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One of the Biggest Myths About EVs Is Busted in New Study

New report calls for a global phaseout of gas-guzzling cars.

Physicists Give Weird New Phase of Matter an Extra Dimension

The new phase of matter behaves like a solid and a frictionless liquid at the same time

The Long Road Ahead for Tesla’s Autopilot

Your five-minute guide to what's happening in tech this Tuesday, from NHTSA's investigation into Tesla's Autopilot to Blue Origin suing NASA.

Watch: Atlas Robot, Partners in Parkour

We Are Effectively Alone in the Universe

It does not matter if intelligent life exists elsewhere. We will never find each other.

Here Lies Flash

In just a few short days, on December 31, 2020, we will say our final goodbyes to one of the most important internet technologies that ever lived: Flash. I remember vividly the first time I saw...

How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Getting to the World’s Remotest Places

Devoted teams of health-care workers are trekking great distances to deliver the life-saving inoculations.

Moderna Is About to Begin Trials for HIV Vaccine Based on COVID-19 Research

Forty years after the AIDS pandemic began, we may finally be close to its conclusion.

TikTok Is the New Facebook

The swift rise of the Chinese video-sharing app could have ramifications for all of us and how we live, both online and off, says author Chris Stokel-Walker

Chasing the Lava Flow in Iceland

At a volcanic eruption, the sublime experience of watching land submerge land.

The Perils of a Trip to Mars: Low Gravitation and High Radiation

Sunscreen and calcium supplements aren't enough to protect Mars-bound space travelers from radiation and a lack of gravity in outer space.

A Dog’s Inner Life: What a Robot Pet Taught Me About Consciousness

The long read: The creators of the Aibo robot dog say it has ‘real emotions and instinct’. This may seem over the top, but is it? In today’s AI universe, all the eternal questions have become...

Do We See Others Online as Human?

Why do so many feel free to be nasty to others online?

What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson?

IBM’s artificial intelligence was supposed to transform industries and generate riches for the company. Neither has panned out. Now, IBM has settled on a humbler vision for Watson.

Inside the Largest Bitcoin Mine in the U.S

Can Life Exist on a Rogue Planet?

With the right conditions and a bit of luck, some of the most inhospitable worlds in the universe could still be habitable.

Real Milk, No Cows Needed: Lab-Made Dairy Products Are Now a Reality

Milk, egg and other animal products can now be brewed in the lab using familiar fermentation processes, requiring regulators to reconsider what truly makes something "milk" or "cheese"

Earth Emerges From Shadow in Nasa Time Lapse of Astronauts Installing Solar Panels

Facebook Stops Funding for Brain Reading Computer Interface

The company's research into a consumer mind-reading device is over, for now. Some scientists said it was never possible anyway.

China Designs Hypersonic Jet Bigger Than Boeing 737 With Wings Like Concorde

Official timeline aims by 2035 to operate a fleet of hypersonic aircraft that can transport 10 passengers to anywhere on Earth within an hour.

Likes’ and ‘Shares’ Teach People to Express More Outrage Online

Yale researchers looked at 12.7 million tweets from over seven thousand Twitter users to test whether users expressed more outrage over time, and if so, why.

Animals Can Count and Use Zero. How Far Does Their Number Sense Go?

Crows recently demonstrated an understanding of the concept of zero. It’s only the latest evidence of animals’ talents for numerical abstraction — which may still differ from our own grasp of numbers.

This Asteroid Is One of the Most Likely to Hit Earth. Here’s What It Means for Our Future

New ultraprecise measurements show that the asteroid Bennu has a higher chance than thought of impacting our planet sometime in the next 300 years, NASA says.

The First Mobile Phone Call Was Made 75 Years Ago

The evolution of the cell phone illustrates what it takes for technologies to go from breakthrough to big time

The First New Vacuum Tube Computer Design for Well Over Half a Century

In a few museums around the world, there lies the special experience of seeing some of the earliest computers. These room-filling monsters have multiple racks of vacuum tubes that are kept working …

How Will the Coronavirus Evolve?

Delta won’t be the last variant. What will the next ones bring?

The Promise of Open-Source Intelligence

The Simple Genius of the Interstate Highway System

Uh-Oh. Russia's Laptev Sea Should Have Started to Freeze by Now

For the first time since records began, the main nursery of Arctic sea ice in Siberia has yet to start freezing in late October.

The Most Famous Paradox in Physics Nears Its End

In a landmark series of calculations, physicists have proved that black holes can shed information — an apparent violation of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Giants That Are Melting Away

Billions of people around the world depend on the waters locked away in glaciers for their livelihoods, power and food. What might we lose if they disappear?

We Read the 4000-Page IPCC Climate Report So You Don’t Have To

Scientists now say with more confidence than ever that climate change is to blame for the increase in extreme weather.

Most Invasive Marine Species Swim Under the Radar

Half of all invasive species in the ocean have only been studied once, and we only know about the potential impacts of one out of every 10.

UK Could Allow Animal Tests for Cosmetic Ingredients for First Time Since 1998

Exclusive: campaigners say aligning with EU ruling on chemical testing will ‘blow a hole’ in UK leadership on cruelty-free cosmetics

Why Google’s Recipe Results Are Meaningless

How the search engine incentivized cooking websites to game its five-star system.

How Modern Mathematics Emerged From a Lost Islamic Library

Centuries ago, a prestigious Islamic library brought Arabic numerals to the world. Though the library long since disappeared, its mathematical revolution changed our world.

Meet the Novogen White, a Special Breed of Commercial Chicken

Meet the Novogen White, a special breed of commercial chicken whose eggs are used in the pharmaceutical industry for a wide range of medicines, including vaccine production

World's Biggest Iceberg Captured by RAF Cameras

A reconnaissance flight in the South Atlantic obtains spectacular imagery of the giant iceberg A68a.

How to Tell if Your Dog Is a Genius

A new study found some dogs learn the name of a new object after hearing it only four times.

AskReddit: What Is One Invention That We'd Be Better Off Without?

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