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The Revolution Will Not Be Tenderized

We’re more than a decade into the alt-protein revolution. Will meatless beef ever replace the real thing?

Why Computers Will Never Write Good Novels

You’ve been hoaxed.The hoax seems harmless enough. A few thousand AI researchers have claimed that computers can read and write…

Zuckerberg Wants to 'Inflict Pain' on Apple for Privacy Changes

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly been angered by Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments about the social network and privacy, which has allegedly led to animosity between the two company chiefs.

What Would a Truly Wild Ireland Look Like?

Ireland was once a wilderness of temperate rainforest and pristine bogs, where large carnivores and other beasts roamed. What would it take to restore Ireland to a wilder state?

This Ragtag Crew Are Shaking Up the World of Earthquake Prediction

We’ve only seen a snapshot of all the earthquakes that have ever taken place. But amateur seismologists have come up with a promising new approach to predicting the future

Exploring an Abandoned Mid-Century Power Plant

None of Our Technologies Has Managed to Destroy Humanity

Sooner or later a technology capable of wiping out human civilisation might be invented. How far would we go to stop it?

How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

Scientists for the People

Why the finest minds in 1930s Europe believed that scientists must engage with citizens or risk losing their moral compass

How Volcano Scientists Are Teaming Up to Stop the Next Big Disaster

The eruption at Mount Saint Helens was an event that changed volcanology, inspiring a team of scientists to create a foundation for a more prepared future.

Physicists Are Reinventing the Laser

In the 1950s, when physicists were racing to invent the first laser, they found that the rules of quantum mechanics restricted how pure the color of their light could be. Since then, physicists...

The "Missing Link" That Triggered the Ice Ages

Melting icebergs from Antarctica are the key, according to a new study.

A Blood Test Can Detect Alzheimer's Five Years Before Symptoms Appear

The new Swedish blood test is described as a breakthrough in Alzheimer's research.

What Happens When You Replace a Human Gene With Its Neanderthal Version?

Neural stem cells with the Neanderthal version of a key gene behave differently.

Windows CE History: A Diminutive Stage for Microsoft’s Grand Ambitions

Why Does Big Tech Want Us to Feel Nostalgic?

The Environmental Threat You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s called coastal darkening, and scientists are just beginning to explore it.

Why Rhinos Fly Upside Down Over Namibia

Researchers determined that the pachyderms fare just fine when they sail suspended from a helicopter.

The Greatest Security Threat of the Post-Truth Age

The terms "national security" or "cyber-security" may be familiar – but what about "epistemic security"?

Meet Beeple: The Artist Selling NFT-backed Digital Art at Christie’s

Beeple sold $3.5m of NFT art in December. His new Christie’s auction is already at $2m+ with 14 days to go.

Astronomers' Hopes Raised by Glimpse of Possible New Planet

Bright speck in space near Alpha Centauri A may be evidence of asteroids or dust – or a technical glitch

Fantastic Photos Show What an Abandoned Soviet Submarine Looks Like From Inside

A passage between compartments According to an explorers duo: "We are two. Him and Her. A man and a woman, husband and wife. We are open and adventurous. We are not athletes and far from the...

Water Warning: The Looming Threat of the World’s Aging Dams

Tens of thousands of large dams across the globe are reaching the end of their expected lifespans, leading to a dramatic rise in failures and collapses, a new UN study finds. These deteriorating...

'Platypus Fish' Discovery Changes What We Know About 1 Type of Evolution

A team of scientists has uncovered never-before-seen anatomy of an ancient fish that transforms their understanding of vertebrate evolution.

7 Minutes of Terror: How NASA's Perseverance Rover Will Land on Mars

NASA will lose communication with the rover as it lands on the Martian surface for seven excruciating minutes. Here's what to expect on February 18.

Clubhouse in China Is a Party That Knows the Cops Are Coming

Clubhouse is the hottest new social media app in tech. It is particularly popular in China, where it has suddenly emerged as a platform for free speech, which is why experts do not think the app...

How Vaccinating Monkeys Could Stop a Pandemic

Yellow fever kills some 15% of those infected. But barriers to vaccinating people in potential hotspots means scientists are turning to a surprising alternative: vaccinating monkeys.

The World's Longest Non-Stop Flights

Watch: A Billion Years in 40 Seconds

Geoscientists have released a video that for the first time shows the uninterrupted movement of the Earth's tectonic plates over the past billion years.

At&T Customer Since 1960 Buys WSJ Print Ad to Complain of Slow Speeds

Open letter to CEO asks why AT&T left DSL areas with shoddy Internet access.

iPhone vs Camera: No Contest

Just over five years ago, I made the argument that the iPhone (and its smartphone cousins) were killing the camera business. I occasionally update the data that shows the widening gap. With 2020 in…

The Whale Bone Squatters

Dangle a dead whale in the ocean, and look what shows up.

Could Climate Change Be More Extreme Than We Think?

Our climate models could be missing something big.

Data Is Pushing Twitter Scouts and Bloggers Into Football's Big Time

Increased use of analytics has opened club doors to a new and more diverse set of experts, including a teenager in Bangalore

What's the Attention Economy Doing to Us?

In the last few decades, the World Wide Web, search engines, mass video broadcasting, social networks, and many other tools attributed to the so-called “attention economy” have fundamentally...

Hackers Tied to Russia’s GRU Targeted the US Grid for Years

Sandworm-aligned group has breached US critical infrastructure a handful of times.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021

This list marks 20 years since we began compiling an annual selection of the year’s most important technologies.

How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Tech

Here are some ways to make your screen time work for you.

The Insect That Kills 1m People a Year

The discovery of a novel mosquito on Guantanamo Bay reveals how globalisation is threatening to unleash the next pandemic.

The Vaccine Alternatives for People With Compromised Immune Systems

Drug makers are increasingly turning to monoclonal antibodies to protect the millions of people who can't use vaccines. But questions swirl about their cost and long-term viability.

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