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Mom Gets Emotional During Heated Forum on Critical Race Theory

The moral panic around critical race theory, an academic legal framework for analyzing structural racism, has sparked a big debate between parents, educators and lawmakers. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

Notes From the Once-a-Year Meeting Where They Decide What All the Book Covers Will Look Like ❧ Current Affairs

In this exclusive leaked excerpt, highly-paid publishing executives reveal their tricks for making literature as unappetizing as possible.

Powerball Jackpot Mystery: Who Won $731 Million in Lonaconing, Md.?

In Western Maryland, the identity of the Powerball jackpot winner remains unknown, but that hasn™t stopped gold diggers from descending on Lonaconing.

Murders in Major U.S. Cities: 2019 vs. 2020

In Mexico, Campaigners Fear Attacks That Have Killed 34

Photos Marco Ugarte | Text Fabiola Sanchez

Divers Find More Than 500 E-Scooters on the Bottom of the Rhine

Translation here: to a media report, hundreds of e-scooters are rotting away in the Cologne Rhine - some are shedding a sticky mass. At least one provider...

How Powerful Is Your Passport in a Post-Pandemic World?

Why Randomly Choosing People to Serve in Government - Sortition - Might Be the Best Way to Select Our Politicians

I'm a huge advocate of something known as sortition, where people are randomly selected to serve in a legislature. Unfortunately the typical gut reaction against sortition is bewilderment and...

Hong Kong Arrests Top Apple Daily Staff Using Security Law

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong’s national security police arrested five executives of the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper for suspected breaches of the national security law, local news outlets...

A Family’s Journey From Cologne to the Islamic State

Their sons moved from Cologne to the war in Syria. They kept slaves and rose up the ranks of Islamic State leadership. Their parents would send them care packages with popcorn and Kalashnikov...

Christian Eriksen ‘Stabilised’ in Hospital After Collapsing in Euro 2020 Match

The match has been suspended after Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch

Watch Nunavut MP's Powerful Goodbye Message Highlighting Racism in Canada

Canada is being excoriated as a racist failure as MPs who don't intend to seek re-election say their official farewells.

New York: The Invention of an Imaginary City

How nostalgic fantasies about the “authentic” New York City obscure the real-world place.

How to Travel: Palace of Versailles, France

Fresh: Harper's Index July 2021

My Mission to Find the Best Truck of All Time

At some point in every adventurous life, you need to pursue something completely trivial with such single-minded focus that it nearly drives you mad. Allow me to explain.

The Real History of Topgun and Aggressor Squadron Pilots

To prepare fighter pilots for combat, you need a convincing stand-in for the enemy. That's the aggressor squadron.

Ransomware Gang Turns to Revenge Porn

In a rare step, a ransomware gang has leaked nude images allegedly connected to a victim.

In Tigray, Food Is Often a Weapon of War as Famine Looms

Photos Ben Curtis | Text Rodney Muhumuza

Reasons for Hard Political Hope

A lesson from Ralph Ellison

Guinea-Bissau’s Cashew Farmers Survive Tough Times

Cashew nuts are Guinea-Bissau's biggest export crop but times are tough for farmers.

50 Years Ago, Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers Helped End the Vietnam War

The first installment of reporting based on the Pentagon Papers was published half a century ago today in the New York Times. Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg risked life imprisonment to...

Use of Fear to Control Behaviour in Covid Crisis Was ‘Totalitarian’, Admit Scientists

PM Confirms Delay to England Lockdown Easing

Boris Johnson says existing coronavirus rules will stay in place until 19 July, amid rising cases of the Delta variant.

The Gangs That Steal Your Puppies

How Canada Rose to the Top for 1st Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

American cardiologist and researcher Eric Topol says it's the Canadian 'culture.' But other experts say it's a confluence of factors that put Canada on track to become world leader in percentage...

The Quest to Solve the Mysterious ‘Eerie’ Hum of the Golden Gate Bridge

Engineers are working on a plan to quiet the ‘unbearable’ sound, which occurs when strong winds hit the bridge

A Sea Change in Counterterrorism

The Biden administration's forthcoming strategy for tackling domestic extremism will formalize major changes already set in motion over the past few months.

4 Mass Shootings in 6 Hours Leave 38 Wounded, 6 Dead Across US

Four US mass shootings in 6 hours leave 38 wounded, ssixdead.

What Are 'Ghost Guns,' a Target of Biden's Anti-Crime Effort?

A scholar of untraceable firearms explains what they are and why President Joe Biden's administration is seeking to restrict their manufacture and use.

How Fraudsters Exploited Our Fears During the Pandemic

There are a few basic psychological tricks that phishing attacks and phone scams attempt to use against us – and the pandemic has provided the perfect environment for them.

Masks Made From Melon Bread Released in Japan

One study claims they're as effective as commonly sold urethane masks

This G7 Reflects Our G-Zero World, Ruled by Self-Interest Instead of Global Ambition [OP]

Those nations with the capacity to project globally are acting parochially, says the writer and researcher Tom Kibasi

‘When Is London Going to Wake Up?’ Muslims Describe the Terror of Living in Canadian City Where Family Was Killed

In the wake of the killing of the Afzaal-Salman family in London, Ontario, Muslim Canadians told VICE World News Islamophobia is palpable in their daily lives, but not enough people care.

I Think All Canadians Have a Responsibility to Talk to Their Kids About MMIWG

George Washington Predicted Donald Trump: Why Doesn't Everyone Know This?

If Republicans really want to Make America Great Again, they need to listen to Washington – and dump Trump

Covid-Weary U.K. Residents Eager for Summer Escape

In Praise of Small Menus

True luxury is having someone else make decisions for you.

The Implications of the Lab-Leak Hypothesis

The epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch explains the risks of the virus research done at the Wuhan Institute.

Five of America's Most Invincible Hotels

From Miami to San Francisco, these luxury establishments survived their share of crises before the Covid-19 pandemic

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