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Dave Prowse: Darth Vader Actor Dies Aged 85

The former bodybuilder was also given an MBE for his long-running role as the Green Cross Code Man.

Casino Royale’s Legendary Poker Scene Broken Down by James Bond Director

‘It’s not just the card games — it’s the stakes. It’s also two guys eye-fucking one another.’

BBC: 12 Movies for December

Nicholas Barber picks 12 of the best films coming out next month, including a new Pixar animation, the Wonder Woman sequel and Chadwick Boseman’s last film.

Nightline by Colorfiction [Free for 3 Days]

Take a subway ride to Infinity. Available for Windows, macOS, Linux

The Stories Behind the Deaths of Old Hollywood Stars

From sudden deaths and grisly accidents to apparent suicides, these are the most shocking deaths to ever rock Hollywood.

Short-Film: Sleepers' Beat / Trans-Siberian

‘It pulls you in’: the staff seduced by the rhythms of the Trans-Siberian railway

Our Parents Warned Us the Internet Would Break Our Brains. It Broke Theirs Instead

The boomers forgot all their own warnings

A Perfect Planet: Extended Trailer

A Celebration of Cars at the Movies

Cars have always been part of cinema and some have become stars. From Back to the Future’s DeLorean to The Love Bug VW, here are some full-throated images...

We Have Glimpsed Our Streaming Future, and It Sucks

It’s not just the magic of sitting in a darkened theater that’s been whisked away.

Russian Cyberpunk Farm

B.A.S.E Wingsuit and FPV Performance

There's Already a Disturbing Amount of Pandemic Content in the Works

From a ridiculous-looking Michael Bay movie to a melodrama called 'Lock Down,' which is basically just 'Crash' for the coronavirus.

The Influencer Commentariat

In September 2018, Tiffany Ferguson, a twenty-five-year-old college student and YouTube personality with more than six hundred thousand subscribers, sat down in her bedroom, ready to record. She...

Every Day a Groundhog Day

Queen's Gambit, Learning to Play Chess and our Fad Driven Culture

Was Trump Good for Comedy?

Dissecting the entertainment impact of a president who's wrought so much real-world havoc seems trivial, but it's a question that won't go away.

An Oral History of LOL

Nerdist digs into the history of LOL, its impact on society, why we use it, how linguists study it, and what LOL really means today.

What's Wrong With the Media

The young/urban/educated bubble in an era of growing polarization

How the Pandemic Made Gossip Essential Again

From the ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot and TikTok tea accounts to DeuxMoi and even the New York Times, a cultural hankering for gossip has come back in a big way

Social-Media Innovation Is Dead

Twitter Fleets look like Facebook Stories, which look like Instagram Stories, which look like Snapchat stories. Yup, social media all looks the same.

YT Feature: Mind Your Decisions

Math videos by Presh Talwalkar. I studied Math and Econ at Stanford. I post brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles, viral math problems, and topics from viewe...

Korea's First AI News Anchor

Cable channel MBN became the first broadcaster in Korea to report the news with an AI (artificial intelligence) announcer last weekend. MBN revealed that an AI anchor based on announcer Kim Ju-ha...

Who’s in the Crossword?

A look at representation and inclusivity in crossword puzzles.

I Turn My Camera on — Notes on the Aesthetics of TikTok

Given the smoke and mirrors of the present trade war, perhaps it’s better to view TikTok from the vantage of its teens and the culture they create.

How China Is Changing Social Media

One of the world’s fastest-growing apps, TikTok could usher in an era where Asia – not Silicon Valley – leads the tech industry. That change could be transformative.

Where Do People Spend the Most Time on Social Media?

30 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Comedy generates an immediate, undeniable audience response. If people are smiling and laughing, then there's a good chance you made an effective funny movie.

The Evolution of Memes

When Websites Were The New Emerging Artform: A Short History of Flash

Musicians on Musicians: Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney

On songwriting secrets, making albums at home, and what they’ve learned during the pandemic. The first in a series of new conversations between artists

Are Memes the Digital Gateway to Social Media Manipulation?

The internet is teeming with funny photograph and GIF memes. But a closer look reveals that the medium often conveys sinister political messages, as well. That is why media literacy is key.

The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities of 2020

The King of Pop still reigns. Dr. Seuss jumps after Hollywood courtship. Juice WRLD and Kobe Bryant join the legends’ list too soon.

How Pac-Man Revolutionized Gaming

The original game is at the root of a rich design tradition, one that goes well beyond detailed graphics and fluid controls.

Esquire: The Best Movies of 2020

Most of these you can stream from home right now.

I Gave Myself Two Weeks to Get Famous on TikTok

If you've ever watched a viral video and thought 'I could do that,' I'm here to tell you that you probably couldn't.

Keith Richards Is Riding Out the Pandemic in His Comfies

I don't even know quite honestly how old I am. It goes on and on.

Commercial Radio Is 100 Years Old. Can It Survive?

Four industry veterans weigh in on how they'd "fix" a medium that remains popular but lacks innovation

The Social Media Managers Are Not Okay

It’s a seamless and continuous drinking from the firehose at all hours now

Inside the New York Times’ Heated Reckoning With Itself

The paper has evolved during the Trump years: less dispassionate, more crusading. This has sparked a raw internal debate over its mission and future.

The Proper People: Abandoned Mid-Century Hospital