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Emily in Paris Writer 'Rages' at I May Destroy You's Golden Globes Snub

Fans of Michaela Coel's TV drama express "rage" at the show's snub in the Golden Globe nominations.

Archived: Vintage graphic design works

An organized collection of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives compiled by Valery Marier

The Paris Review: On Hustles

For all of its other moving parts, ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ relies on teasing out the part of a hustle that I am most fascinated by in real life.

Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 - In Pictures

A selection of the winning images from this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year 2020, including overall winner Vladimir Alekseev

Where Gods Go to Retire

Locals believe you should never toss out a statue of an old deity. So, for more than 30 years, one man has been collecting thousands of unwanted, abandoned gods on a hillside.

'A Failure of Society': Britain's Slum Housing Crisis – In Pictures

In the late 1960s the country’s crumbling flats and tenements were causing a breakdown in society. Shelter asked photographer Nick Hedges to document homes unfit for human habitation

“I’d Rather Be Hungry:” Why Some People Don’t Want to Ask for Help

It’s no secret that there are a lot of people struggling economically in the U.S. Over the past year, the pandemic has made the need for help even more evident—for all the people now out of work...

The Awesome Snowflake Generator

Made by Vivian Wu.

A Joyous Short Film Celebrating a Talented Group of Female Longboard Skaters in Rio De Janeiro

This film features an all-female group of skateboarders and represents an important part of our purpose as a longboard school – to make skateboarding inclusive for all. We witness incredible...

Centuries-Old Wine Windows in Florence Put a Novel Spin on Physical Distancing

Le buchette del vino — wine windows — are foot-high, dome-shaped holes in the thick, stone palazzi of the Renaissance city that six centuries ago were used to sell wine.

Ten Films to Watch in February

Nicholas Barber chooses 10 of the best films coming out next month, including a thriller starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto, Kristen Wiig's latest comedy – and two dementia dramas.

Revolutionary Archaeology Reveals the Deepest Possible Anthropocene

A revolution in archaeology has exposed the extraordinary extent of human influence over our planet’s past and its future

Why You Should Read Toni Morrison's Beloved

But Where Are the Women of Wall Street?

When women took over the New York Stock Exchange in 1944 If you logged onto the internet this week, you probably heard about the GameStop saga involving a group of amateur investors that took...

Through the Looking Glass: Europe's Captive Primates

Mona Lisa Is Alone, but Still Smiling

With the Louvre closed because of the pandemic, museum officials are pushing ahead on a grand restoration and cleanup.

Dave Whyte (@Davebeesbombs) • Amazing Motion Illustrations

Hat tip to the Dense Discovery newsletter for hipping me to this awesome collection of painstakingly (I imagine) animated motion graphics

Tatsuya Tanaka: Sushi City

The Country That Loves to Overachieve

Africa's most-populated country is a cultural powerhouse. But's what's behind the nation's drive to succeed?

What Do Lars Ulrich and A.O. Scott Have in Common? A Lot, It Turns Out

The Metallica musician and our film critic have both spent their careers thinking about the creative process and how it’s received. They compared notes.

In This Remote Corner of China, Locals Use Zip Lines to Get Around

When few bridges crossed the Nu River, locals found a creative way to transport themselves, their children, and their livestock over its rushing waters.

Royal Family Documentary Banned by the Queen Resurfaces on YouTube

In June of 1969, the BBC aired a documentary titled “Royal Family” that didn’t go over well with Buckingham Palace. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II banned the film and it hasn’t been seen since 1972....

This Royal Coach Is Forcing a Reckoning With Racism

A gilded royal vehicle in the Netherlands—currently being restored—has sparked conversations about the colonial past.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Life of an Artist

Walter Scott’s newest Wendy comic offers an inside look at the creative class

Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii

Eat like a first-century Roman, using recent archaeological discoveries as your guide.

‘Lean Into Loneliness Like It Is Holding You’

‘If the absence of people unravels you … /Lean into loneliness like it is holding you’ – a poetic reflection on life in lockdown

In the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, We Have Decided to Reopen Restaurants

“Facing swelling political pressure and numerous lawsuits by businesses forced to shut down, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Monday lifted a str...

The Beautiful, Brutal World of Whaleship Art

The logbooks kept by 19th-century Nantucket whalers offer a colorful peek into the gruesome industry.

England's Sleepy Scientology Town

The sleepy Sussex market town of East Grinstead has gained a reputation in recent decades as a hotbed for offbeat religious activity.

The Most Influential Artists of 2020

The most influential artists of 2020 include Banksy, Titus Kaphar, Betye Saar, Zanele Muholi, and more.

25 Great Writers and Thinkers Weigh in on Books That Matter

To celebrate the Book Review’s 125th anniversary, we’re dipping into the archives to revisit our most thrilling, memorable and thought-provoking coverage.

The Market Value of My Father

When the novelist Joshua Ferris’s family blew up, his mother revealed a truth: his father was worthless, a con man. A bad investment in their lives. But years later, a mysterious book about Wall...

Who Invented the Alphabet?

New scholarship points to a paradox of historic scope: Our writing system was devised by people who couldn’t read

Famous Paintings and Historical Figures Recreated Using Artificial Intelligence

Nathan Shipley is a San Francisco-based graphics artist who used artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine a handful of historical figures, cartoon characters, and famous paintings as modern-day...

Clair De Lune (Debussy): Alexandre Tharaud, Yoann Bourgeois - Piano & Dance

The Best of the 2020 Wildlife Photography Awards

How the 'Western Mind' Was Shaped by the Medieval Church

Most research on human psychology focuses on Western societies, but the way people in the West think can be traced to changes in family structures in the Middle Ages.

Roman Roads Were the Infrastructure of Empire

Built during the republic and empire, a vast network of roads made moving goods and troops easier through all corners of the Roman world.

Is This the World’s New Most Expensive Art Piece?

Beer company Natty Light is the unlikely force behind the Da Vinci of Debt, now on view in Grand Central Station

AskReddit: What Is the Equivalent of "Apple Removed 3.5mm Jack" of Your Favorite Products?

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