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Where Did America Go Wrong?

Despite Donald Trump's defeat, the United States still appears to be in a state of moral decay. A DER SPIEGEL correspondent reflects on his five years in America.

Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished Worldwide?

The US allows more methods for execution as 39 countries reject UN resolution on a moratorium.

Along Russia’s ‘Road of Bones,’ Relics of Suffering and Despair

The Kolyma Highway in the Russian Far East once delivered tens of thousands of prisoners to the work camps of Stalin’s gulag. The ruins of that cruel era are still visible today.

Indigenous People Across the US Want Their Land Back

Ultimately, it's about getting Indigenous lands back in Indigenous hands.

Who Really Runs the Drudge Report?

The Drudge Report has become a conformist shadow of its formerly bratty, oppositional self. Why?

River Bleeds Black

Why Switzerland Has No Capital City

Year of the Rat

The problem with the internet is that when you start researching one thing, you inevitably open a can of worms, unleashing a plethora of information that,though related in subject, will only...

Your Old Electronics Are Poisoning People at This Toxic Dump in Ghana

A vast dump in central Accra is the final resting place for e-waste from all over the world, but it takes a serious toll on local residents

Will There Be a Monument to the Pandemic?

Although memorials to past pandemics are not as prolific as war memorials, they do exist. A scholar of visual culture provides a brief history of monuments around the world.

Tiny Homes Won't Fix the Housing Crisis

They're often touted as a path to affordable housing. But the scale of the problem calls for a bigger solution

The Rise and Fall of the Bombshell Bandit

In the summer of 2014 an unusual bank robber shocked, mystified and captivated the US. The Bombshell Bandit tells Jeff Maysh her story.

Where the Teens Are Hanging Out in Quarantine

How Do You Vaccinate a Billion People?

India's Covid-19 immunisation programme will face unprecedented challenges, say experts.

The Two Sides of Diego Maradona

He wasn’t fast. He couldn’t jump. But the way he moved with the ball, the control he had with his left foot, left people gasping

RIP Maradona: Hand of God, 1986

This Woman Is Trying to Feed 1,000 Crocodiles on Zero Income

Small bites are common. Some people have been scratched, but never killed

The Neighborhood Feud Between Billionaire Bill Gross and Entrepreneur Mark Towfiq

What started as a dispute over an art installation between two famous neighbors escalated into blasting the theme song of Gilligan's Island and has now wound its way into the courts.

Geopolitics of COVID: The Unprecedented Challenge of Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution

In order to prevent the theft of the coveted vaccines, pharmaceutical companies are also considering equipping shipments with GPS trackers or sending out empty trucks to deceive possible thieves

Return of the Anti-Vaxers

To those who think vaccines are harmful, COVID-19 is just another conspiracy

Democratic Source Code for a New U.S.-EU Tech Alliance

The incoming Biden administration should seek to build a U.S.-EU alliance that will hardwire democratic governance into everything digital.

Where Are Americans Staying Home for Thanksgiving?

What Do Biden Cabinet Nominees Mean for US Middle East Policy?

Joe Biden’s foreign policy nominees say they will prioritise human rights in relations with Middle East governments.

We Have No Idea What Happens Next

The Caribbean Islands Poisoned by a Carcinogenic Pesticide

On Martinique and Guadeloupe a pesticide has poisoned the soil and water and caused many cases of prostate cancer.

Essay: How Do You Describe TikTok?

The automatic culture of the world's favorite new social network.

Returning to China’s Walled Garden

China’s tightening control over its internet is narrowing the divide between online and offline identity.

Mao Zedong's Lesson for Trump's America

Beware of leaders willing to set their own country on fire.

Four Reasons the Stay-At-Home Economy Is Here to Stay

Even after a Covid-19 vaccine, changes to how we shop, dine, work out and entertain ourselves are likely to endure.

The Age of the Middle Class Is Over

Rising inequality, and widespread celibacy — the new medieval age awaits

Darwin's Notebooks Stolen From Cambridge University

Library staff believed manuscripts were ‘mis-shelved’ in 2000 but now think theft likely

Fresh: Harper's Index December

Hypothetical median income of full-time U.S. workers if income were distributed as evenly as it was in 1975

In Fallout Over Polls, 'Margin of Error' Gets New Scrutiny

Polling experts are questioning whether the margin of error is a useful metric, with some saying it should be banished.

Obama’s (Not So) Promising Land [Op.]

I took a look at Obama’s new memoir and found the man in the middle, who promised hope but chose pragmatism.

John Fetterman, National Hero

John Fetterman has become a symbol of Pennsylvania’s resistance to Trump’s anti-democratic moves, writes Richard Hall

The Guardian: 20 Photographs of the Week

The aftermath of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, Rudy Giuliani at that press conference, the continuing conflict in Idlib and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from...

China Pushes for QR Code Based Global Travel System

QR codes - bar codes that can be read by mobile phones - have been used in China during the pandemic.

What the U.S. Election Meltdown Looks Like to Other Countries

Observers with a view from abroad tell us how dysfunctional the U.S. political system looks to everyone else.

Photo Journalist Andrew Skowron: Disturbing Animal Cruelty

Taiwan Protesters March Against US Pork Imports

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei in Taiwan.