The Beast: Evolution of the US President's Bulletproof Car

Leveling Up: Can Video Games Treat Mental Illness?

Contrary to old misconceptions, video games may actually be helping your depression.

MiniDiscs Helped Me Keep in Touch With My Brother, a World Away

Mailing each other packages of tiny discs filled with music kept us connected.

Does the American Diet Make Us More Vulnerable to Covid-19?

When the CEO of Whole Foods attempted to connect our vulnerability to the virus with our food choices and diet-related disease, the internet fired back. We asked experts if he was onto something.

When Your Friend Shows Up and Bugs You at Work. - GIF

Why Facts Are Overrated

Although the information age is said to have begun in the latter part of the twentieth century, one could argue that we are now experiencing its peak, since almost everyone…View Post

An Ode to the Mute Button

A button can't solve any of our current crises, but it’s a vital escape hatch — not away from our lives, but back into them.

Has the Pandemic Changed Casual Sex Forever?

New York City Health Department regulations for sex during the COVID-19 pandemic advise to “have sex only with people close to you.” What does that mean, though, when sex with new people is a...

What Makes India a Hotspot for Smuggled African Gold

Porous borders, tariff on gold imports and high demand for gold jewellery make the country a preferred market for illicit gold.

Inside the New York Public Library's Last, Secret Apartments

There are just 13 left.

Plastic Pollution for Sale at New York Pop-Up Store

U.S. Debt, Calculated Down to the Penny Every Day for the Last 26 Years, Alongside GDP

Topographic Relief of California, 1950

What Are the Odds Your Vote Will Not Count?

Research by MIT political scientist Charles Stewart estimates that 4 percent of all mail-in ballots in the 2016 U.S. presidential election were not recorded.

The Military Wants One-Hour Global Delivery. SpaceX Thinks It Can Pull It Off

The US military has asked two private companies, SpaceX and a consulting business called the Exploration Architecture Corporation, to analyze whether rockets could fling payloads far heavier than...

Will the Diamond District Survive?

It’s really hard to do business in the diamond industry virtually

The Great Unravelling — The Horror of Planetary Collapse

Weather Photographer 2020 Awards

Snow, lightning and tornados were among the natural phenomena captured in the 7,700 entries to the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather Photographer of the Year awards. Here is a selection of...

The Case for Shaming Influencers for Not Social Distancing

Wear a mask or face Gen Z's painfully targeted wrath.

Alexey Navalny on the Poisoning Attack He Survived

The Russian opposition leader tells Lesley Stahl about what he went through after falling ill on an airplane this past August and why he won't let it stop him from the work he's doing against...

Why the World's Passports Look Different

The crest on the cover? The colour of the booklet? Those intricately designed inner pages? There’s a reason for every element of your passport’s aesthetic.

Behind the Scenes Footage of Mortal Kombat

Released on the heels of the success of Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat was one of the earliest games to make extensive use of human actors as models for onscreen action

Revealed: Sheikh Khalifa’s £5bn London Property Empire

Documents reveal UAE president owns multibillion-pound property portfolio spanning London’s most expensive neighbourhoods

How Much Do You Really Miss Going to the Movies?

Amid concerns about the future of theaters, remember that the past wasn’t always glorious. This is the moment to rethink what we want at a cinema.

Funky Cheese Smells Allow Microbes to 'Talk' to and Feed Each Other

Researchers at Tufts University have found that those distinctly funky smells from cheese are one way that fungi communicate with bacteria, and what they are saying has a lot to do with the...

Here’s What Could Happen if China Invaded Taiwan

With China acting more aggressively toward Taiwan, this Bloomberg article looks at the likely military and political consequences of a possible Chinese invasion of the disputed island.

Startups, It’s Time to Think Like Camels

Three strategies for surviving in a tough environment.

Where the Air Is Pure

We suffocate the world with industry, then we commodify air- and find new ways to blame the most vulnerable.

Corgi, in a Bowl

Thirty Books to Help Us Understand the World in 2020

The climate crisis, gender, populism, big tech, pandemics, race… our experts recommend titles to illuminate the issues of the day

The ‘Nerdy Virologists’ Steering the U.S. Vaccine Race

The political backdrop could make the first coronavirus gathering of the advisory committee one of the most-watched in FDA history.

A Billion-Dollar Fortune From Timber and Fire

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who’s Afraid of a Meme? Pakistan’s TikTok Ban Is Not Like the Ones in Other Countries

For the country’s underclass, the platform was a new medium for dissent.

How Many People Would a Modern Nuke Kill?

These aren't small numbers. At all.

As Cities Enter New Lockdowns, It's Time to Rediscover the Joys of Walking

Strolling with friends will provide our only form of sociability beyond the two-dimensional world of our screens, says author Matthew Beaumont

Discovery Finally Proves Rain Really Can Move Mountains

A pioneering technique that captures precisely how mountains bend to the will of raindrops has helped to solve a long-standing scientific enigma.

Cup Noodle Shiba Is Back for the Weekend 🐕

1975-2020: Photomicrography / Nikon Small World

The Nikon Small World Competition first began in 1975 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope. Since then, Small World has...

From Warhol to Steve McQueen: A History of Video Art in 30 Works

Starting with experimental film in the 60s, video art has revolutionised the art world. We celebrate the medium through its most groundbreaking pieces

Modern Love: He Married a Sociopath. Me

As a wife and a mother, I have learned how to tell the truth. Which is why I always know when my husband is lying.