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Holocaust Remembrance Day — In Pictures

As the pandemic has forced the cancellation of most large gatherings, many institutions are marking the day with online events

'I Just Needed to Find My Family': The Scandal of Chile's Stolen Children

The long read: At two months old, Maria Diemar was flown to Sweden to be adopted. Years later, she tracked down her birth mother, who said her baby had been taken against her will. Now...

India's Republic Day and the Delhi Farmers' Protest – In Pictures

India’s annual 26 January Republic Day celebrations featured spectacular military and cultural pageantry, despite being curtailed by Covid restrictions, but in New Delhi thousands of protesting...

Two Days in and Near Japan’s ‘Nuclear Power Town,’ a Decade After the Nuclear Disaster

Eight hours and 26 minutes. I clearly remember the exact time I walked that day. On more than several occasions, I lost my way; on many more, the courage to keep going. By the time I had reached...

Visualized: A Global Risk Assessment of 2021 and Beyond

Which risks are top of mind in 2021? We visualize the World Economic Forum's risk assessment for top global risks by impact and livelihood.

India Has Its Own Donald Trumps, but They’re Still on Facebook and Twitter

If social media platforms can silence the most powerful office in the world, why can’t they do the same for India’s anti-Muslim politicians?

Boeing 737 Max Cleared to Fly Again 'Too Early'

A former Boeing manager says more investigations are needed on the plane, grounded after two crashes.

Fresh: Harper's Index Feb. 2021

Photos From Kumbh Mela, Where Devotees Are Gathering Despite Pandemic

Photos show thousands of people descending upon the northern Indian city of Haridwar to bath in the sacred river.

Profile of the Guy Who Bought a Ghost Town

When Brent Underwood bought an abandoned mining town, he didn't anticipate moving there to ride out a pandemic. Or that it might actually be haunted.

New Videos Show Wuhan During Earliest Days of COVID Outbreak

Capitol Insurrection and Inauguration: Photo Essay of Security

Are the Persian Gulf City-States Slave Societies?

The glittering city-states of the Persian Gulf fit the classicist Moses Finley’s criteria of genuine slave societies

Israel's Ibex Make the Most of Lockdown

Nubian ibex have been roaming the empty streets of Mitzpe Ramon as Israel’s coronavirus lockdown extends to the end of the month

Inside the Deadly Capitol Shooting

With a mob approaching, a police lieutenant fatally shot a woman trying to vault through a window near the House Chamber.

They Claimed the Covid-19 Vaccine Made Them Ill. Then They Went Viral

On Facebook, videos of people claiming disturbing side-effects of Covid-19 are being viewed by millions. The truth can’t keep up

What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

Where Trust in Government Is Highest and Lowest

The Fight for the Future of the Borderlands

The Complicated Truth About China's Social Credit System

China's social credit system isn't a world first but when it's complete it will be unique. The system isn't just as simple as everyone being given a score though

Free Speech in the Age of Digital Oligarchy

An opinion that corn-dealers are starvers of the poor, or that owning private property is robbery ought to be unmolested when simply circulated through the press, but may justly incur…View Post

Why Did the World’s Pandemic Warning System Fail When COVID Hit?

Nearly one year ago, the World Health Organization sounded the alarm about the coronavirus, but was ignored.

Visualised: The Race to Save the Qixia Miners

Trapped gold miners in China have to wait 15 days for rescue

The Architecture of Mass Vaccine Distribution

Traveling With a Purpose: For Some, It’s a 2021 Resolution

The crises of 2020, particularly the pandemic and violence against Black Americans, have caused many travelers to rethink how and where to travel.

Fauci Says It's 'Liberating' Working Under Biden

Anthony Fauci on Thursday said it has been “liberating” to work as the nation's top infectious diseases doctor under President Biden after his experience working for former President Trump.

White House Twitter Account Sends First Tweet Under Biden Administration


All Parler User Data Is Being Downloaded as We Speak

The Pre-Civil War Fight Against White Supremacy

In a country riven by racial politics, three women strove for a just society.

Still Can’t Breathe

How NYPD officers continue to use chokeholds — which can be deadly and are explicitly prohibited by the department — on civilians, while officers with substantiated claims of abuse go without any...

Online Speech and Publishing

Facebook has 2bn users posting 100bn times a day. The global SMS system had 20-25bn messages a day. So is this a publisher? A platform? A telco? No. We don’t really know what we think about speech...

Photos: Boats Emerge From Sahara Sand to Transport Migrants to Spain

Photos and Text Mosa’ab Elshamy

The Downfall of the Yakuza

The once-feared Japanese mob is on the verge of extinction. Targeted by new laws, rapidly ageing, and unable to find fresh blood, the yakuza has dropped from a height of 180,000 members to less...

Their Noses Paid the Bills. Then Covid Took Their Sense of Smell

As many as half of Covid-19 sufferers lose their sense or smell or taste. For master sommeliers and professional bakers, it could spell the end of their careers

Here Are the Perks Trump Will Get as Ex-President

Assuming Congress lets him keep them.

As Donald Trump Exits, QAnon Takes Hold in Germany

The storming of the US Capitol illustrated just how dangerous a conspiracy theory can be. In Germany, QAnon is gaining momentum — and its most ardent followers are sticking with Donald Trump. DW...

Where Surveillance Cameras Work but the Justice System Doesn’t

On the evening of October 9, 2013, 50-year-old elementary school teacher Laura Ramírez was run over by a car and killed on Avenida Dr. José María Vertiz near downtown Mexico City. The vehicle fled...

The Financial Minefiled Awaiting Ex-President Trump

Baseless election fraud claims and the Capitol riot have compounded already-looming threats to his bottom line. And the cash lifelines he once relied on are gone.

Trump’s Mob Is on Telegram and They’re Already Getting Organised

As Silicon Valley reckons with the violent mob that stormed the US Capitol, Telegram appears to be benefiting big-time. But at what cost?

Austria Stops Man Trying to Smuggle in 74 Chameleons

...a 56-year-old man, who was not further identified, had hidden the animals in socks and empty ice-cream boxes when he was caught at customs control in Vienna.

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