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Why Are Hyperlinks Blue?

The internet has ingrained itself into every aspect of our lives, but there’s one aspect of the digital world that I bet you take for granted. Did you ev

These 7 "Star Trek" Technologies May Soon Become Reality

7 "Star Trek" inventions that could quickly become reality, and will let humans one day boldly go where we've never gone before.

Tap Water Is an Engineering Marvel

From wells to aqueducts and filtration to desalination, our relationship with drinking water is an ancient and complicated tale.

A Major Einstein Theory Was Just Proven Right, 106 Years Later

In 1905 Albert Einstein wrote four groundbreaking papers on quantum theory and relativity. It became known as Einstein™s annus mirabilis or wonderous year.

At&T Hack of 70M Customer Records Claimed by Credible Source

There has been a claimed AT&T hack of personal data from 70M customers, less than a week after a confirmed hack of tens of millions of...

Who Were the 3 Founders of Apple? Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and ...?

Wayne joined Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to found Apple on April 1, 1976. Wayne met Jobs at Atari and provided administrative oversight during Apple's very first days, but sold his 10% share less...

Life Improvements Since the 1990s

Aug. 12, 1981: IBM Gets Personal With 5150 PC

IBM introduces the 5150 personal computer. It will sweep away the competition and effectively have the field to itself, for a while.


Browse and discover amazing Earth images

A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an 'Internet Apocalypse'

The undersea cables that connect much of the world would be hit especially hard by a coronal mass ejection.

Scientists Discover ‘World’s Northernmost Island’ Off Greenland’s Coast

Researchers say the tiny island in Greenland – roughly 30 metres across – was exposed by shifting pack ice

An Ancient Babylonian Tablet Is Rewriting Math History

An Australian mathematician has cracked an ancient math secret found in two ancient Babylonian tablets. The discovery rewrites the history of math.

Could You Have Stopped Chernobyl?

...or would you have needed a PhD for that? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would appear the inaugural post caused some (off-LW)...

With Nothing Able to Eat Them, Cane Toads Are Eating Each Other

It's creating an evolutionary pressure to grow fast.

Zoom Dysmorphia Is Following Us Into the Real World

Eighteen months of using front-facing cameras has distorted our self-image – and a new study reveals that the effects aren't going away easily

Why the US Military May Reveal a Top Secret Space Weapon

Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people in business who are excited by change. We cover business, economics, markets, finance, technology, science, design, and fashion.

What if the Universe Has No End?

The Big Bang is widely accepted as being the beginning of everything we see around us, but other theories that are gathering support among scientists are suggesting otherwise.

Google Could Pay Apple Nearly $15 Billion This Year to Remain the Default Search Engine on iOS

By now it's no secret that Google has been paying a hefty price to be the default search engine on Apple devices. Not only that, but regulators...

Origins of SARS-CoV-2: Window Is Closing for Key Scientific Studies

Authors of the March WHO report into how COVID-19 emerged warn that further delay makes crucial inquiry biologically difficult.

Why the Changing Colour of Our Streetlights Could Be a Danger for Insect Populations

The increasing prevalence of white LED streetlamps spells worrying population declines for insects like moths.

Rebranding Chernobyl

A team of Ukrainian graphic designers has created an ever-changing image that captures the evolving aftermath of nuclear disaster.

Does Technology Have a Soul?

As computers increasingly come to take on the qualities we once understood as distinctly human, we keep moving the bar to maintain our sense of distinction.

A Combination of Failures: Why 3.6m Pounds of Nuclear Waste Is Buried on a Popular California Beach

The San Onofre nuclear power plant shut down years ago – but residents and experts worry what will happen with the waste left behind

Chemistry Explains Why the Most Underrated Part of Coffee Is So Important

Researchers from Ohio State University presented new work at the American Chemical Society fall meeting revealing the chemistry behind good coffee.

Russia Rocket Mishap Briefly Nudges International Space Station Out of Position

After several ‘hiccups’ on the journey to the ISS, the Nauka lab module accidentally fired its rockets after docking

What Does Full FDA Approval of a Vaccine Do if It's Already Authorized for Emergency Use?

While emergency use authorization gets vaccines out to the public more quickly, it doesn’t skip any steps that full approval requires.

The US Military May Soon Declassify a Secret Space Weapon

The primary goal US military leaders have is deterring attacks on its satellites.

A Hidden Arctic Cave Holds Secrets About Our Past and Future

For half-a-century scientists have wondered what clues this enigmatic Greenland cave might hold. Now they're about to find out

What Is Multiverse Theory?

Do we live in a multiverse? Maybe, maybe not.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Finds a Changing Landscape

The Case for More Doping in the Olympics

Some tech and drug enhancements are banned as unfair, but ironically they could end up leveling the playing field.

Could Your Next Lawyer Be a Robot? The Legal Community Thinks So

DoNotPay works in a fairly simple manner—you tell its chatbot what your problem is, such as appealing against a parking fine, and in return, it will suggest what it thinks is the best legal...

High-Speed Camera Captures a Water Jet’s Splashy Impact as It Pierces a Droplet

A study by MIT and University of Twente researchers involves firing small jets of water through many kinds of droplets, using high-speed cameras to capture each watery impact — similar to the...

The Mysterious Origins of Universe's Biggest Black Holes

They are the biggest black holes in the known Universe, billions of times more massive than our Sun, but little is known about how these monsters form and grow so big.

Is Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Habitable? Scientists Make a Vital Discovery

Old data from NASA's Hubble Telescope revealed evidence of water vapor in Ganymede's atmosphere.

How Climate Changed During the Paleocene-​Eocene Thermal Maximum

Fifty-five million years ago, Earth’s thermostat shot up—and life dramatically changed. Here’s what history can teach us about our modern temperature surge.

Map of the Internet, 2021

Map of the Internet is a comprehensive artistic visualization of the Internet as of 2021. It includes several thousand of some of the most popular websites, represented as distinct "countries",...

Ripples in Saturn's Rings Reveal the Planet's Giant, Slushy Core

Saturn’s core is an unexpectedly immense mixture of ice, rock, and gas, surprising scientists who are trying to figure out how the planet formed and evolved to the enigmatic world we see today.

Big Tech’s Messy Struggle to Redefine Terrorism

An interview with Erin Saltman, director of programming at the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, about the group’s painstaking efforts to redefine what constitutes terrorism online.

The Wondrous Reason Scientists Are Racing to Map the Sea Floor by 2030

The global ocean covers about 71 per cent of our planet and is central to life as it exists on Earth. But only about 20 per cent of the seafloor has been directly mapped so far.

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