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I Was Held Hostage and Forced to Pick Cucumbers in the Netherlands

Alexander was made to work 18-hour days for no pay. He says anyone can become a victim.

Don’t Let Amazon and Airbnb Get Their Tentacles in Vaccine Distribution [OP]

The tech giants are offering their services to the Biden administration. They can’t be trusted.

Amazon Is Hoarding All the Cardboard Boxes. That’s Bad News for Eggs

The impact of the pandemic and Brexit have created a cardboard shortage. And all the Amazon boxes in your recycling bin aren’t helping

How China Beat the US in Electric Vehicles

China leads the world in making electric vehicles and batteries. Can the US catch up?

Ancient Rome Has an Urgent Warning for Us

The era of the Antonine Plague offers a reminder of what a powerful force nature has been throughout human history.

The Islands That Protect Germany From the North Sea

A string of tiny islands plays an outsized role in defending Germany's coast from the wild North Sea. As sea levels rise, these islands face their greatest challenge yet.

The $65 Million Art Heist That Put 'Ocean's Eleven' to Shame

A billionaire playboy’s alleged murder is at the center of the world’s most confounding heist job

Princess Latifa: 'Hostage' Ordeal of Dubai Ruler's Daughter Revealed

"I just want to be free," Princess Latifa, daughter of Dubai's ruler, says in video messages secretly recorded from a villa where she was being held following her failed escape in 2018.

A Bear Let Loose and the Wall of Death: Friday's Best Photos

The Guardian’s picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

The Roaming '20s: Tips on Working Remotely, Relocating & Exploring Outdoors

We’re embracing the nomad in each of us and rethinking the way we live, work, and travel.

Texas Governor Blocks Power Companies From Disconnecting Service Over Nonpayment

Texas Gov.

Child Protection Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Grooming Charges of 15yo Girl

A child protection unit police officer allegedly made repeated "sexual and suggestive" comments to a 15-year-old girl he met during a revenge-porn investigation, including telling her she was a...

Homicide Cases Are Going Unsolved, Leaving Serial Killers Free to Murder

Too few police departments are effectively deploying their resources to stop them.

Supermicro Hack: How China Exploited a U.S. Tech Supplier Over Years

Another Ex-Staffer Accuses Government of Mishandling Her Alleged Rape #Australia #LiberalParty

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham has been accused of mishandling a former staff member’s complaint that she had been sexually assaulted by a former colleague.

Zoom Fatigue on the Campaign Trail: 5 Takeaways From the Mayor’s Race

The candidates in New York City can barely keep up with a dizzying schedule of online forums. One candidate joins from his closet.

Mitch McConnell's Impeachment Speech Was Just a Hostage Video

The Senate Republican leader excoriated Trump – after acquitting him of inciting an insurrection. The GOP is lost

Raccoon Trouble

One trapper’s affection for the animals is both a gift and a burden.

Bill Gates: Solving Covid Easy Compared With Climate

Solving global warming would be œthe most amazing thing humanity has done, says the billionaire.

The Remote Work Revolution Will Be Bigger Than You Think

The past year has offered a glimpse of the nowhere-everywhere future of work, and it isn’t optimistic for big cities.

South Korea Celebrity Suicides Put Spotlight on Gender Inequality

The recent death of a young actress has triggered a debate about gender inequality and increasing societal pressures facing young women in South Korea.

Oxford to Test AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine on Children

The British university has launched a study to assess the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with AstraZeneca on subjects aged 6 to 17.

Sex Workers Are Fighting to Get the COVID Vaccine

For 28 glorious hours this week, Solana Sparks thought she could get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Covid-19 Virus Has Been Isolated Many Times

Claims that the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated, and therefore tests for it do not work, are unfounded.

How Bellingcat Uncovered Russia’s Secret Network of Assassins

From Sergei Skirpal to Alexei Navalny, Russia’s attempts to silence its enemies have been forensically exposed. At the centre of these revelations has been investigative unit Bellingcat

Selfies With Guns on Party Bus Get N.Y.P.D.’s Attention

Fourteen people were arrested after investigators found eight firearms, the police said, as gun violence in the city continues to spike.

Desperation Grows in Battered Honduras, Fueling Migration

Photos Moises Castillo | Text Maria Verza

Brazilians Are Buying Guns in Record Numbers With Barely Any Oversight

President Bolsonaro is encouraging weapons imports and shooting clubs, but discouraging the tracking of firearms in what observers say could be stoking violent crime.

Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court

The company has created a board that can overrule even Mark Zuckerberg. Soon it will decide whether to allow Trump back on Facebook.

Third Woman Alleges Sex Assault by Former Staffer as Brittany Higgins to Make Formal Statement to Police

It Turns Out Germany’s Anti-Lockdown Rallies Were Superspreader Events

Thousands of corona-sceptics, including anti-vaxxers and the far-right, travelled across Germany to attend two major marches, then fuelled COVID infections in their hometowns.

Putin Is Losing the Battle for Russia’s Future

Since arresting Alexei Navalny on his return from Germany and hastily packing him off to prison, the Russian authorities have turned the country's politics into a binary affair: you are either...

The Disk: The Real Story of MPs' Expenses - Full Film

Estranged Family Members Are Getting Revenge on the Capitol Mob

Cousins, daughters and exes grappled with the decision to turn loved ones in to the FBI after January 6th. Here's what happened when they did

New Videos Show Wuhan During Earliest Days of COVID Outbreak

Civil Servants Were Asked to Break the Law for the Convenience of No. 10 Special Advisers

Emails read to the High Court yesterday showed that civil servants in the Department of Health and Social Care were asked unlawfully to delay meeting their obligations to publish procurement...

India Dam Disaster: The Trigger Event and Warnings for the Future

Questions are being asked about how the disaster happened, and what can be done to prevent similar incidents in future.

How Covid Brought the Future Back

Crises upend plans, force people to re-evaluate their priorities, and bring into focus new goals. Financial markets give us hints of what we can expect from the aftermath of Covid-19.

Two Days in and Near Japan’s ‘Nuclear Power Town,’ a Decade After the Nuclear Disaster

Eight hours and 26 minutes. I clearly remember the exact time I walked that day. On more than several occasions, I lost my way; on many more, the courage to keep going. By the time I had reached...

Beirut explosion, six months on – in pictures

Photographs taken from a drone show the destroyed port area in Beirut, Lebanon, six months after a huge explosion which killed at least 200 people

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