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Barbed Wire, Concrete Barriers: Growing Tension in Minneapolis as Trial Looms in Floyd Death

Mayor Jacob Frey and Gov. Tim Walz, both Democrats, were sharply criticized for failing to move faster to stop last summer's looting and destruction.

'Counter-Terrorism'?: Two Decades After 9/11, New Interactive Map Details Footprint of US War Machine in 85 Countries

"The map raises a number of questions. Why is the United States militarily active in so many countries? Are these operations meeting the stated U.S. goals of reducing violence against Americans?"

One in Three Troops Offered the COVID Vaccine Have Refused It So Far

Activist Clive Thomson Jailed for Outing Salmond Accusers

A Scottish independence activist who named women who gave evidence against Alex Salmond has been jailed for six months.Clive Thomson, 52, breached a court order that prohibited the identification of

The Fastest Growing Cities in the World

Dognapping Is Surprisingly Common

We spoke to an expert at the American Kennel Club about the theft of Lady Gaga's dogs and how she might get them back.

Iceberg Size of Los Angeles Breaks Off From Antarctica

A huge iceberg (1270 km²) the size of the county of Bedfordshire has broken off the 150-m thick Brunt Ice Shelf.

Daily News MBS Approved Khashoggi’s Murder

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS), approved an operation to “capture or kill” Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, a declassified U.S. report has revealed on Friday.

The Terrifying Reality of Life Under Myanmar’s Internet Shutdown

One couple living in Yangon explain the impact of the military coup turning off the internet for millions of people

Vaccine: Speed and Trust

Keys to an effective COVID-19 vaccination program

The Age of Peak Advice

You can get life tips from a greater diversity of voices than ever before, but what are we really searching for?

Germany Charges Man With Passing Bundestag Floor Plans to Russia

A German man has been charged with espionage for allegedly passing information on properties used by the German parliament to Russian military intelligence.

Phone Records Prove House Sergeant-at-Arms DID Ignore Pleas for Backup: Capitol Police Chief

The acting Capitol Police chief has directly contradicted testimony from former House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving.

Slovak Businessman Accused of Masterminding Ján Kuciak's Murder Had Judges in the Palm of His Hand

Leaked text messages from a powerful businessman provide an inside look into the rot at the heart of Slovakia’s judicial system.

Congo-Brazzaville Strongman Buys Secret Weapons Haul From Azerbaijan

Congo-Brazzaville’s repressive government has quietly bought an arsenal from Azerbaijan.

No Charges Filed Against Rochester Police Officers Who Killed Daniel Prude

In New York, a grand jury has decided not to file charges against the Rochester police officers involved in the death of Daniel Prude. Prude died last March from asphyxiation after officers...

Australia Plans to Build $2 Billion Concrete Airstrip at Base in Antarctic

Australia is proposing to build a $2 billion concrete aerodrome at its Davis base in Antarctica, despite environmental concerns

Heists and Hustles: 10 of the World's Most Audacious Crimes

Heists and Hustles: 10 of the World's Most Audacious Crimes

How to Plan Your Life During a Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic shocked the world and generated high levels of economic, political, and social uncertainty. And for many people, the virus compounded the growing sense of uncertainty they...

How to Start Your Own Country in Four Steps

On 16th June 2014, Jeremiah Heaton declared 2,060km2 of arid land in Africa as the Kingdom of North Sudan, after promising his daughter that one day she would become a Princess.

David Walliams, Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin Among Stars to Settle Phone-Hacking Claims #MGN

A number of celebrities have settled their damages claims against Mirror Group Newspapers.

Cape Maclear Smart Economic Zone – Malawi #CharterCities

Cape Maclear Smart Economic Zone – Malawi

Fight Erupts Over Defence Moves to Sack Special Forces Whistleblowers

War crimes investigator Paul Brereton said the careers of some whistleblowers should “prosper” after they gave evidence to his inquiry, while certain others should not be sacked. But none have...

Fact Check: No Links Found Between Vaccination and Deaths

Online claims of coronavirus vaccines being lethal are rife following a string of deaths in care homes that vaccinated residents. DW looks into cases around the world and what was behind them.

Garda Suspensions From Duty Reach Record High Sexual Misconduct, Drugs and Social Media Among Discipline Issues,...

Sexual misconduct, drugs and social media among discipline issues, F of I request finds

The Man Who Built the Billion Dollar Palace

Lanfranco Cirillo designed the ostentatious palace that Alexei Navalny claims belongs to Russia’s president. "We used fantastic materials, I was proud of my work," the architect says when...

Historic Six Bedroom Victorian House Moves to a New Home in San Francisco

The Secret Life of the White House

The residence staff, many of whom have worked there for decades, balance their service of the First Family with their long-term loyalty to the house itself.

How to Know When the Pandemic Is Over

At some point—maybe even soon—the emergency phase of the pandemic will end. But what, exactly, is that magic threshold?

The Secret Luxembourg Base of Italy’s ’Ndrangheta Mafia

Luxembourg’s company registry turns up firms controlled by people with ties to the ’Ndrangheta. Italian authorities say the country’s secrecy makes it a major draw for the powerful organized crime ...

North Korea Hackers Want Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Bootleg Sales

North Korea is well-practiced at drug smuggling and hacking, and needs as much foreign currency as it can get.

Record European Haul of Over 23 Tonnes of Cocaine

Customs authorities in Hamburg and Antwerp have seized a record haul of more than 23 tonnes of cocaine destined for the Netherlands in two raids this month, Dutch prosecutors said.

#Australia One Nation Employed Convicted Rapist Sean Black Just Months After Release From Prison

Sean Black, who had been senior member of party’s national executive before his conviction, was rehired by party before being let go after complaints

Eight Sri Lankan Plantation Workers Arrested in Company-Police Attack

The Ceylon Workers Congress, Sri Lanka’s main plantation union, is actively supporting company and state attacks on striking Alton tea estate workers.

Framed by London Police Mafia: Egg Guney | True Crime Podcast

Another Royal Sex Pest

A relative of the Queen has been jailed for 10 months for sexually assaulting a woman at his ancestral home. Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Earl of Strathmore, pleaded guilty to attacking a woman at Glamis...

How a Winter Storm Tested Texas’ Go-It-Alone Attitude

Texans have long prided themselves on bucking federal oversight and standing apart from the rest of the country. But this week revealed the risk that comes with that independence.

Emma Coronel, Wife of El Chapo, Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

The joint US-Mexican citizen has also been charged with conspiring to help arrange her husband’s escape from prison in 2015

Chinese Minority Languages Face Extinction

A new study from UNESCO found that dozens of Chinese languages could be lost. But the phenomenon is not particularly unique to China.

Internet Occultists Are Trying to Change Reality With a Magickal Algorithm

The Sigil Engine adapts an ancient practice for the internet age, creating mystic symbols that true believers say can bend the universe to their will.

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