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Politics as a Chronic Stressor

"Daily political events consistently evoked negative emotions [which] predicted worse day-to-day psychological and physical health, but also greater motivation to take action aimed at changing the...

German Hospital Cyberattack Trail Leads to Russia

German media are reporting that IT experts investigating a cyberattack that paralyzed computer systems at a major hospital in western Germany say one of the trails they are following leads to Russia

Nightclubs in Wuhan Packed as Coronavirus Epicentre Reports No New Cases

The city, where the global pandemic is believed to have started, is returning to normal as authorities claim there has not been a case of community transmission since May

UN Marks 75th Anniversary Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Live Updates

US announces sanctions on Iran, Venezuela's Maduro under 'UN' authority as UNGA gets under way.

Which Countries Have Plastic Bottle Deposit Systems?

Why Do Supreme Court Justices Serve for Life?

Alexander Hamilton argued that lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court were the only way, but some modern scholars disagree.

Europe’s China Weak Spot: Germany

EU diplomats say Berlin’s focus on the economy have put human rights on the back burner.

From Belarus to Thailand: Hong Kong’s protest playbook is spreading everywhere

Protest tactics popularized in Hong Kong’s 2019 unrest have shaped a new wave of savvy anti-establishment demonstrations around the world – and a headache for governments.

Global Preparation: How Different Countries Planned for the Second Wave

Lockdowns brought temporary relief to some, but everywhere testing and tracing is key

Indonesia Fish Exports Continue to China After Virus Discovered

A Coronavirus Winter: How the U.S. Can Survive the Pandemic

The coming months of the pandemic could be catastrophic. The U.S. still has ways to prepare.

Face Mask Vending Machines Are Becoming a Reality in the U.S

The company behind them, Keen, is including artwork from the late Jerry Garcia.

The Economist’s Analysis of Facebook Media Bias Misses the Mark

A recent examination of media bias on Facebook caught our eye here at AllSides.

APT41, the China-Based Hacking Operation Spanning the World

A global hacking collective known as APT41 has been accused by US authorities of targeting company servers for ransom, compromising government networks and spying on Hong Kong activists. Seven...

The Worst Forest Fires You’re Hearing Nothing About

Once again, the Brazilian Amazon is in flames

Our Delusional Obsession With Splendid Isolation

So many of us externalise the need for calm, peace and simplicity by romanticising about escaping to a “cabin in the woods” that even photographs of such idealised idylls have become big business....

What Bill Barr Said and What It Means

Had any other attorney general given the speech Barr gave this week, nobody would have noticed. In the context of his recent actions, Barr’s words amount to a defense of politicized justice.

Woman Dies During a Ransomware Attack on a German Hospital

Experts have been warning for years that this would happen

Inside Spain’s Fascism Fandom

*Filmed before the pandemic* VICE’s Carla Parmenter meets the Dutch Franquista, Tom De Groot who has turned his home in Amsterdam into a shrine to the Spanis...

Conspiracy theories about covid-19 vaccines may prevent herd immunity

Troves of KGB documents become declassified

On a bright, clear day in mid-June, Andry Kohut, director of the State Archive of the Ukrainian Security Service, stood in front of the sarcophagus of Chernobyl’s reactor Unit 4 wearing sneakers and…

Three in four Americans expect mass protests if Donald Trump is re-elected

The Greatest Generation’s Squandered Legacy

As profound as the COVID-19 crisis seems to us now, it pales in comparison to what previous generations faced. Unlike in the past, however, today's biggest threats must be addressed at both the...

Will Darwin be canceled?

Given the scientific and political luminaries who have fallen under the axe, it’s not beyond possibility that Charles Darwin himself may undergo a “reevaluation,” with people disc…

How Americans Are Moving During Covid

How a productivity phenomenon explains the unraveling of America

The consequences of Baumol's Cost Disease

How Will Covid-19 Change the Way Museums Are Built?

The global pandemic will have long-lasting effects on the form and function of future museums

Farmers vs. Trust-fund hippies

Rappahannock leans conservative. But transplants are changing the county’s politics, longtime residents say.

Gravediggers Speak Out About Horrifying Conditions During Coronavirus Surge

Gravediggers employed by one of the country’s largest cemetery and funeral home corporations, StoneMor, are battling for their first union contract—amid a COVID-related increase in burials.

Can bad men do good things?

The idea that President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize isn't as crazy as it sounds

Moving Beyond Fears of the ‘Russian Playbook’

Tackling disinformation requires humility, calm and attention to details as the threat evolves and becomes more complex: Tropes such as the “Russian playbook” are no longer helpful ahead of the...

Anon-IB, Revenge Porn Hub, Is Back: Inside the Fight to Strike It Down

Anon-IB, a terrifying porn database where men can track (often underage) victims by name and location, is back from the dead. On TikTok and Reddit, women are organizing to kill it for good before...

Chasing Drug Dealers on a Bike

Coronavirus hasn't stopped Italian heartthrob and two-wheeled avenger Vittorio Brumotti from righting society's wrongs. The cyclist has delighted audiences with his TV news segment "100%...

U.S. troops battling racism report high barrier to justice

Even amid a reckoning on race, U.S. service members avoid filing formal discrimination complaints for fear of retaliation, Reuters finds.

Nearly two-thirds of US adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust

According to survey of adults 18-39, 23% said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, had been exaggerated or they weren’t sure

The Sanctuary — Life in a cop-free zone

Global perception of US falls to two-decade low

Death decreed over Zoom

Virtual courts were meant to be the solution to a congested system in Nigeria. Then it was used to sentence a man to death.

How to Make the UN Relevant Again

Council of Councils global perspectives roundups gather opinions from experts on major international developments. In this edition, members of six leading global think tanks reflect on what...

Will the United Nations Survive To See Its 100th Birthday?

Franz Baumann & Christopher Ankersen