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Officials Say Tokyo Olympic Cancellation, No Fans Still an Option

Two officials in Japan's ruling LDP party said Thursday that changes could be coming to the Tokyo Olympics. One suggested they still could be cancelled, and the other said even if they proceed, it...

Mass Shootings, Police Killings: An Awful Taste of 'Normal' in America [OP]

Yet another mass shooting, and yet another unarmed Black man killed by police — plus more from the week in Opinion.

Do Mass Shootings Inspire More Mass Shootings? If So, What Can Be Done About That?

Both advocates and skeptics of the copycat theory recommend self-restraint by the news media.

10 Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

When Is the Revolution in Architecture Coming?

We need to build places we can’t stop looking at. It will involve lots of plants.

How Not to Feel Paralyzed by Climate Disaster

Two new books, ‘Under the Sky We Make’ and ‘Overheated,’ lay out a plan to overcome our cynicism and anxiety and realize a sustainable, carbon-free future

Sacrifice, Sorrow: 20 Years of War in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has announced a withdrawal of all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September, about 20 years after the start of a war provoked by the deadliest terror assault on the...

Life in the Fallout Zone: Capturing the Traces of the Soviet Space Industry Through Those Living in Its Shadow

Makar Tereshin has spent years documenting how Russian space programmes transformed landscapes, economies and communities

My Dad Grew Up in a Cult. Now He’s a Famous Scientist

The story of how he wound up in a dangerous compound—and how he escaped

Out of Thin Air: The Mystery of the Man Who Fell From the Sky

In 2019, the body of a man fell from a passenger plane into a garden in south London. Who was he?

80% of Fatal E-Scooter Crashes Involve Cars

Electric scooter rides soared from zero to 88 million a year between 2017 and 2019. But launching e-scooters in cities without safe infrastructure or clear rules of the road can be deadly.

AskReddit: What Was the Biggest Scam You Ever Fell For?

The World's Largest Boat Rescue You've Never Heard Of

The Unbelievable Story of Europe’s Runaway Nazi

There’s a notorious neo-Nazi political leader on the loose somewhere in Europe. Authorities say they can’t find him, but signs point to a commune of renegade conservative monks.

A 23-Year-Old Coder Kept QAnon and the Far Right Online When No One Else Would

We Recreated the Capitol Riot Through Cellphone Videos and It’s Terrifying

Our “Source Material” series takes you inside the insurrection, courtesy of the rioters and witnesses.

Central Park Will Soon Be Free of Pesticides

Plans call for organic maintenance of parks in communities nationwide.

Instagram Bans Canada's Most Prominent Anti-Masker Over 'Debunked Hoaxes'

Instagram confirmed to VICE that they deleted the account belonging to the wealthy son of a property developer who, over the last year, grew to be the face of Canada's anti-lockdown movement.

How to Get COVID-19 Vaccines to Poor Countries

India and South Africa are pressing the World Trade Organization to waive patent rights to help ramp up vaccine production. There's a better solution.

Week in Review: Whatever Reputation Cameron Had Left Is Gone

In his latest Week in Review, Ian Dunt looks at David Cameron and the Greensill row.

Welsh Government Takes Westminster to Court Over Post-Brexit Bill

The Welsh government is taking legal action against the UK government over its post-Brexit Internal Market Act which it says “severely...

Federal Bureau of Prisons Says Ponzi Schemer Bernard Madoff Has Passed Away

Bernard Madoff, who was convicted for running the largest known Ponzi scheme in history, died on Wednesday in federal prison where he was serving a 150-year sentence, the Bureau of Prisons said....

Bernie Madoff Dies: Mastermind of the Nation's Biggest Investment Fraud Was 82

Bernard Madoff masterminded the biggest investment fraud in U.S. history, ripping off tens of thousands of people of as much as $65 billion.

Identity Is Often Used Against Us

Identity feels permanent, powerful, emotional and fragile. Identity has been used to unite college alumni (“we are!”), political factions and groups of all kinds. Criticism is not in sh…

Making Sense of Conspiracy Theorists as the World Gets More Bizarre

It is 20 years since Jon Ronson wrote Them, his eye-popping investigation into conspiracy theorists. Now, in a world awash with tales of paedophile elites and puppet masters, is he any closer to...

The Shallowness of What Tech Calls Thinking

The smartest people on Earth have a surprising lack of curiosity.

Bat Catchers Fight the Next Pandemic – In Pictures

Researchers in the Philippines aim to catch thousands of bats to develop a simulation model that they believe will help avert potential pandemics

The Risk-Reward Calculus of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Visualized

Allowing the vaccine to be distributed while experts reviewed the cases risks exposing more people to the possible problem. Pausing distribution, though, runs a different risk: potentially...

Dutch Supermarkets Run Out of Cheese After Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack against conditioned warehousing and transportation provider Bakker Logistiek has caused a cheese shortage in Dutch supermarkets.

Meet the Group Defusing Bombs in People's Backyards

The Stranger-Than-Fiction Twists That Led to Robert Durst's Los Angeles Murder Trial

The way he saw it, Robert Durst, the real estate heir suspected of three murders, had a way of flatly admitting to behavior that would embarrass most people. He talked openly of having no...

Millennials Are Ready to Take Over the Real Estate Market

Over the last several years, millennials have rented to stay nimble and keep work opportunities open. Now, they're ready to buy.

A Mysterious Suicide Cluster

Young people in a Missouri college town kept killing themselves. A parent of one victim is convinced that her son’s friend encouraged the deaths. Has a sinister figure been exposed, or is it a...

For One Glorious Summer, Americans Will Vacation Like the French

Workers are on the verge of going bonkers with their PTO.

Erich Fromm and the Mass Psychology of Fascism

The German socialist philosopher Erich Fromm sought to explain the social psychology of right-wing authoritarianism after the Nazis drove him into exile. His work is full of valuable insights that...

Breonna Taylor: Publisher Refuses to Distribute Police Officer's Book

Publisher Simon & Schuster says it won't distribute the work following a backlash online.

Why Pandemic Fatigue Makes It Harder to Follow Restrictions Right Now

As lockdowns drag on, it’s more likely we’ll 'see more non-adherence,' says expert

A Huge QAnon Conference Is Happening in a Dallas Hotel Owned by the City

The event will feature Texas congressman Louie Gohmert and the chair of the Texas GOP, as well as several QAnon “celebrities.”

Inside the Wave of Violence Shopkeepers Have Faced During the Pandemic

Britain's corner store workers have been subjected to masses of abuse during COVID.

Revealed: The Facebook Loophole That Lets World Leaders Deceive and Harass Their Citizens

A Guardian investigation exposes the breadth of state-backed manipulation of the platform

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