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Get Away, I Haz Knife

World's Worst Sheepdog

Nelson the 'part' Norfolk terrier gets a sheep 'hurry up'

The Corgi Express - GIF

Even Birds Have Had Enough of 2020

Poor things can't take it anymore.

Lego Pizza Factory

Special video to celebrate 5 years on YouTube! Join the Party, Pizza on us. Making Pizza is an art and love, making Pizza with Lego it is fun and satisfactio...

"I'm Your Baby Too!" - GIF

Is It Still Stuck?

Meal-prep Day

Balloon - GIF

Cup Noodle Shiba Is Back for the Weekend 🐕

Golden Retriever VS Very Terrifying Kitten

Golden was terrified of his new kitten brother — now he lets him curl up on his face 💙

Strike a Pose! - GIF

Can't Stop Clicking: Bongo Cat

Four Seasons Total Landscaping Just Dropped Branded Apparel

The internet's comedic relief of the 2020 election decided to monetize its fifteen minutes of fame. The family-owned landscaping company from Pennsylvania released a limited array of branded...

When the dog finds a frog so now you're following it

1126 votes and 521684 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

A Relaxing Bath for a Stressful Times

America's Most Hated Office Jargon

I Am Smort 🐶

Dog Being Dog - GIF

Pizza with a special extra

Halloween Isn't Just for Humans. - GIF

Winter Is Coming... - GIF

Beaver Builds Dam in Rescuer's House

More construction videos on TikTok

These Bears Have a Job, and It's Destroying Coolers

The ursine inhabitants of the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center test dozens of containers each year to see if they're worthy of bear-proof certification

Who Doesn’t Love Crisps, Right?!

(Sound on) Via @carrolinazanatta

Pop Pop - GIF

Most Important IPAs right now

VinePair charted the 25 IPAs that have stood out among our panel and the beer community at large this year. These are the most important IPAs right now.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Step Brothers Deepfake

Best Advice of the Year

Friday GIF: Pizza Cat

Best Job in the Whole Place. - GIF

A Lil Hedgie. - GIF

Guy Builds Veggie Garden for Family of Groundhogs

Guy plants a whole a garden for the groundhog who keeps stealing his veggies — and can't believe it when he brings his whole family over 😍 💚

14y Old Builds Manhattan Using Freestyle Lego

The Best Dogs of BBC Earth

Monkey vs Balloons

When your landlord says: No Dogs Allowed

Daytime Robbery...


I Tried Hacking My Life With Instagram Gadgets. Did It Work?

Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve been assailed by targeted ads for ‘life-changing’ products – so I put a selection of them to the test

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