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'Pumping Iron' Remains a Sleazy '70s Masterpiece

The 1977 film documents a time before gym culture, when Schwarzenegger was just little-known body builder with a sexual desire for 'The Pump.'

How Do You Act Drunk on Screen?

Danish film Another Round features performances of drunkenness so convincing that it's tempting to believe the actors were tipsy themselves. Nicholas Barber finds out.

Why Do Asian Americans Love New Wave Music So Much?

Two of the very first CDs I owned, unless my increasingly moth-ridden memory is betraying me, were Erasure’s greatest hits album Pop! and the Pet Shop Boys’ Very, whose bright orange, Lego-like...

The 50 Best Cult Movies

From ‘The Room’ to ‘Eraserhead’ to ‘Rocky Horror,’ these are the best movies to ever inspire deep obsession

Who Needs Real Life? Stars Like Stormzy and Travis Scott Are Now Performing Inside Video Games

The biggest gigs of 2021 will be by the smallest artists. Pocket-size artists, to be precise. But what they lack in stature they make up for with superpowers, not least the ability to make

The Good Life: Inside Tom Cruise's £335k/M London Penthouse

Boston Globe Launches ‘Fresh Start’ Initiative: People Can Apply to Have Past Coverage About Them Reviewed

Similar to “right to forget” programs that have cropped up across the country, the undertaking is meant to address the lasting impact that stories about past embarrassments, mistakes, or minor...

Now You Know: How did the Zapper Work?

The Duck Hunt gun, officially called the NES Zapper, seems downright primitive next to today's technology. But in the late '80s, it filled plenty of young heads with wonder.

Arts Workers Who Had to Find New Jobs

In undertaking, you get to drive luxury cars’

Netflix Is Creating a Problem by Canceling TV Shows Too Soon

Netflix is killing its most interesting shows in their infancy, and it could be the streaming giant's downfall.

Silence of the Lambs house for sale

Lotion in every room?

The Fruits and Vegetables Used to Create Gory Horror Movie Sounds

After a chat with foley artist Ronnie van der Veer, it's hard to look at leeks the same way.

How “Am I the Asshole?” Created a Medium Place on the Internet

The famous subreddit started as a forum for one man to ask about his workplace behavior. Seven years later, it’s become a place where millions of people discuss good, bad, and everything in...

Who Is to Blame for Fake News?

In an interview with the Post, author and media scholar Marcus Gilroy-Ware talks about simultaneous crises in journalism and democracy.

Larry King Dead: US Talk Show Legend Dies Aged 87 After Catching Coronavirus

American talk show legend Larry King has died aged 87. He passed away this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles after a battle with coronavirus

Baby Yoda Without Its Robe!

I'm not sure if I want to see this

Twitter, Facebook and the Rules of What Can Be Said on Social Media

Documenting America's Underbelly - ALL GAS NO BRAKES

Modern Celebrity Is What Happens When No One Says "No"

We once marveled at the celebrity bubble, now many of us are disgusted by it.

Bridgerton Has a Rape Scene, but It’s Not Treated Like One

Bridgerton wants to explore consent while it ignores its own glaring consent issue.

Meet the 24-Year-Old Who’s Tracking Every Broken McDonald’s Ice-Cream Machine in the US

I, for one, am very thankful.

Wikipedia Is Better Prepared for Election Day Than Facebook or Twitter

Wikipedia has a longstanding reputation for inaccuracy. It may no longer be deserved.

What the ‘Keep Scrolling’ Meme and Traumatic TikTok Trend Mean

TikToks detailing traumas, or sharing tips ‘only for women,’ have sparked a voyeuristic new trend

They Dreamed of Esports Fame. Then Their Bodies Broke Down

Professional gaming is booming, with millions on offer for the best players. But esports is also taking a physical and mental toll – and some have decided that enough is enough

U.S. Influencer Gets Deported From Bali After Pissing Off Most of Indonesia on Twitter

A U.S. influencer and her girlfriend have been deported from Indonesia after her Twitter posts regarding living in Bali angered many online locals.

The Business of Influence With Youtuber MKBHD

Marques Brownlee on how he is scaling his brand

Why I Broke Up With Wirecutter

Graham Downey tells us about how he tried to stop worrying and love the Wirecutter—and how it quietly took over his life.

What Is an Extra Rule Your Family Added to a Popular Board or Card Game? : AskReddit

Keith Richards Is Riding Out the Pandemic in His Comfies

I don't even know quite honestly how old I am. It goes on and on.

Commercial Radio Is 100 Years Old. Can It Survive?

Four industry veterans weigh in on how they'd "fix" a medium that remains popular but lacks innovation

The Social Media Managers Are Not Okay

It’s a seamless and continuous drinking from the firehose at all hours now

Inside the New York Times’ Heated Reckoning With Itself

The paper has evolved during the Trump years: less dispassionate, more crusading. This has sparked a raw internal debate over its mission and future.

I Gave Myself Two Weeks to Get Famous on TikTok

If you've ever watched a viral video and thought 'I could do that,' I'm here to tell you that you probably couldn't.

How One Musician Took on the World’s Biggest TV Network Over Copyright—and Won

“The torrent they got the music from was just called like 123456.mp3."

Short-Film: Unbreakable

We Have Glimpsed Our Streaming Future, and It Sucks

It’s not just the magic of sitting in a darkened theater that’s been whisked away.

The Decline of the Simpsons

Twitter and YouTube Banned Steve Bannon. Apple Still Gives Him Millions of Listeners.

Steve Bannon broadcasts election denialism and apocalyptic calls to action several times a day via Apple’s podcast app. He’s not the only one using the platform to spread claims that became a...


"Did you cry?" That's one of the first questions I'm asked after watching a Pixar movie. This question has almost become the new metric in assessing the quality of a Pixar film, whether the movie...

The Influencer Commentariat

In September 2018, Tiffany Ferguson, a twenty-five-year-old college student and YouTube personality with more than six hundred thousand subscribers, sat down in her bedroom, ready to record. She...

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