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The Election Threats That Keep US Intelligence Up at Night

Government officials have increasingly sounded alarms on the risks of foreign interference and disinformation campaigns leading up to—and after—November 3.

The Legal Loopholes That Get Guns Into Students’ Hands

How do schoolkids get access to deadly weaponry in the first place — and what can be done? Universal background checks only go so far

The French Revolution as Illuminati Conspiracy

The Illuminati was a real secret society. But in the hands of British conservatives during the French Revolution, it became a massive conspiracy.

The Ambition of the Emirates

An exploration of the enigmatic United Arab Emirates and their motivations to change the Arab world and beyond.

Tourist Faces Jail in Thailand Over Hotel Review

The US man left several negative reviews which the hotel says are untrue and damage its reputation.

A Look at Virus’s Impact as Deaths Near 1 Million

As it marched from East to West this year, the coronavirus pandemic sank economies and transformed social interactions. It shut schools and businesses, stopped the sports and entertainment...

A Primer on Eco-Fascism

As the effects of climate change are intensifying, ecology is "playing a bigger role in fascist ideology across the board."

Memorable Moments From 60 Years of U.S. Presidential Debates

1960: The first televised debate pitted Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy against Republican Vice President Richard Nixon, who was recovering from a hospital visit and had a 5 o’clock shadow, having

The World's Most Admired People

The Powerful Decide

What makes good or bad design happen anywhere depends on who has the most power.

Swiss Voters Reject EU Immigration Curbs

Referendum called by rightwing Swiss People’s party rejected by 61.7% of voters

Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal

“People are basically good” was eBay’s founding principle. But in the deranged summer of 2019, prosecutors say, a campaign to terrorize a blogger crawled out of a dark place in the corporate soul.

What It’s Like to Moderate a Presidential Debate

The moderator of one of Mexico’s 2018 debates on one of the most terrifying experiences in journalism.

America Is the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st Century

A Fatal Inconsistency in the Work of Yuval Noah Harari

Campus Week: The bestselling historian, philosopher, and darling of Silicon Valley is missing something about our scholarly search for truth

An Intersection at the End of America

A featured essay from the Spring 2020 issue.

The Dangers of Russia’s Vaccine Stunt

Opinion | The Russian government is exploiting a scientific win for propaganda purposes. The potential consequences are troubling.

How QAnon Conspiracy Theories Spread in My Hometown

During the pandemic, some of the people I grew up with got sucked into QAnon and the Q-adjacent “Save the Children” movement.

Facebook Leaks Show Mark Zuckerberg Defending His Decisions to Angry Employees

The Verge obtained leaked audio of internal meetings

Swiss to Vote on Whether to End Free Movement Deal With EU

Sunday’s referendum with echoes of Brexit proposes limits on number of foreign workers

Why a Russian Billionaire Wants to Buy Controversial Statues That Were Taken Down

How a Chinese Network of Fake Accounts Infiltrated Facebook

This is the first time that Facebook has taken down Chinese-based accounts for foreign interference and engagement in US politics.

How ExxonMobil Sold Us Climate Complacency

How ExxonMobil destabilized the ground on which bold, transformative climate action might have been taken.

World Grows Less Accepting of Migrants

As the European Union unveils a new migration pact, Gallup finds the world growing less accepting of migrants, and a number of EU countries topping the list of the least-accepting countries in the...

The Rise of Digital Despots

How Facebook and Twitter became the favourite tools of dictators around the world

Are We Living at the 'Hinge of History'?

Could right now be the most influential time ever? Richard Fisher looks at the case for and against – and why it matters.

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Built a Big-Money Machine to Oust Trump — Why Do Some Democrats Hate Him?

Reid Hoffman symbolizes a bigger debate over whether Silicon Valley disruption has any place in our politics.

In Pictures: China’s Poverty Alleviation

China lifted over 800 million people out of poverty over 40 years. For the relocated, the transition has been difficult.

The Rise of the Wokefluencer

A summer of protest has forced influencers, once so reliant on beautiful backdrops, to find new ways to post. The results are grim.

Distributing the COVID Vaccine: The Greatest Logistics Challenge Ever

'Vertical Forest' in Chinese Residential Complex Becomes Mosquito-Infested Jungle

The Qiyi City Forest Garden residential complex in Chengdu, China, was supposed to be a green paradise for its residents, but two years on, the vertical forest concept has turned into a nightmare....

The Internet of Beefs

Anything that is not an expression of pure, unqualified support for whatever they’re doing or saying is received as a mark of disrespect and a provocation to conflict. 

How a Judge Could Decide the Presidential Election

Amid what will likely be a flood of charges, countercharges and a lot of heated rhetoric, there are prescribed legal processes that will play out in the event of election challenges.

The Global Scale of the Coronavirus Disaster Demands a Global Response

Just as world leaders came together after the second world war, now we need to create a new framework for health security, says writer and researcher on politics and economics Tom Kibasi

A Nation of Walls

An artist-activist catalogues the physical remnants and political legacies of 'segregation walls,' unassuming bits of racist infrastructure that hide in plain sight in American neighborhoods.

The Dying Russians

Sometime in 1993, after several trips to Russia, I noticed something bizarre and disturbing: people kept dying. I was used to losing friends to AIDS in the United States, but this was different....

Photos From Moria Refugee Camp

Photos and Text Petros Giannakouris

ISS Forced to Move to Avoid Space Debris

Nasa says astronauts sheltered in the Soyuz spacecraft so they could evacuate if necessary during the ‘avoidance manoeuvre’

TikTok, Now Featuring the Italian Mafia

And it's an insight into the changing world of organised crime.

Politics as a Chronic Stressor

"Daily political events consistently evoked negative emotions [which] predicted worse day-to-day psychological and physical health, but also greater motivation to take action aimed at changing the...