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Dogs Can Learn Like Children in This 1 Key Way

A new study shows that some dogs may learn words in ways similar to human children.

Twitter Launches Crowdsourced Fact-Checking Portal 'Birdwatch'

Twitter is involving users in the fight against misinformation.

The New Use for Abandoned Oil Rigs

As offshore oil and gas platforms come to the end of their working lives, the remarkable ecosystems beneath the waves come into their own.

Jeff Bezos Is Backing an Ancient Kind of Nuclear Fusion

This tech could be more practical than tokamaks.

Visualizing Countries by Share of Earth's Surface

There are 510 million km² of area on the Earth, but less than 30% of this is land. Here's the share countries make up of the Earth's surface.

The Mystery of the Blue Flower: Nature's Rare Colour Owes Its Existence to Bee Vision

Through a bee's eyes, blue flowers are more common than you'd think — and they could be used to monitor environmental health.

Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive?

As it turns out, you are not just paying for the name but also the materials and the "time" of a master craftsman in every watch. (Except the reality is that much of it is made by a

Gray Whales Are Dying in the Pacific Due to Starvation

A decline in prey availability and warming of the Arctic are threatening the gentle giants.

Weird Historical Ways to Ward Off a Plague

People turned to unusual remedies to avoid catching the plague.

Is Life Special Just Because It’s Rare?

A rocket powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen and carrying a scientific observatory blasted off into space at 10:49 p.m., March 6,…

Confirmation Bias in Action

Electric Cars’ Looming Recycling Problem

Opinion | Financial incentives to recycle spent electric vehicle batteries are eroding. That could spell environmental disaster.

Why Does Every Advert Look the Same? Blame Corporate Memphis

The quirky, illustrative style favoured by startups has caused controversy within the design community

The Insect That Kills 1m People a Year

The discovery of a novel mosquito on Guantanamo Bay reveals how globalisation is threatening to unleash the next pandemic.

ISS Tool Spots Blue Light Jets Shooting Upwards

These weather events could even influence greenhouse gas emissions. Read on for more details.

The Memory War

Jennifer Freyd accused her father of sexual abuse. Her parents’ attempt to discredit her created a defense for countless sex offenders.

How Africa's Largest City Is Staying Afloat

The most populous city in Africa is also one of its most vulnerable to inundation. To stay above water, everything from its architecture to its transport may have to change.

No Dirt? No Farm? No Problem. The Potential for Soil-Less Agriculture Is Huge

The promise of hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics have made cultivation of crops in controlled environments a growth industry.

Understanding the Sleepless Elite Making $$$ on Very Few ZZZS

A lot of the rich and famous achieve a huge amount on a few hours of sleep. Can the rest of us get in on that?

I Tested the Dumbest PPE of All Time

Why wear a mask that fits in your pocket when you can buy something 50 times more...

When Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Ready for Kids? We Can't Get to Herd Immunity Without Vacinating Kids

Children rarely get very ill from COVID-19. But there’s another reason to vaccinate them.

Mask-Wearing and Control of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in the USA: A Cross-Sectional Study

The widespread reported use of face masks combined with physical distancing increases the odds of SARS-CoV-2 transmission control. Self-reported mask-wearing increased separately from government...

This Fossilized Butthole Offers Glimpse on How Some Dinosaurs Had Sex

Paleontologist discovered a specimen with its private parts unusually well-preserved.

Do Dogs Really Dream?

Here’s a quick test. Which of these groups dream: adults, babies, dogs, people in comas, rats, books? Now rate your confidence in each of your answers. We suspect that you’ll be absolutely convince…

The Pandemic Is Undermining Weather Monitoring

Scientists are scrambling to patch the cracks forming in the global marine weather monitoring system.

Houston, We Have a Baby

What’s the protocol for creating a healthy new human when you subtract Earth from the equation?

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Probably Not Real

I want the Dunning-Kruger effect to be real. First described in a seminal 1999 paper by David Dunning and Justin Kruger, this effect has been the darling of journalists who want to explain why...

Vertical Farms Grow Veggies on Site at Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Last month we reported that a huge vertical farming operation near Copenhagen in Denmark recently completed its first harvest. That setup uses hydroponics, but the veggies grown in Vertical Field...

How Whales Help Cool the Earth

The world's largest animals are unusually good at taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Back to the Beginning: Probing the First Galaxies With Webb

Soon, through the power of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers will look back to that raucous, early period in a deep-sky survey to trace the formation and evolution of the first...

New Videos Show RNA as It's Never Been Seen

Using data from RNA-folding experiments, the researchers generated the first-ever data-driven movies of how RNA folds as it is made by cellular machinery. By watching their videos of this folding...

Boobs and Tits: The Story of Wikipedia’s Great Titty Trial

This is the story of a Wikipedia administrator gone mad with 80,000 boob pages — and an unhinged trial that would dictate the site’s NSFW future

Should a Self-Driving Car Kill the Baby or the Grandma? Depends on Where You’re From

In 2014 researchers at the MIT Media Lab designed an experiment called Moral Machine. The idea was to create a game-like platform that would crowdsource people’s decisions on how self-driving cars...

Why the Hell Isn’t There a McVegan Burger Yet? It's Complicated

Trials in Finland and Canada proved that meat alternative burgers can be a huge fast food success. But logistics stand in the way of a wider rollout

Scientists Find Amazing 5,000-Year-Old Crystal Dagger in Spain

This mythical looking dagger may have played a symbolic role in prehistoric Iberian society.

Dirty Work: Inside India’s Digital Crime Unit

Exploitative materials have proliferated online since the beginning of the pandemic. This police unit in Kerala is leading the effort to catch groups that create such content.

How to Do the Most Good Possible

The “effective altruism” movement thinks it has some answers

Tech Companies Are Profiling Us From Before Birth

Children today are the very first generation of citizens to be datafied from before birth. The social and political consequences of this historical transformation have yet to be seen.

Why Hype Is Creeping Into Scientific Papers

Why hype is creeping into scientific papers.

The Curse of Genius

We see exceptional intelligence as a blessing. So why, asks Maggie Fergusson, are so many brilliant children miserable misfits?

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