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Get Away, I Haz Knife

A Visual History of Rickrolling

Millions of comments, posts, and links, charted.

The Dos at Daycare and Their Problems

Cats and Dragons

World's Worst Sheepdog

Nelson the 'part' Norfolk terrier gets a sheep 'hurry up'

Sandwich Stealing Seagull

It’s Tough Being a Cameraman for the Olympics Trampoline

The Corgi Express - GIF

Even Birds Have Had Enough of 2020

Poor things can't take it anymore.

Xkcd: Free Speech

So Sad - REEL

Honk Honk! - GIF

Yeehaw - GIF

When You Upvote an Adorable Animal Gif Out of the Negatives. - GIF

I Think I Just Witnessed a Murder

Canadian Animal Rescues Worried Pandemic Pets Are Starting to Fill Centres

Some animal rescue centres are seeing a rise in pet surrenders as owners return to pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Australian Teen Gets $20K for Discovering Unique Dorito Chip

Magically Turning Into Random Objects

Lego Pizza Factory

Special video to celebrate 5 years on YouTube! Join the Party, Pizza on us. Making Pizza is an art and love, making Pizza with Lego it is fun and satisfactio...

"I'm Your Baby Too!" - GIF

Shiba Bear

Is It Still Stuck?

The Amazing Cat Bread Box

Ranked: America’s Favorite Dogs

Life Goals

Helping Our Dogs

As workers move back into the office, dogs are left alone and anxious, but there are ways to ease the transition

Who's Driving? - GIF

The Clean-Energy Economy Is Creating Jobs for Dogs

Humans are terrible at finding bats and birds killed by wind turbines. Dogs are great at it.

Meal-prep Day

Mobile Observation Platform. - GIF

Bears Throw Pool Party

Hard Work Pays Off - GIF

Balloon - GIF

Friday Fun:

Fun AI programs you can use online. AI games, fake people, computer generated art, machine learning demos, and more.

Cup Noodle Shiba Is Back for the Weekend 🐕

Golden Retriever VS Very Terrifying Kitten

Golden was terrified of his new kitten brother — now he lets him curl up on his face 💙

Strike a Pose! - GIF

GOAT Michael Jordan’s Legendary Fakes - GIF

Can't Stop Clicking: Bongo Cat

Does My Dog Love Me? Two Studies Hint at the Complicated Answer

œDogs typically are attached to their owners in the same way that an infant is to its parent.

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