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BBC's Ten Films to Watch in March

Nicholas Barber chooses 10 of the best films coming out next month, including Coming to America's sequel, a Tina Turner documentary and Zack Snyder's Justice League.

The 101 Best Movie Endings of All Time, Ranked

Good finales offer catharsis. The best deny us closure altogether.

Shared (Un)Realities

Daft Punk Break Up

The legendary dance duo have called it quits 28 years after forming in Paris

Flim — A smart database of movie screenshots

How Hollywood Is Beating Its Final Boss: Video Game Adaptations

With ‘Mortal Kombat,’ ‘Uncharted,’ ‘Halo,’ and ‘The Last of Us’ leading an adaptation deluge, video game IP has finally leveled up

The Problem With Influencers

They’re not just manipulating your emotions—they’re changing how you experience the world.

Cord Cutting in 2020: Pay TV Industry Lost 5.5 Million Subscribers

Subscriber defections slowed toward the end of the year, but there's no end to cord cutting in sight.

How Marketing and Fandom Shaped Gaming Culture

Gaming has a vibrant and diverse fandom, but it lives in the shadow of gaming’s toxic origins and misogynistic marketing.

How to Have Better Arguments Online

The long read: The troubled times we live in, and the rise of social media, have created an age of endless conflict. Rather than fearing or avoiding disagreement, we need to learn to do it well

The BuzzFeedification of Mental Health

Did you know that the founder of BuzzFeed predicted that we'd all be yelling at each other about ADHD 25 years ago (kinda)?

The Rise of the Anti-Influencer Influencer

YouTubers are taking on their own notoriously underregulated industry.

YouTube Shorts, TikTok Competitor, Has 3.5 Billion Daily Views in India

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says its short-form video feature Shorts will expand to more markets in 2021.

Cooltools Podcast: Seth Godin

Cool Tools Show 265: Seth Godin

IAmA With Co-Founder and First CEO of Netflix

The Real House Rentals of Instagram County

Without anywhere to go, escape means following someone else’s house.

Cassette Tapes Are Making a Comeback in Japan

At the heart of the trend are members of Gen Z, many of whom were not even alive when cassette tapes filled record stores.

Introducing the Live Music Jukebox

An auditory comparison of 770 artists' live and studio tracks

Portrait of a Clubhouse Skeptic

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

TikTok Is the New Radio

“Drivers License,” the latest song to top the charts after a viral challenge, is telling of the kind of music this app rewards.

Bloomberg News Started Layoffs; Up to 100 Believed to Be Affected

The development comes as the company has been expanding its subscription business.

China Bans BBC World News From Broadcasting

China has criticised the BBC for its reports on coronavirus and persecution of the Uighurs.

Jerry Rice Catches 100-Yard Burrito Bomb ... Shot Out of Cannon!!!

This is actually super impressive ...

Survey Says: Never Tweet

The tensions in newsrooms over reporters’ social media presence are not just about politics.

25 Years Ago Today, the Internet Declared Its Independence — For Better and for Worse

Tech utopianism and tech hubris appear more thoroughly intertwined today than ever, and John Perry Barlow's cyberlibertarian visions echo in the policy debates of today.

Thanks to the Internet Archive, the History of American Newspapers Is More Searchable Than Ever

A stroll through the archives of Editor & Publisher shows an industry with moments of glory and shame — and evidence that not all of today's problems are new.

Esquire's 40 Best True Crime Movies of All Time

Murder, money, and mischief, all based in reality—plus a dash of Hollywood magic.

Deplatforming Trump Is Already Having a Huge Impact

A new report finds election misinformation online has fallen 73 percent since the president's ban from Twitter.

The New York Times Wants to Test Wirecutter as a Subscription Product

The New York Times is working on building a subscription product for its consumer reviews site Wirecutter, CEO Meredith Kopit Levien confirmed on a quarterly earnings call Thursday morning....

Facebook Is Right to Call the Australian Government Bluff ?

The banning of news content on Facebook in Australia has sent a shockwave among its users, but our own government is mostly to blame.

Taking a Risk: Stunning Stunts

52 Perfect Comfort Films – To Watch Again and Again

Samantha Morton loves The Apartment, while David Baddiel prefers Ratatouille. Film-makers, writers and Guardian readers on the movies they always curl up with

What It’s Like Directing a Vanity Film for a Chinese Billionaire

"Empires of the Deep" was supposed to be "Transformers meets Shakespeare." But $100 million and a string of Hollywood directors couldn't save it.

How Will Hollywood Cash in on Wall Street's Investor Frenzy?

The epic trading battle over GameStop has been a boon to AMC Theatres, spurred new film deals and impressed 'Big Short' director Adam McKay.

Amazon Can Make Just About Anything—Except a Good Video Game

Facebook’s Oversight Board Wants Your Feedback on Whether the Company Was Right to Ban Trump

The Facebook Oversight Board wants to know what the public thinks about the Trump ban.

News Use Across Social Media Platforms in 2020

About half of U.S. adults say they get news from social media “often” or “sometimes,” and this use is spread out across a number of different sites. Facebook stands out as a regular source of news...

GIPHY’s Most-Viewed GIFs of 2020

2020… how do we even begin to describe this year? It’s safe to say we haven’t experienced anything like it before. The world was shaken by…

Quad Gods: The World-Class Gamers Who Play With Their Mouths

How disabled gamers formed a winning esports team called the Quad Gods.

Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Create a Kinder World (2020)

The legendary designer on rejecting violence in games, trying to be a good boss, and building Nintendo’s Disneyland.

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