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Federal Software Can Trigger Revocation of Citizenship

Known as ATLAS, the software mines various federal databases for derogatory information. It runs autonomously on Amazon servers.

60 Years Ago, the Berlin Wall Went Up, Dividing the City

The former capital of Hitler's Third Reich was divided after World War II. But the people of Berlin were still able to move around freely in the city. That is, until August 13, 1961.

Kevin Kelly: The Case for Optimism

Kevin Kelly is the founder of Wired Magazine and author of several books, among them The Inevitable. For Warp News he presents his case for optimism.

We Need a New Philosophy of Progress

We live in an age that has lost its optimism. Polls show that people think the world is getting worse, not better. Children fear dying from environmental catastrophe before they reach old age....

A Man Is Presumed Murdered. In This Town of 12, Everyone Is a Possible Suspect

A man is presumed murdered. In this town of 12, everyone is a possible suspect.

ISIS-K: What We Know About the Group Behind the Kabul Airport Attack : NPR

Why People Pay Thousands for Opulent 'Experience' Foods

Spending $200 on French fries or €5,000 on a burger seems utterly improbable. But consumers across the world are increasingly willing to shell out for over-the-top dishes.

Tom Cruise vs. The World

On our least relatable celebrity

That Time I Shipped Myself as a Package

Believe it or not, quite a few people have shipped themselves through the mail.

How Many 'Natural' Disasters Can One City Endure?

As another hurricane bears down on Louisiana, the town of Lake Charles—hit twice last year—faces the painful questions of climate change: How can we adapt, and who is going to pay?

Inside the Deadliest City in Honduras

Taliban in Afghanistan: Watch Out for These Images Taken Out of Context

Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan after taking the capital of Kabul on August 15, 2021, the FRANCE Observers team has been following the event through images posted on social media. As w…

Athlete Hit by Self-Driving Car Is Out of Games

A Japanese Paralympian is out of the Games after being hit by a self-driving vehicle inside the Athletes' Village.

The Taliban′s Broken Promise to Protect Journalists

The Taliban pledged press freedom and "no threats" against journalists in Afghanistan. But intimidation and violence at the hands of their fighters illustrate the group's haste in breaking its...

Afghanistan: US Says IS-K Planner Killed in Drone Strike

The Islamic State group says it carried out Thursday's Kabul airport bombing, killing up to 170 people.

What a Tool: Erin O’Toole Is Over Half-Mast Flags for Residential School Graves

“I do think we should be proud to put our flag back up,” O’Toole told reporters on Thursday, even as thousands more unmarked graves are expected at residential school sites.

History and the Recognition of the Taliban

This isn’t the first time that the United States has had to reconsider its relationship with a resurgent Taliban—or a chaotic and uncertain Afghanistan.

How to Buy a Fake Vaccine Card

The person you’re trying to fool with that phony card is likely just an overtired bartender or HR administrator newly deputized into our chaotic public health infrastructure.

Sirhan Sirhan, Man Who Assassinated Robert F Kennedy, Granted Parole

Sirhan, 77, convicted of killing Democratic presidential hopeful in in 1968, wins bid for parole at 16th attempt but governor could yet block release

US Spy Agencies: COVID-19 'Not a Bioweapon,' Can't Rule Out Lab Hypothesis

An unclassified report released Friday provided an overview of the intelligence community's assessment of the origins of COVID-19.

Afghans Are Racing to Erase Their Online Lives

Every photo and every data point is a link to the old way of life in Afghanistan – and a reason for Taliban retribution

What Is ISIS-K? Two Terrorism Experts on the Group Behind the Deadly Kabul Airport Attack and Its Rivalry With the...

An attack on the Kabul airport has left scores dead and many more injured. Two terrorism scholars explain who the group thought responsible is, and how big of a threat is it.

What Is Havana Syndrome? Symptoms, Causes, & U.S. Response

Everything we know about the strange symptoms plaguing U.S. personnel abroad and the new CIA task force expanding efforts to identify the cause.

It’s Coming Home: Law Gives Neighbours Right to Retrieve Lost Ball in Belgium

Lawmakers say kicking a ball over the hedge to look around is not allowed, neither is taking anything you fancy

Chart: The World at War in 2021

Parents Are Not Okay

We’re not even at a breaking point anymore. We’re broken.

Chart: The Most Surveilled Cities in the World

Is Afghanistan-Made Methamphetamine About to Flood Europe?

The Taliban has vowed to crack down on the drug trade but if the economy fails, a crisis could unfold, experts say.

AskReddit: What Thing Is Secretly Just One Giant Scam?

This European capital has overtaken Tokyo and Singapore as the world’s safest city

Copenhagen has been named the world's safest city in a new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

The History of Afghanistan and US Ties, From the Cold War to 9/11

How American meddling shaped life in Afghanistan.

Delta Has Changed the Pandemic Risk Calculus

If you’re confused about what you can do right now, you should be.

The Entirely Predictable Failure of the West's Mission in Afghanistan

In early July, I met with a leading Taliban military commander. I asked when his fighters would arrive in Kabul. His answer: "They are already there." How the Afghanistan mission failed and what...

First Dog on the Moon: It Should Not Come as a Surprise That Climate Change Is Worse Than We Thought

If it wasn’t time to listen before (it was) it is time to listen now (yes it is)

The Other Epidemic: What’s Killing the Wild Salmon?

A virus that flourishes in fish farms is now threatening wild populations. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, are business interests leading to government inaction?

The World Needs a Proper Investigation Into How Covid-19 Started

Israeli Data: How Can Efficacy vs. Severe Disease Be Strong When 60% of Hospitalized Are Vaccinated?

A surge involving the rapidly-transmitting Delta variant in heavily vaccinated countries has led to much hand-wringing that the vaccines are not effective against Delta, or vaccine efficacy wanes...

Antiwar Sentiment in the Military Is Stronger Than Ever.”

Iraq War veteran Mike Prysner on what the military-industrial complex gained by staying in Afghanistan so long, what’s next for US empire, and why antiwar sentiment is rising among active-duty...

Is Your Name Ruining Your Life?

Name discrimination is alive and well in 2021 – and I can’t help but wonder what impact it’s had on my life

Why Do Some Get Hooked on Pandemic Terror and Phobic Energy?

The COVID-19 pandemic, like other catastrophes before it, got some of us hooked on phobic energy and terror. Why?

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