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How German Captured the Pandemic, and French Gave It Nuance

The German language invented the most complicated, somber, interesting words for life in a pandemic. And French added the most nuance. And Spanish emphasized sociability. As for us? Quite a few of...

All Parler User Data Is Being Downloaded as We Speak

A Look Back at the AP’s Role in Counting Votes

The Associated Press will count the nation’s vote in real time Tuesday and report the results of presidential, congressional and state elections — as it has for more than 170 years. The way...

Der Spiegel Comes with Two Different Covers This Week

Print, left ("The Squatter") vs. Digital, right.

New Videos Show Wuhan During Earliest Days of COVID Outbreak

Why Do We Vote by Secret Ballot?

Election days used to be raucous affairs, with individual votes sometimes cast orally for all to hear.

Mark Cuban on America’s Future: 5G, Health Care, and Biden’s Presidency

In the first episode of Decoder with Nilay Patel, Mark Cuban talks 5G, health care, and Joe Biden’s presidency.

The Global Covid Border Map

The COVID Border Accountability Project map tool displays information on border policies around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clicking on a country will provide more info on...

Fresh: Harper's Index March 2021

A Day in the Life of an Indian Child Scavenger

Photos and Text Anupam Nath

Things I Learnt in 2020

For the past six months I have been sending out a weekly newsletter with things I learnt and read during the week. Some of those trivia are not trivial at all, so I decided to share the condensed...

AP Images: Venezuelan Children Pick Through Garbage for Food, Valuables

Photos Ariana Cubillos | Text Juan Pablo Arráez

Collected: Der SPIEGEL's Trump Covers - Photo Gallery

No American president has been more incendiary than Donald Trump. He has been the subject in recent years of 28 DER SPIEGEL cover stories.

I Was an Uber Pirate — Confessions of an Uber Driver Who Turned Off the App and Went Rogue

Confessions of an Uber driver who turned off the app and went rogue

Two Days in and Near Japan’s ‘Nuclear Power Town,’ a Decade After the Nuclear Disaster

Eight hours and 26 minutes. I clearly remember the exact time I walked that day. On more than several occasions, I lost my way; on many more, the courage to keep going. By the time I had reached...

The Remote Work Revolution Will Be Bigger Than You Think

The past year has offered a glimpse of the nowhere-everywhere future of work, and it isn’t optimistic for big cities.

Pandemic Fatigue May Be Setting in Across Much of the World

TikTok Is a Problem for Trump, but Not in the Way That He Originally Thought

This is too good.

Political Extremism in the US: A New Study

This study utilised a nationally representative sample to investigate the cultural divide on the political left and right. We found evidence of an ideological divide on both sides, with...

‘Trump’ Fridge vs. ‘Biden’ Fridge

What the contents of our refrigerators say about our politics — and our assumptions.

The Rise of the Technopopulists

The Sun Interview: Dark Corners

When COVID-19 hit, Dr. Anthony Fauci was portrayed on the Right as a deep-state villain, one of these “elitists” who are trying to tell “us” how to live in Middle America.

Length of Election Night By Year

Shameless on Vacation

A certain kind of American is still traveling internationally — and they’re not sorry.

US Election: Being With Trump the Day He Lost

How the president who has never wavered dealt with defeat after four years in the White House.

25 Years of News Photography: From the Death of Diana to Covid

Departing picture editor Greg Whitmore looks back at the photos that made the news during his quarter century at the paper

The biggest story ever? Only the world wars have rivalled Covid-19 for news coverage

The Internet of Beefs

Anything that is not an expression of pure, unqualified support for whatever they’re doing or saying is received as a mark of disrespect and a provocation to conflict. 

Only One Factory in North America Still Makes Washboards, and They Are Flying Off of Shelves

Sales of the antique tools have boosted since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with people wanting to avoid a trip to the laundromat

The China Hack and How to Reverse It

What will it require to take China seriously as an economic challenge?

The Big Lessons From History

In 1918 humans had never viewed a virus under a microscope. But “wear a mask and keep your distance” they understood better than we do today.

Photo Journalist Andrew Skowron: Disturbing Animal Cruelty

Reuters Pictures of the Year 2020

Doctor Katharina Franz and paramedic Andreas Hankel, of the rescue helicopter "Christoph Giessen," resuscitate a patient during preparations for his transport in the special isolation chamber "IsoArk"

The News You Missed in 2020, From Every Country in the World (Part 1)

In Pictures — Vladimir Putin Takes a Holiday in Siberia

The Russian president and his defence minister, Sergei Shoygu, are spending the weekend in Siberia

From Belarus to Thailand: Hong Kong’s protest playbook is spreading everywhere

Protest tactics popularized in Hong Kong’s 2019 unrest have shaped a new wave of savvy anti-establishment demonstrations around the world – and a headache for governments.

Some of the Dumbest Things That Happened During the Insurrection Chaos

'Via Getty' is not a person, the Port-a-Potties were overrun, and Tiffany Trump wished Eric a happy birthday.

All at Sea: Half a Million Seafarers Stranded by the Pandemic

Up to 400,000 seafarers have been trapped on board cargo ships during the Covid pandemic. These are their photos

Trump’s Mob Is on Telegram and They’re Already Getting Organised

As Silicon Valley reckons with the violent mob that stormed the US Capitol, Telegram appears to be benefiting big-time. But at what cost?

Fresh: Harper's Index Feb. 2021

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