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Kevin Kelly on Upstract
Every day I get the entire internet compressed into a single page. My first stop is Upstract, the whole news media landscape in a one-page dashboard. All of it! It is fast, clean and magical. Must read.
Kevin Kelly, Founder of Wired Magazine
Jonah Peretti on Upstract
I'll be an avid user.
Jonah Peretti, Founder of Buzzfeed
Alexis Ohanian on Upstract
Fan since day one.
Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Reddit
Mark Frauenfelder on Upstract
Instant Elite User
Mark Frauenfelder, Owner of Boing Boing
Steffen Sauerteig on Upstract
Upstract ist super!
Steffen Sauerteig, Founder of eBoy fame
Dave Morin on Upstract
Love Upstract — New Homepage.
Dave Morin, Creator of Facebook Platform
Other Upstract Elite members include folks at The New York Times, The Atlantic, Quartz, MIT, NYU, Google or Apple.