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Mark Wahlberg’s Reality Show ‘Wahl Street’ Is a Vanity Project on Steroids

Come for the condescending business tips, and stay for all that grunt-filled workout footage.

An Interview With the Guy Who Yells “Mortal Kombat.”

Nearly three decades later, he’s still got it.

Put a Bird on That Beat: Producer So Wylie Remixes Nature's Best Singers

The N.Y.-based music producer has remixed or co-written songs for electro-pop artists like Flavia and Camille Trust, and now she's doing the same for Boreal Owls and Canyon Wrens.

Watch: "Stranded"

Surfers Head to the Amazon to Ride the Pororoca, One of the Longest Waves in the World

Opinion Fetishism

Trying to use Twitter as a public square is like hiking the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Like the Matterhorn, Twitter is an amusement, not a place for exploration

Classic Muppets Episodes Have a Secret Weapon Wasted in the Disney Era

Why they don’t break character — and shouldn’t

What Cancel Culture Did to Hollywood

Cancelling Credits in Cold War Hollywood

Eight of the Best Films of 2021 So Far (BBC)

BBC Culture film critics Nicholas Barber and Caryn James pick their highlights of the year so far, including Nomadland, Another Round and Minari.

Netflix Conquered TV. Now It’s Coming for Your Phone

Netflix's chief product officer, Greg Peters, on the streaming platform's upcoming shuffle feature, its trials of short-form content designed for mobile, and how the company navigates a world...

Movies With the Greatest Difference Between Rotten Tomatoes and Audience Ratings

Lost Prince Album, Welcome 2 America, to Be Released in July

Socially-conscious title track from unreleased 2010 album can be heard now, criticising Google, Apple and celebrity culture

Get Out of Your Geographic Music Bubble

The songs that are popular, far away from you

Inside the Dirty Business of Hit Songwriting

Sixty-four years ago, as Elvis Presley’s career reached its supernova stage, the 21-year-old singer’s team hit on a strategy that enabled him to profit from songwriting without actually writing son…

Inside Cyberpunk 2077's Disastrous Rollout

Netflix’s ‘This Is a Robbery’ Investigates Whether the Mob Pulled Off the World’s Biggest Art Heist

The four-part docuseries explores who may have pulled off 1990’s robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, where thieves made off with $500 million in rare artwork.

Inside a Viral Website

Peeling back the curtain of running a viral meme website for 5 days. More details than you could ever hope for.

Soviet TV Version of Lord of the Rings Rediscovered After 30 Years

Russian-language film posted on YouTube delights fans with its rudimentary sets and ludicrous special effects

Trailer: The Year Earth Changed

Futuristic Movie Timeline

How Beauty Filters Took Over Social Media

Millions of young women are using face filters to make themselves look different. What will the consequences be?

BBC's Ten Films to Watch in April

Nicholas Barber chooses 10 of the best films coming out next month, including the latest Tom Clancy thriller, a Melissa McCarthy superhero parody and a 'psychedelic sci-fi'.

If Y2k-Era Movie Theater Carpets Could Talk

Behind the ecstatic aesthetic of squiggles, stars, and confetti.

Godzilla and Kong Keep Growing. But They’re No Match for Physics

Both monsters have grown in size over the years, and they reach new heights in Godzilla vs. Kong. But could they ever exist in real life?

Meet the Man Behind YouTube’s Favorite Cooking Channel

Andrew Rea’s YouTube channel, Binging With Babish, has more than 8 million subscribers watching him make food inspired by movies and TV.

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Iceland Volcano 🌋 Melted Drone for This Shot

This Sealed Super Mario Bros. Could Become the Most Expensive Video Game Collectable Ever

Eclipsing even the Nintendo PlayStation

Substack Is a Scam in the Same Way That All Media Is

Complaints about the platform reflect broader discontents with the journalism industry and profession.

Speedriding Through an Alpine Resort

Drone in a Bowling Alley

Why Bands Are Disappearing: 'Young People Aren’t Excited by Them'

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was scoffed at for suggesting there ‘aren’t any bands any more’ – but if you look at the numbers, he’s right. Wolf Alice, Maximo Park and industry insiders ask why

“The Simpsons” Hasn’t Declined Due to Bad Writing; Its Outdated Politics No Longer Make Sense

The beloved sitcom reaches another milestone, but its nuclear family is trapped in a bubble that time forgot

Why Substack Writers Are Mad About Money Substack Is Paying Out

The newsletter startup’s new controversy, explained.

Exploring an $80,000,000 Glass Mansion With Everything Left Inside

Daft Punk Break Up

The legendary dance duo have called it quits 28 years after forming in Paris

Here's Why Substack's Scam Worked So Well

They paid a secret group of writers to make newsletter authorship seem lucrative

Is Apple TV+ for Real Yet?

The service this week earned its first Oscar nominations and dropped a highly anticipated release from the Russo brothers. Still, it feels very much on the outside of the primary streaming...

How the New York Times A/B Tests Their Headlines

Part 1 of a series on the New York Times, in which I take a close look at how (and when) the New York Times tests multiple headlines for a single article.

For Creators, Everything Is for Sale

Digital stars are coming up with new ways to make money. Yet fans still hold the power.

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