Upstract News

Hey, all! I've just completed the biggest updates for Upstract in years. Here are the news:

  • Transition from tedious "E-Mail link" logins to regular passwords.
    Set your password here →
  • Save time with the new on-site preview for videos & images (Click the eye icon)
  • Full story previews and images on hover for almost all news
  • New minimalist light mode
  • New experimental Imagery Page
  • LiveView includes images
  • Animated thumbnails for Giphy, etc.
  • Improved Dark Mode
  • Direct sharing for links (Disable in settings)
  • Blazingly fast search with image previews
  • Search includes full body of articles
  • Notification for new content blocks
  • Improved image quality for all thumbnails
  • Improved grid customizer
  • Self-service delete your account
  • Up to 5x faster loading time for the homepage
  • Improved Zero Tracking — No images are loaded remotely
  • In addition, Pro users will soon get access to the real-time stream of news via Telegram and Discord.

More to come. Enjoy!

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