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What Is the Facebook Oversight Board?

The panel of about 20 people, including academics and political leaders, upheld the company’s ban of former President Donald J. Trump.

I Thought My Family in India Was Safe. Now, I’m Terrified

Here’s what it feels like to watch my country collapse from 8,000 miles away.

Stranger Attacks Asian Women With Hammer in New York

Police are investigating after a stranger attacked two Asian women with a hammer in New York leaving one with a deep cut on her head.

One of the World's Poorest Countries Has One of the World's Lowest COVID Death Rates

Donald Trump’s ‘Social Media Platform’ Has Launched and It’s Just a Blog

After months of promising his own social media network for banned posters, former President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a new section of his website that’s essentially just a WordPress blog.

Should We Cancel Political Parties?

Throughout the world, traditional political organizations are increasingly seen as dysfunctional. But can democracies live without them?

COVID-19 Pandemic May Produce Dramatic Changes in Life Expectancy, Birth Rates and Immigration

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is reducing life expectancy, decreasing birth rates and slowing down immigration. These changes may produce concerning trends in populations globally.

Canadian Beavers Chomp Down Town's Internet

And, meanwhile in Canada...

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' Divorce Is Making QAnon Freak Out

Bill Gates is one of the conspiracy cult’s most-hated villains, and they have some theories about the split.

How I Traveled to Mogadishu (2017)

Travel to Somalia isn't actually that difficult, it's just scary. Last year, I travel to Mogadishu en route to every country in the world.

Inside India's COVID Hell

They Told Their Therapists Everything. Hackers Leaked It All

A mental health startup built its business on easy-to-use technology. Patients joined in droves. Then came a catastrophic data breach.

Spycops Inquiry It Is Time to Put History in the Witness Box - and the Mitting (Spycops) Inquiry Needs to Start...

Mexico City: Metro Train Bridge Collapse Leaves Several Dead

A bridge in the Mexican capital has collapsed. A metro train was passing over at the time. Emergency services are working to rescue victims.

Ex-Villa Star Dalian Atkinson Died After Being Tasered and Kicked by 'Angry' Officer, Jury Told

The trial of Pc Benjamin Monk is expected to last for up to eight weeks.

Bailout Too Late for Rishi Sunak's Wife

David Cameron's mates at Greensill Capital may not have been eligible for any of Rishi Sunak’s emergency Covid bailouts, but it turns...

Facebook Reverses Censorship of WSWS Article Debunking “Wuhan Lab” Conspiracy Theory

On Friday, Facebook notified users that it had wrongly censored them for posting a WSWS article exposing the false claim that COVID-19 was released from a Chinese lab.

AP Images: Asia in Review

This monthly gallery features some of the top photojournalism made by Associated Press photographers documenting Asia during the month of April.

COVID-19 Vaccine Nationalism Will Cost Lives Worldwide

The U.S. shouldn’t just give poorer nations our spares—that’s merely another, different failing.

Kate Wilson Case Exposing #Spycops Concludes

The second & final week of the landmark hearing proving Britain's political secret police broke the law & violated human rights

Something’s Cooking Down in Alabama ❧ Current Affairs

There’s a stew of social change starting to bubble, and things are about to get interesting.

Florida Bill Would Fine Social Media Platforms for Banning Politicians

Florida is on the verge of passing legislation that would fine social media companies like Twitter and Facebook that “knowingly de-platform” political candidates.

Ex-Deputy Called Beating a Black Man ‘Sweet Stress Relief’ in Extremist Group Chat, FBI Says

In the chat that “discussed militia-type prepping,” he allegedly stated he was “manufacturing and acquiring illegal firearms, explosives, and suppressors.”

An Olympic Dream Dashed by a Nasal Swab

Qualifying for the Games can be the achievement of a lifetime. In the coronavirus era, though, that opportunity can vanish without warning.

The Hidden Danger of the UK’s Flag Obsession

Research suggests that the increasing use of the national flag could have a damaging impact on social cohesion

I Bought a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card on Etsy

The ease of purchasing or fabricating vaccine cards may complicate the roll-out of vaccine verification efforts.

The Plan to Kill Osama Bin Laden as Told by the People in the Room

The plan to kill Osama bin Laden—from the spycraft to the assault to its bizarre political backdrop—as told by the people in the room.

Facebook and the Normalization of Deviance

The trouble with waiting to address problems long after you know that they exist.

Can a Patent Waiver Speed Up the Global COVID Vaccination Drive?

Over 100 countries, led by India and South Africa, are demanding a patent waiver to expand COVID-19 vaccine production. But why are some wealthy nations blocking the efforts?

Greenland Tsunami: Fishermen Run for Their Lives

Munich Hits Back Over Dubai Oktoberfest Plans

The city of Munich has released a terse statement distancing itself from reports about an Oktoberfest event in Dubai. Other businesses expressed bewilderment with the plans.

Complacency and Government Failures Fueled India’s COVID Disaster

India’s health care system and hospitals are on the verge of collapse and crematoriums are overloaded. The country got through the first wave of the coronavirus relatively unscathed, but the...

Greyhound Connects America. What Happens if Intercity Buses Disappear?

The pandemic has dealt a harsh blow to an already struggling industry. But intercity buses provide a vital service—and a link to a complex national history.

How We Survived COVID-19 in Prison

At the start of the pandemic, we asked four incarcerated people to chronicle daily life with the coronavirus. Here, they reveal what they witnessed and how they coped with the chaos, fear,...

Herman and the Serpent

How a retired diplomat in Wellington brought a notorious murderer to justice.

Let These Stunning Photos of Young Climate Activists in Lockdown Inspire You

Despite a year of lockdown, the kids are alright.

Opinion: Why I Decided to Get the AstraZeneca Vaccine

As a young woman, I was wary of getting the AstraZeneca vaccine, which may have a slightly higher risk of rare blood clots for people in my age group. But then Berlin opened up the vaccine to all...

Fauci Says Canada Isn't Mishandling the Pandemic's Third Wave

U.S. President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci says Canadian health officials don't appear to be doing anything wrong in their response to the global pandemic, despite rising...

Volcanic Eruption Visible at Night Outside Reykjavík

There's No Such Thing as Intellectual Property [OP]

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