" — Advice From Magnum Photographers [PDF]

Milky Way Photographer of the Year 2021 – In Pictures

The annual Milky Way photographer of the year competition features the best photos of our galaxy as selected by Capture the Atlas. This year’s images were taken from around the world by 25...

Esquire: 20 Best Books of Summer 2021

Our favorite books of summer delve into everything from murder to mescaline, parenthood to plane crashes, psychotherapy to psychedelics.

Retro Goodness: Web Badges World

4,000 web badges, collected.

How Art Movements Got Their Names

Creative Routines of Famous People

Help a Computer Win the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

This is a weekly experiment to see if an artificial intelligence program can produce real humor.

What Do Europeans Feel Most Attached To

At Pizza Pacaya, the Oven Is an Active Volcano

Chef David García’s secret ingredient is lava.

Eunoia: Words That Don't Translate

Eunoia: Words that don't translate.

Better Thinking & Incentives: Lessons From Shakespeare

At Farnam Street, we aim to master the best of what other people have figured out. Not surprisingly, it’s quite a lot. The past is full of useful lessons that have much to teach us. Sometimes, we...

Here's What a Futurist World's Fair Looked Like Behind the Iron Curtain

The Leipzig Fair, 1968 The World’s Fairs used to capture the public’s imagination. From the millions who attended such iconic Fairs as the ones held in New York in 1939 and 1964, to the...

How the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 Changed Japan's Capital Forever

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