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Fire Ants as Artists

They can be good sometimes. More info at my website:

Watch: Lion City Rising

China's Secret Female-Only Language

Throughout history, women in rural Hunan Province used a coded script to express their most intimate thoughts to one another. Today, this once-“dead” language is making a comeback.

In the 1950s, Las Vegas Sold Atomic Bomb Tests as Tourism

Las Vegas is notoriously known for its bright lights and exciting nightlife, however, in the 1950s it became known for a different kind of l...

How to Spend It: Waldorf Astoria Items

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel is auctioning off 80,000 items from its lavish interiors including grand pianos, chandeliers, 19th century French furniture in a landmark event.

Close Up Photographer of the Year

Researchers Discovered Hidden Drawing Behind Mona Lisa

No, this isn’t the plot of a Nicolas Cage movie. A special camera went deep into the famous painting's nooks and crannies.

Bookselling in the End Times…Again

Worker, Mother, Athlete: Women in Soviet Propaganda Posters

”Every minute should be of highly productive work!”

YT Channel: A Simple Swedish Life

'Compassion, Trauma and Hope': A Fresh Perspective on Addiction

Nik Roche’s photos of addicts living on the boundaries of society capture a community whose complex circumstances deserve more than just a glance

Around the World in Rare and Beautiful Apples

From the sweet to the offbeat.

The Art & Origins of Running Across Paris Rooftops

© Ben Cante For those with a fear of heights, consider this your one and only warning to avert your eyes. For those who can't look away, join us on the rooftops of Paris, where we'd like to...

The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great Libraries

We asked some of our favorite libraries: What's the oldest item in your collection?

What Is Lifestyle?

Today everything exists to end in a photograph

How to Read Fewer Books

The modern world firmly equates the intelligent person with the well-read person. Reading books, a lot of books, is the hallmark of brilliance as well as the supreme gateway to prestige and...

128 Things About the City

Long Exposure Rock Climbing

The Cults of Wagner

In his ambitious new book, Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music, Alex Ross explores the impact of Richard Wagner’s art and ideas from his own time down to the present.

I Tried Influencing in Virtual Clothes

Bored of wearing the same shite? You can now cop high-end digital couture for cheap, so I put on some fits for my followers to see.

Watch: Streets of Lagos

Why Are All Swedish Cottages Painted Red?

One company has exclusive rights to the source of the iconic pigment—a copper mine's supply of iron deposits that may last just a century more

The Mad 1920s Fad of Pole-Sitting

Forget planking – or any other useless but mildly entertaining stunts you might have seen via Tik Tok for that matter. Before all that, came the strange spectacle of pole-sitting, a fad that...

Venice Syndrome

Venice Syndrome spots the similarities between Venice and 2 replicas of Venice (a chinese replica in Hangzhou and Las Vegas)

This Ain't My First Rodeo: America's Queer Cowboys in Pictures

Luke Gilford spent four years immersing himself in queer rodeo culture – and discovered a world where steer roping meets lip sync battles and camp glamour

The Fantastic Art of Tatsuya Tanaka

The Unlikely Endurance of the Rubik's Cube

Nearly half a century after its humble invention, the cube continues to be a global sensation. What's the secret?

How Do People Picnic Around the Globe?

Outdoor dining is having a moment. Let these traditions from eight different places help you put together the ultimate open-air meal

A Simple Guide to Asian Architecture

"No Memory Is Ever Alone" Photo Series

One Man’s Trash

In an era of aspirational minimalism, two new books reveal the meaning latent in the junk we collect.

A Beginner’s Guide to End Times

Today, the utopian is whoever believes that everything can just keep going as before

The 'Wickedest' City on Earth?

Now a relatively quiet fishing village, Port Royal was once so notorious that it was considered by many to be ‘the wickedest city on Earth’ – until it sank into the sea.

The Happy History of the Word Cheers

Do We Have Victorians to Thank for Consumerism?

There were things to cover things, things to hold other things, things that were representations of yet more things.

A Rare Day-By-Day Document of Life Aboard a Slave Ship

The logbook is written from the white perspective, and its horrors are plain to see.

Britain's Last-Ditch Line of Defense Bunkers Uncovered

Likely survival rates for these men were judged to be as low as 12 days, which may be why OBs were sometimes referred to as 'Suicide Bunkers'.

In Pictures: Teenage dreamers, growing up in rural Argentina

Guille and Belinda are two cousins who spent their summers dreaming of becoming famous singers – then love and motherhood arrived

Skeletons in the closet

2,600-year-old Phoenician wine 'factory' unearthed in Lebanon

The oldest press found in the country was used by ancient Phoenicians to manufacture vintages once adored around the Mediterranean.