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Sick of Dangerous City Traffic? Remove Left Turns

Left turns are dangerous and slow down traffic. One solution? Get rid of them. New research shows that limiting left turns at busy intersections would improve safety and reduce frustrating backups.

Fresh: Harper’s Index 06/21

Neo-Nazi Ex-Ukip Member Jailed for 18 Years for Terror Offences

Dean Morrice described by judge as ‘dangerous neo-Nazi’ who pumped out racist propaganda online

The Mafia From the Mountains

A massive Mafia trial is underway in the Calabrian region of southern Italy, but people there say only a cultural shift will free them from the clans’ stranglehold.

UK’s First Day of Summer

1 June is the first day of the meteorological summer and with fine weather forecast around the country, schools on half-term and the recent relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, people are...

If the Wuhan Lab-Leak Hypothesis Is True, Expect a Political Earthquake

The potential consequences of the origins of the virus are shattering – if they can be proved

The Snitch

In Scott Kimball, the FBI thought it had found a high-value informant who could help solve big cases. What it got instead was lies, betrayal, and murder.

Why There Are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

Epic Drone Crash into Iceland Volcano Eruption

New China Three-Child Policy Sparks Tales of 'Trauma'

Some online are calling for compensation for people who wanted more children in the past.

Dubai 1981 vs Today, Same Perspective

The Utopian World of SUVs

An essay by Guillaume Rivest

Yemen Fishermen Find $1.5m of Ambergris in the Belly of a Whale

A lucky find in the belly of a whale has changed the lives of a group of poor Yemeni fishermen.

Cops Raid 'Cannabis Farm,' Find Bitcoin Mine Instead

Police in the UK thought they were raiding a pot farm but instead found a Bitcoin mine allegedly stealing power.

House Prices Have Risen 68pc and Wages Just 9pc – But ‘Worst Is Yet to Come’

Hikes in house prices have dramatically outstripped wage increases during the economic recovery since the last recession.

The Rapid Rise of 'Red Tourism' in China

'Red tourism' is now one of the hottest travel trends in China, with tourists flocking to sites significant to the Communist Party's history. But critics say these sites present a doctored version...

How North Korea Uses Berlin Universities for Propaganda

North Korea's elite university brags of alleged partnerships with Western institutes, including two German ones. Those, however, bristle at the notion of partnership. DW investigates.

Covid Vaccine Honor Systems Are as Ridiculous as They Sound [OP]

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we can’t rely on the decency of those around us. A willingness to blindly trust simply doesn’t compute.

“Photographers Are the Ones Who See Everything”

Reuters photojournalist Adnan Abidi on shooting Delhi’s COVID-19 crisis

How I Traveled to Mogadishu (2017)

Travel to Somalia isn't actually that difficult, it's just scary. Last year, I travel to Mogadishu en route to every country in the world.

How Populist Scaremongering Unleashed a Wave of Anti-Black Racism in Italy

Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigrant political campaign coincided with a surge of racist abuse and attacks. Black Italians fear another oncoming wave.

Why People Are Risking Arrest to Join Old-Growth Logging Protests on Vancouver Island

Some of the trees are more than 1,000 years old and are part of rare ecosystems that some independent estimates suggest make up less than one per cent of the remaining forest in B.C. Close to 25...

7 Ghost Stations of Paris Metro and How to Get Into Illegaly

Paris subways has long and interesting story. Illegal exploration of tunnels can show the power of the underground world of France.

You Are Not Galileo

Are Anthony Fauci and “Plandemic” cranks both like the persecuted astronomer? It’s time to retire this trope.

Mass Cremations, Day and Night

How burial grounds and crematoriums across India were overwhelmed with bodies following a devastating second wave of COVID-19 infections

Chrystia Freeland Is Trying to Supercharge Canada’s Growth

(Bloomberg Markets) -- When Chrystia Freeland became Canada’s minister of finance in August, she had a mandate from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to aggressively pursue economic growth. She was...

Human Life Span May Have an 'Absolute Limit' of 150 Years

After that, the human body can't repair itself.

Russia Prohibits Austrian Airlines Flight to Arrive Without Entering Belarusian Airspace

The Austrian Airlines flight wanted to change its route to avoid Belarus, but Russia rejected this, the airline said. Meanwhile, Belarusian national airline Belavia canceled flights to eight...

Full-Blown Boycott Pushed for 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

Groups alleging human rights abuses against minorities in China are calling for a full-blown boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, a move likely to ratchet up pressure on the IOC,...

How Twitter Cultivated the Media’s Lab-Leak Fiasco

A case study in the social-media echo chamber.

After the Inferno: Sierra Leone’s Poorest Struggle to Recover From Slum Fire

A blaze ripped through the overcrowded settlement of Susan’s Bay in Freetown in March. Photographer Henry Kamara documents the aftermath

“Rich People Gonna Rich People”: People Say Their Wealthy Friends Disappointed Them During the Pandemic

“It makes you realize how little people actually care,” one person said about seeing her wealthy and carefree friends jet-setting around a world trying to get through a pandemic.

The Real Story of All Those Crazy Recording Devices Nixon Insisted on Installing in the White House

The tape recorders in room WT-1 were activated by an ingenious system of electronic signals that did not require the pushing of buttons. The Secret Service logged the president’s movements around t…

Newly Vaxxed Travelers Are Overrunning Seasonal Destinations

Low season is the new high season, as a wave of former stay-homers are crashing down on beaches, camp sites, hotels, and restaurants.

The Costly Success of Israel’s Iron Dome

The country’s missile-defense system tells a national story.

Gaza Fishermen Take to Water Again After Cease-Fire

Photos John Minchillo

Anger in Tokyo Over the Summer Olympics Is Just the Latest Example of How Unpopular Hosting the Games Has Become

Even when there's no pandemic underway, the local economy may take a hit.

Gaza Fishermen Take to Water Again After Cease-Fire

Photos John Minchillo

Biden Orders Review of COVID Origins as Lab Leak Theory Debated

President Joe Biden ordered aides to determine the origin of the virus that causes COVID-19, saying on Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies are pursuing rival theories potentially including...

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