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Neuroprivacy as a Basic Human Right

New braintech can capture a vast amount of personal data. It’s time to think about how yours will be protected.

Data Is Pushing Twitter Scouts and Bloggers Into Football's Big Time

Increased use of analytics has opened club doors to a new and more diverse set of experts, including a teenager in Bangalore

Hackers Tied to Russia’s GRU Targeted the US Grid for Years

Sandworm-aligned group has breached US critical infrastructure a handful of times.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021

This list marks 20 years since we began compiling an annual selection of the year’s most important technologies.

Internet Sleuths Have Cracked the Code Hidden in NASA's Perseverance Parachute

After NASA officials teased that there was a hidden message in the seemingly random red and white pattern of the parachute that aided Perseverance's landing, internet sleuths got to work cracking...

Why Mars Matters

The successful landing of NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars is about far more than scientific curiosity or national prestige. For the sake of humanity's long-term survival, it is imperative that...

Rebuilding Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral

Texas Blackout Shows Why the U.S. Needs a Supergrid

Today, Texas is in the balmy mid-50s. Yet just a week ago, it got colder than Alaska, and we know what happened next. Much of the state’s energy capacity got knocked offline, leaving millions of...

The Battery Invented 120 Years Before Its Time

At the turn of the 20th Century, Thomas Edison invented a battery with the unusual quirk of producing hydrogen. Now, 120 years later, the battery is coming into its own.

Atlantic Ocean Circulation at Weakest in a Millennium, Say Scientists

Decline in system underpinning Gulf Stream could lead to more extreme weather in Europe and higher sea levels on US east coast

24 Hour Time-Lapse Shows How Much Plants Like to Move

How Much Solar Energy Is Consumed Per Capita? (1965-2019)

This visualization highlights the growth in solar energy consumption per capita over 54 years. Which countries are leading the way?

Bill Gates: Nuclear Power Will 'Absolutely' Be Politically Acceptable

Bill Gates says nuclear power will "absolutely" be politically palatable again. It's safer than oil, coal, and natural gas and technology is improving.

The Plan to Rear Fish on the Moon

To boldly farm fish where no one has farmed fish before.

How Google's Hot Air Balloon Surprised Its Creators

Algorithms using artificial intelligence are discovering unexpected tricks to solve problems that astonish their developers. But it also raises concerns about their unpredictability.

The United Airlines Flight 328 engine failure, explained

In the days since United Flight 328 made an emergency landing back in Denver, investigators have been focusing on one engine's fan blades and metal fatigue.

Big Buildings Can Cause Cities to Sink Faster

‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Turn Old Photos of Your Relatives Into Moving Videos

It’s hard to feel connected to someone who’s gone through a static photo. So a company called MyHeritage who provides automatic AI-powered photo enhancements is now offering a new service that can...

Nasa Releases Video of Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars

Space agency also reveals audio recorded by Perseverance on surface of red planet

IAmA With Scientists and Engineers Working on NASA‘s Perseverance Rover

Clubhouse Goes Global

Why the buzzy audio platform is taking off everywhere from Japan to Nigeria.

You Need a Password Manager

Thankfully, there are many good options to choose from

Is 3D Printing a Threat to Global Trade?

Floppy Sleeves Collection

What Is a Flavorist? We Asked a Flavorist

We spoke with an expert in the world of flavor science.

The Very First Signs of an Immune Response Have Been Filmed in a Developing Embryo

Even as a hollow ball of embryonic cells, developing fish and mammals are not entirely defenceless.

Highest-Resolution Images of DNA Reveal It's Surprisingly Jiggly

Scientists have captured the highest-resolution images ever taken of DNA, revealing previously unseen twisting and squirming behaviors.

If Planet Nine Exists, Why Has No One Seen It?

Strange things are happening at the outer edges of our solar system. An object up to ten times the mass of Earth is pulling others towards it. Is it a planet, or something else?

14 Pink Animals That Wow and Woo

These pink animals come in various shades of magenta, fuchsia, coral, and rose. Consider them your valentine from Mother Nature.

Where the Internet Was Delivered by a Donkey

When Kyrgyzstan moved all education online during the pandemic, some remote schools were left behind. Connecting them meant delivering them an “internet in a box.”

How the iPhone Killed the Custom Ringtone

Non-Paywall link here >

The Unexpected Benefits of Surfing

Surfers and the marine life of the coasts have a lot in common – including that they depend on the ecosystems that make their lives, or sport, possible.

Video Reveals Apollo 14 Astronauts' Crucial Mistake on the Moon

Using data from NASA™s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the agency recreated the Apollo 14 astronauts' hike on the lunar surface.

Scientists Find a Way to Communicate With Dreaming People

The veil between dreamworld and reality may be thinner than we thought. In a new study released Thursday, scientists in four countries say they’ve shown it’s possible to communicate with people...

Why Humans Domesticated Dogs According to to New Papers

I love them, but I want to know how they were practical.

The Great Kenyan Giraffe Rescue

It took a custom-built barge and a whole lot of patience to get these rare animals off a shrinking island.

The Last Plane at Tegel Airport Has Survived Hijackers and Cold War

Parked far from the runway, the dilapidated 707 is an artifact of Berlin's divided past.

The Boeing Everett Factory: The Biggest Building in the World (By Far)

In Biotech, the Industry of the Future, the U.S. Is Way Ahead of China

The United States’s track record in responding to the coronavirus pandemic has been awful. Yet the success of its vaccine development efforts shows that when it comes to biotechnology, the U.S....

Reddit’s Transparency Report Shows a Big Spam Problem and Relatively Few Government Requests

Reddit has published its transparency report for 2020, showing various numbers relating to removed content, government requests and other administrative actions. The largest problem by far — in...

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