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Get Away, I Haz Knife

"I'm Your Baby Too!" - GIF

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Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

Thread by @JoaquimCampa: Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu 2. Animals interrupting wildlife photographer 📸 Liba Radova 3. Animals interrupting wildlife...

Diabetes Training Dog Alerts His Human With Boops

Meet Thailand’s ‘Craft Beer’ Politician

A lawmaker in his early 30s is trying to translate a passion for boutique brews into real change.

Good Dogs Never Lose 🏐

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Death Approaches

Death approaches

Odd Internet Animal Photos Sculpted Into Miniature 3D Figurines

The Internet is teeming with animals. Photos of animals that is, many of which rise to meme-level stardom. Some make us chuckle or gush, others puzzle us. But for one Japanese sculptor who goes b

A Relaxing Bath for a Stressful Times

Meal-prep Day

Finding the Time

The original incarnation of today’s puzzle talked about winding a clock but who even knows what that means anymore? Here’s a more modern formulation. While you’re asleep one night, there’s a power...

Buddies Warming Up

Sea Shanty TikTok Is on Fire

This isn’t the sea shanty’s first revival, but it’s the most surreal.

Experts Share 11 Ways You Could Be Confusing Your Dog, and How to Stop

From playing tug-of-war to scolding them, experts shared the simple ways you're confusing your dog, and how to make your pet feel better.

Guy Cleans Snow Off Street While Wearing Bulldozer Suit

Oreos and the Art of Crossword Puzzle Construction

A chronicle of a controversial cookie and condiment crossword clue.


The Leftovers Route to Dog Domestication

If ancient hunters ate the juicy fat parts of their prey and gave wolves the lean meat, it could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The Best Dogs of BBC Earth

This New Harness Lets Military Dogs Parachute Safely and With Style

Dogs can parachute with their humans. This tech makes it possible.

Best Illusion of the Year 2020

Best Job in the Whole Place. - GIF

A Lil Hedgie. - GIF

The Dogs of 2020

My Dog Went Mega-Viral and Became a Beloved Meme. Then She Suddenly Died

"How was it that so many people who had never even met her were lighting candles for her?"

PornHub Shirt but It's Ewoks

Magoob Toys is selling an Ewok t-shirt in the style of the PornHub logo, because “Ewoks need love too.” The shirt is even more inspiring when you consider the double meaning—that, trans…

The Selfie King

You Can Escape This Room, but You’ll Never Escape Google Docs

Prepare to have a lot of tabs open

How to Help Dogs and Cats Manage Separation Anxiety When Their Humans Return to Work

Alleviating separation anxiety is about changing the owner's behavior, too

15 Longest-Living Dog Breeds Perfect for Making Lasting Memories

When you’re ready to commit to a dog, choosing one of these breeds will keep you in terrific company for years to come.

Dog Prodigy Gives New Meaning to Language

Second Chance Dogs

“Second Chance Dogs” tells the story of one facility dedicated to giving abused and neglected animals another chance. Through innovative techniques, patience, and complete commitment, the staff at...

In Dog Years: The Joys and Heartbreaks of Loving a Creature Who Ages Faster Than You

‘He’s an amazing soul who happens to be in a dog body’: 10 tales of the bittersweet experience of loving an ageing dog

Daytime Robbery...

This 95-Year-Old Gymnast Is Better at the Parallel Bars Than You'll Ever Be

This video may be a few years old, but no matter — Johanna Quaas is an incredible athlete. From Prevention: Quaas wasn’t always a gymnast. The athlete, who was born in 1925, initially took up gymna…

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