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Friday: Bongo Cat

Beaver Builds Dam in Rescuer's House

More construction videos on TikTok

Mildly Annoying: Ozzy Man Reviews Russian Airports

Microaggression Comics

Cup Noodle Shiba Is Back for the Weekend 🐕

The Soothing Luxury of a Humble Ham Sandwich

There is a necessary and soothing familiarity to ham and cheese on squishy white bread.

World's Worst Sheepdog

Nelson the 'part' Norfolk terrier gets a sheep 'hurry up'

Lego Pizza Factory

Special video to celebrate 5 years on YouTube! Join the Party, Pizza on us. Making Pizza is an art and love, making Pizza with Lego it is fun and satisfactio...

When Your Friend Shows Up and Bugs You at Work. - GIF

Corgi, in a Bowl

Halloween Isn't Just for Humans. - GIF

Even Birds Have Had Enough of 2020

Poor things can't take it anymore.

Third Wheel at Dinner. - GIF

Winter Is Coming... - GIF

LEGO Produces 700,000,000 Car Tires a Year, Making Them the Largest Tire Manufacturer to Ever Exist

Best in Show: The Ultimate Data Dog

Which are the best dog breeds according to data on intelligence, longevity, genetic ailments and other markers? A visualization based on a “data-score” plotted against the popularity of various...

These Bears Have a Job, and It's Destroying Coolers

The ursine inhabitants of the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center test dozens of containers each year to see if they're worthy of bear-proof certification

Pop Pop - GIF

Pizza with a special extra

Good Morning - GIF

The Biggest Foods Ever Made

Many people pride themselves on their huge appetites. From buffets to eating contests, most people enjoy gorging themselves. But some foods are so enormous t...

Spooky Trick or Treaters?

Dog Carries His Bowl to Sofa So He Can Eat in Comfort

AMA With Guy Who Bought Abandoned Ghost Town

Sunday mornings

Cotton Ball Withstanding Strong Winds

The Vegan Competitive Eaters Biting Into the Meat Scene

“Are you ready? Because I’m starving!” shouts lifestyle influencer Ferdinand Beck, mugging for the camera in a “Plant Based Athlete” tank as he prepares to...

Stabilized Chicken

On Tortilla Chip Injuries

What happens when your chips bite back? From broken teeth to a ripped esophagus, a sharp Tostito is an oral accident waiting to happen

Eating Spaghetti Ice Cream in Germany

You don’t need a fork to eat this plate of spaghetti. Just a spoon will do. And that’s because it’s not actually spaghetti. It’s Spaghettieis—vanilla ice cre...

Shiba Inu Hot Dog

Good Boy Save a Fish

Elephant, Swimming

Grand Central Terminal Workers Had Secret 'Man Cave' Under New York City Landmark

"Few would have the chutzpah to commandeer a secret room beneath Grand Central Terminal and make it their very own man-cave," an official said.

Sweet Display of Affection

How to Eat a Carrot

The panda is charming.

Tired of Being a Bird?

Dog taking package delivery

Momma Hedgehog Leading Babies Up the Stairs

Just a Piggy in a Pool