Paying People to Take a Covid Vaccine

The plan was first proposed by Robert Litan of the Brookings Institution.

Why some people become super smellers

Some people have an extraordinarily sensitive nose, but is this something they are born with or can you learn to have this fragrant “superpower”?

Harper's Index October released

Percentage of registered U.S. voters who said in 2016 they would consider moving to Canada if Donald Trump were elected

Autism Screening in Toddlers: 82% of Positive Tests are False

Autism screening in toddlers likely results in a huge number of false positives.

Shady Contracts, Raw Deals: Inside the Industry of Managing Video Game Stars

Many of the two dozen streamers, managers, and lawyers WIRED spoke with described rampant exploitation they've seen or experienced in the booming business.

The history of the cross and its many meanings over the centuries

Sept. 14 is the the Feast of the Holy Cross celebrated by many Catholics and some Christians. A scholar revisits the history of the cross, how it became a symbol of divine love, but also of violence.

What comes first: ideas or words? The paradox of articulation

Here’s the paradox of articulation: are you excavating existing ideas, or do your thoughts come into being as you speak?

When Technology Takes Revenge

While runaway cars and vengeful stitched-together humans may be the stuff of science fiction, technology really can take revenge on us. Seeing technology as part of a complex system can help us...

Emails Show the Meatpacking Industry Drafted an Executive Order to Keep Plants Open

Hundreds of emails offer a rare look at the meat industry’s influence and access to the highest levels of government. The draft was submitted a week before Trump’s executive order, which bore...

The True Stories Behind Comic Sans and Ctrl-Alt-Del

Thanks to the brilliance of these four computer programmers we can play Solitaire on our computers, discover Easter eggs in video games, write emails and res...

The wellness realm has fallen into conspiritualism

We need to understand that research done via YouTube is not “your own research”. It’s an algorithm at play that handcuffs us to our worst cognitive biases

America’s Political Center: Legalize Weed, Restrict Guns, Taxes Good

Will the United Nations Survive To See Its 100th Birthday?

Franz Baumann & Christopher Ankersen

2,600-year-old Phoenician wine 'factory' unearthed in Lebanon

The oldest press found in the country was used by ancient Phoenicians to manufacture vintages once adored around the Mediterranean.

Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation

A 6,600-word internal memo from a fired Facebook data scientist details how the social network knew about specific examples of global political manipulation — and failed to act.

Who Gets Hurt When the World Stops Using Cash

Some people don’t have credit or debit cards, so a growing number of state and local governments are requiring businesses to accept cash.

In Pictures: Brazil's Pantanal wetland is on fire

Fire burning in the wetlands of west-central Brazil is threatening one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

What the Hell Is Going On with Brexit Now?

Oh great, this again.

Visions of a Visionary, The Designs of Eero Saarinen

The exemplary career of Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen demonstrates how talent can indeed run in the family. An individual who looked to the future, and often sky, with his bold...

The Man Who Refused to Spy

The F.B.I. tried to recruit an Iranian scientist as an informant. When he balked, the payback was brutal.

Gene editing to produce 'super dad' livestock

Modified animals could improve sustainable meat production, but safety and ethical issues remain.

Is Globalization Over?

Top economists including Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and Mark Zandi offer predictions on the future of globalization. Jim O'Neill does not expect companies...

Operation Legend Is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities

Using federal grants, cities are contracting with companies that hack smartphones and detect gunshots.

Super Mario at 35: Mario's makers on Nintendo's most enduring mascot

The joyful jumping plumber has been on every Nintendo console and inspired a generation of players. Shigeru Miyamoto, Kenta Motokura, Takashi Tezuka and Yoshiaki Koizumi reflect on his legacy.

Why Women Can Dress Like Men But Not Vice Versa

A woman slips on her boyfriend’s cotton shirt, its shoulders dropping inches below hers, and rolls up the long, long sleeves. She looks even more feminine. A man borrows his girlfriend’s soft blue...

Let’s Hold On to the Throwaway Society

What New York City Taxi Drivers Are Doing During the Covid Pandemic

A year in the life of Momo's snoot

Face-mask recognition has arrived, for better or worse

New algorithms can police whether people are complying with public health guidance. The practice raises familiar questions about data privacy.

Darknet Dealers are Selling COVID-19 Test Kits for Thousands of Dollars

VICE News spoke to one vendor who claims he's made more than $1.4 million USD selling kits to hospitals and geriatric homes around the world.

The Love of Life in the Face of Death: Keith Haring

“It is very important to be in love with life… Life is very fragile and always elusive. As soon as we think we ‘understand,’ there is another mystery. I don’t understand any…

Old Soviet Ships Transformed Into Yachts for Millionaires

Some modern super-yachts used to look differently and perform basically military missions. They served interests of their native country and its people. Many Soviet yachts became the property of...

Afghanistan peace talks begin — will the Taliban hold up their end of the deal?

In February, the US signed an accord with the Taliban to end the Afghanistan War. Now Taliban insurgents are meeting with the Afghan government – but peace remains an uncertain outcome.

The Woman Who Just Wants a Pretty Man to Spoil

The Guys Making Bootleg Toys of Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Why wait for official action figures from your favorite old shows and movies when you could make your own (or pay someone hundreds of dollars to make it for you)?

The Possibility of Life Without Money

The prospect of a “cashless” society is upon us. But could ordinary life be “moneyless” entirely?

China has Been Doing Mass Surveillance on Millions of Citizens in US, UK, Australia and India

A database of 2.4 million personal details has been leaked. Experts are calling it "frightening".

Privacy matters because it empowers us all

Don’t just give away your privacy to the likes of Google and Facebook – protect it, or you disempower us all

Watch: IKEA - The Hare

The Big Corporate Rescue and the America That’s Too Small to Save

Girish Patel doubts his small, 20-year-old shop will survive the pandemic economy. Thirty stories above, aerospace company TransDigm has sustained eye-popping profits thanks to steep layoffs and...