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A Water Dog and a Herding Dog Run Into a Lake

Binge Watch: Tiny Kitchen Videos

Can't Unsee: Surgery on Fruits

Emma Pickles This young girl has found a novel way to eat more fruit while encouraging her creative side. Twelve-year-old Emma ...

My Cucumber!

Monkey Steals Guy's Phone And Uses It To Take Selfies

The thief was someone he never expected.

'Sit! sit!' How one Australian dealt with a 4m crocodile called 'Bonecruncher'

Matt Wright – known as ‘the outback wrangler’ – came across the large reptile while clearing logs in a river path in the Northern Territory

Husky is having a discussion with a toy hamster

Tilha is having a heated discussion with this toy hamster. She gave some sold arguments in this debate but there is no reasoning with a hamster!

Crocodile using tail to jump out of the water

Watch and share Crocodile Using Tail To Jump Out Of Water GIFs by Taykaybo on Gfycat

Living in an Abandoned Japanese School

What is it like to live in an abandoned school tucked deep into the mountains of one of Japan's most unexplored zones? Today we meet with a man who has spent...

Hosico's guitar concert

Today is my only guitar concert 🎙

Kayaker Films Herself Almost Getting Swallowed by a Humpback Whale

Two kayakers on a whale-watching trip in California had a dramatic encounter with a humpback whale that surfaced unexpectedly under their kayak.

A year in the life of Momo's snoot

Old Soviet Ships Transformed Into Yachts for Millionaires

Some modern super-yachts used to look differently and perform basically military missions. They served interests of their native country and its people. Many Soviet yachts became the property of...

Introducing the Noodle Cup Shiba

A.k.a. Kitsune Udon 🦊

You can do it human!

A Data-Led Theory to Generationally Divide Dance Floors

Some age groups are more likely to recognize certain songs than others.

Police Officer doing his best to keep Mama Duck and babies safe

Are you my mom?

Me in between Zoom meetings...

The perfect Tik Tok exists..

Can I have some please?

Just a Sheep on a trampoline

Austrian spends 2.5 hours in box filled with ice cubes

Josef Koeberl managed to stay 2 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds inside a custom-made glass box filled up to his shoulders with ice cubes. More than 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of ice cubes were...

Munch race!

A really small frog

Guy sells 28 years of birthday whisky to buy first home

Matthew Robson's quirky collection of presents is now worth £40,000.

Happy National GIF Day!

Growing up with an older brother

Happy weekend y'all!

The Best and Worst Foods to Eat in Bed: Pizza, Bagels… Spaghetti?

What’s between my sheets? Spaghetti sauce, Ruffles crumbs and bits of everything bagel. Welcome to my trash kingdom

Real-life Rainbow Road

That's his chicken.

Monkey teaches human to crunch leaves

There's nothing this bird can't do

Guy making Art with a Typewriter

This is vol. 2 of the production of my typewriter art from various scenes around the Essex countryside in the summer of 2020. The three "typicitions" were dr...

How to life...

How to spend it: Abraham Lincoln's Hair up for auction

RR Auction offers monthly internet auctions for autographs, signed memorabilia, historical documents, collectible autographs, signed collectibles and a catalog in print and online, all...

Carl, we are trying to relax ...

The Rise and Fall of the Guys Who Wore Puka Shell Necklaces

He’s still around, but he’s gone from hippie dropout to high-fashion wannabe

Quite possibly the happiest guy on earth?

 One guy, many dogs.