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The Number Ones

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.

Paterson Joseph Interview: ‘Racism Is a Strange Mental Illness’

The ‘Peep Show’ star won fans as Mark’s sociopath boss before playing a cult leader in ‘The Leftovers’. Now, he takes on the role of a submarine commander in BBC’s submarine crime-drama ‘Vigil’....

Super. Human. ‘21

Femme Fatale

When Zoe Whittall discovered the word femme as a teenager in the 1990s, it felt like a homecoming and transgression all at once. But what meaning does the word hold now that you can buy t-shirts...

Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2021

A leafy seadragon, a flock of galahs and ‘ghostly’ mushrooms are among the Australian subjects captured in some of this year’s best nature photographs.

How China Conquered the Keyboard

Inside North Korea: Its People at Work, Rest and Play

Stéphan Gladieu was allowed into North Korea to shoot its people in amusement parks, cinemas and offices. Why, he wonders, did they let him?

The Rolling Stones Look Back on 50 Wild Years of Rock'n'roll

In Germany, Karl Marx and Elvis Direct Traffic

East Berlin's famed Ampelmännchen has inspired a new generation of pedestrian signals that will make you stop in your tracks

Why Charlie Watts Was the Ultimate Rock and Roll Drum God

Rock’s ultimate drum god didn’t want the spotlight. He was there to do a job, which was knocking people off their feet, night after night, year after year

Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones Drummer, Dies at 80

Drummer Charlie Watts, whose adept, powerful skin work propelled the Rolling Stones for more than half a century, died in London on Tuesday morning, according to his spokesperson. No cause of death…

The Rise and Fall of Polaroid

CEWE Photo Award 2021

Enter your photos into the "CEWE Photo Award 2021" now and be in with the chance of winning a share of €250,000 in prizes.

Way Before MTV, Music Ruled the Living Room

I want my Ed Sullivan, Arthur Godfrey, and Lawrence Welk! To say nothing of Soul Train!

Watch: Maneuvers

An Immense Mystery Older Than Stonehenge

Reshaping previous ideas on the story of civilisation, Gobekli Tepe in Turkey was built by a prehistoric people 6,000 years before Stonehenge.

Where Is the World's Most Expensive Painting?

Two new documentaries delve into the ongoing saga of Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi in a moment when true art crime stories are at their peak, writes Caryn James.

Infographic: Visualizing the World's 100 Biggest Islands

How to Spend It: 1M Hauly Heist

Ideal for the discreet, comfortable carry of up to US$1 Million in used banknotes while minimising the risk of radiofrequency tracking.

Is Disneyland the Great American Artwork?

The California theme park and its international offshoots are more valued than ever for their craft and design. Are they art, symbols of unchecked capitalism, or both, asks Al Horner.

Winners of the BigPicture Natural World Photography

The Little-Known Human Stories Behind Emoji Designs

The surprising story of how some tiny characters ended up on billions of smartphone keyboards.

Food Faces by Olaf Breuning

The Mysterious Figure Stealing Books Before Their Release

For five years, a mysterious figure has been stealing books before their release. Is it espionage? Revenge? A trap? Or a complete waste of time?

Aditya Bahl, on the Run

Does Marxist-Buddhism exist? Yes, it does.

The Hidden Melodies of Subways Around the World

When train doors close, these jingles warn riders to stand clear.

A Game Room for the Ultimate Jurassic Park Fan

The Jurassic Park themed game room, created by Florida based design firm Own Place Interiors, is dino-mite. This fierce interior space takes the Jurrasic Park theme to the extreme. Every inch of...

AskReddit: Who Is the Most Overrated Person in History?

Robin, Batman's Sidekick, Comes Out, Which Only Makes Sense

Archaeologists Discover 4,000-Year-Old Ancient City in Iraqi Desert

Ten teams from international universities and museums will visit the Dhi Qar region in October for further excavations

Watch: Matches

Watch: Summer Grill

Why Is Friday the 13th Unlucky? The Cultural Origins of an Enduring Superstition

When it comes to bad luck, there are few superstitions as pervasive in Western culture as that of Friday the 13th. Here's why.

Machu Picchu Older Than Expected, Study Reveals

The first science-based estimation of the site’s founding and occupation, the Yale-led study has implications for our wider understanding of Inca history.

Watch: Longboard Family

Why Is Tech Illustration Stuck on Repeat?

Freelance illustrators are overworked and underpaid — few stay in the career beyond their 30s. Yet they craft the public images for many of the world’s most powerful companies. What gives?

What’s the Matter With Book Reviews?

In fact, all the reviews from his Longreads and Reallylongreads have been like this recently, claiming to be about one thing only to be about something else — usually Sally Rooney, Ben Lerner, and...

The Underground World of Tamagotchi Collectors (2017)

You thought they were gone? You were wrong.

Did Archaeologists Find the Trojan Horse?

Turkish archaeologists excavating the site of the city of Troy on the hills of Hisarlik have discovered a large wooden structure that they believe are the remains of the famous Trojan Horse.

Bench - Stop Motion Animated Short Film

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