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Is Anybody in There?' Life on the Inside as a Locked-In Patient

The long read: Jake Haendel spent months trapped in his body, silent and unmoving but fully conscious. Most people never emerge from ‘locked-in syndrome’, but as a doctor told him, everything...

Thailand: Rare and 'Ancient' Whale Skeleton Discovered

Archaeologists believe the bones are as old as 5,000 years and remarkably well preserved.

Space Trash Cleanup: ESA Signs Off on First-Ever Mission

The European Space Agency is paying millions to a start-up to incinerate a large piece of space junk. Thousands of defunct satellites are still circling the Earth, threatening spacecraft that are...

Amazon Wants to Get Even Closer. Skintight.

In the pursuit of surveillance as a service, Jeff Bezos is intent on recording even our moods. How much personal data is too much to give to Amazon?

The Ethics of Rebooting the Dead

The notion of resurrecting people as digital entities is becoming less hypothetical. But just because something can be done, doesn’t always mean it should.

The Fear of Living With a Hackable Heart

A device connected to my heart could save my life. It could also be hacked.

Fukushima’s Radioactive Wastewater Dilemma

What to do with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated water?

Scientists Uncover Billions of Gallons of Hidden Freshwater Off Hawai'i

Researchers have discovered close to a trillion gallons of freshwater hiding off Hawai'i's coast using a new imaging method.

I Published a Fake Paper in a ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Journal

Opinion | A dubious education journal invited me to submit a manuscript that would undergo "rigorous" review. It was far too easy.

Bananas Are Fighting a Pandemic of Their Own

Scientists, farmers, and activists are fighting to save the banana industry from collapsing due to a virulent fungal disease called Tropical Race 4.

Most People Don't Really Understand How Climate Change Works

How climate works, how it's being altered, and what the future can hold

The Emergency Bike, a City-Proof All-Electric Ambulance Vehicle Taking Over Paris

Photos and Video of a Turkey Dust Bathing

A New York photographer captured stunning footage of this captivating behavior in her backyard

Spaceflight Affects the Human Body in Two Major, Peculiar Ways

There might be a few reasons we want to escape our planet’s troubles and hitch a ride to Mars right now. But space is hard: radiation, weightlessness, isolation and a screwed-up sleep schedule can...

The Eternal Silence of Infinite Space

If we manage to find intelligent life somewhere in the cosmos, then, strange as it may be, at least it will provide evidence that we are not alone in bearing the burden of consciousness.

Niobium: The Mighty Element You’ve Never Heard Of

Ongoing tensions over the rare earth metal are shaping the future of China and Brazil.

Meet the Microbes Living on Da Vinci’s Iconic Sketches

Think you’ve got an interesting microbiome? Your body ain’t got nothing on what’s accumulated on Leonardo’s drawings over 500 years.

Contemplating the End of Physics

The New Wave of Fishless Fish Is Here

Food scientists and marketers are creating healthy, plant-based, imitation tuna, crab, and shrimp that look and taste like the real thing. Better yet, switching to faux seafood will help curb our...

Inside the Spectacular Startup Failure of Oomba

Strip clubs, board games, sugar babies, an office coup — and a whole lot of money

Paths of 800 Unmanned Bicycles Being Pushed Until They Fall Over

Facebook Said It Would Ban Holocaust Deniers. Instead, Its Algorithm Provided a Network for Them

Anti-Semitic groups are still flourishing on Facebook

New Species Discovered in Waters Off Puerto Rico

A new species has been discovered in the deep sea by NOAA and TheVast has captured the details to share! The new species is a comb jelly from the waters near Puerto Rico.

The Rise and Fall (And Rise?) of Seaplanes

Once seen as the future of aviation, seaplanes are now mostly forgotten relics of early aviation. But a new monster seaplane suggests these aquatic aircraft aren’t dead yet.

What Will Happen to the 7th Continent?

While Covid-19 might be a major concern for the Antarctic tourist industry, it could be good news for the region itself.

The Last, ‘Ultra-Cold’ Mile for Covid-19 Vaccines

Two vaccines are nearly here—but their unusual storage requirements could deprive the rural areas that need them most. A tech fix might be coming.

What Is the Biggest Scientific Fraud of the Past 50 Years?

When you’re a journalist or club promoter or financier, fraud is always a gamble—you might be publicly disgraced and have your venal misdeeds replayed over and over in Netflix documentaries and...

Evolution Doesn't Work the Way You Think It Does

An evolutionary biologist explains all the things you might get into an argument over

New Chemistry and the Birth of Public Hygiene

Controlling pollutions through disinfection, rather than preventing them outright, marked a critical feature of the chemical revolution that crested in the 1770s.

What It’s Like Inside Your Plane’s Hidden Crew Rest

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Air Force One: The US President's Hyper-Customized Airplane

How Julia Child Used First Principles Thinking

There’s a big difference between knowing how to follow a recipe and knowing how to cook. If you can master the first principles within a domain, you can see much further than those who are just...

The Futuristic Cargo Ship Made of Wood

The shipping industry's climate impact is large and growing, but a team in Costa Rica is making way for a clean shipping revolution with a cargo ship made of wood.

If We’re Alone in the Universe, Should We Do Anything About It?

The ability to stir new life into being, all across the Universe, compels us to ask why life matters in the first place

Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You?

The people in this story may look familiar, like ones you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter or Tinder. But they don’t exist. They were born from the mind of a computer, and the technology behind them...

Watch Plant Time Lapse Videos to See How They Move Each Day

Your plants are dancing throughout the day.

The Weirdest Objects in the Universe

With a new encyclopedia, seekers for intelligent life ask astronomers to reexamine the sky.

100 Best Inventions of 2020

Groundbreaking innovations that are making the world better, smarter and a little more fun

If Rockets Were Transparent

If You Pay a Mouse to Eat a Cookie, Will He Like It More or Less?

Researchers reviewed over 100 tests — and ran one of their own — to find out if pay harms performance on enjoyable tasks. Here’s what they found.