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Tech CEOs Should Stop Using Science Fiction as a Blueprint for Humanity’s Future in Space

In September 2016, Elon Musk went before the International Astronautical Congress with a program that outlined an ambitious set of goals: lay out the steps that would help establish a permanent...

Did the Great Wall of China Actually Keep Invaders Out?

The wall spans thousands of miles, a formidable barrier to enemy troops. But it wasn’t always as effective as its builders may have wished.

Humans Have Dogs, Fish Have Shrimp

We may not be only species to domesticate others.

Unlimited Information Is Transforming Society

Technology is blurring the lines between consumers and producers, amateurs and professionals, and laypeople and experts. We’re just starting to understand the implications

The Biological Warfare of Plants

Compared to the hectic rush of our bipedal world, a plant’s life may appear an oasis of tranquility. But look a little closer. The…

What Is the Sound of Thought?

Reading linguistic thought directly from the brain has brought us closer to answering an age-old question — and has opened the door to many more.

The Tech Industry in 2020, Explained in Charts and Numbers

Google Just Quietly Set the Stage for a Chrome OS Explosion

A subtle-seeming Google purchase paves the way for a dramatic expansion of Chrome OS's reach — and a dramatic reimagining of what a Chromebook even is.

When a Goose Is Hit by an Airplane Going at 150mph

the Skeleton of a Puffer Fish

Space Station Spiders Found a Hack to Build Webs Without Gravity

Experiments on the International Space Station suggest spiders can weave normal-looking webs in space—they just need a surprising resource.

Transparent Octopus Caught by Blackwater Photographer

The Verge’s Favorite Gadgets of 2020

The Company's Star Ethics Researcher Highlighted the Risks of Large Language Models, Which Are Key to Google's Business.

The company's star ethics researcher highlighted the risks of large language models, which are key to Google's business.

Inside the Spectacular Startup Failure of Oomba

Strip clubs, board games, sugar babies, an office coup — and a whole lot of money

This High-Tech, Bavarian Bunker Is Storing the World’s Finest Wines

For aficionados with serious investment bottles, Unger Weine’s cellar has room for thousands upon thousands of the rarest vintages – all stored in perfect conditions

Cemetery of Soviet Computers

The building did not stand out. Unremarkable industrial building, which was built in hundreds of Soviet cities. Non-broken glass, burning lights, live plants inside, modern plastic entrance doors....

Aeolipile Is One of History's Greatest Forgotten Machines

Nearly 1,800 years before the start of the Industrial Revolution, an ancient engineer by the name of Heron created the world’s first steam engine.

The Cost Per Jab of Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates

The Mystery of Siberia’s Exploding Craters

On a remote peninsular in the Arctic circle, enormous wounds are appearing in the permafrost – as something that is worrying scientists bursts out from underground.

Watch Plant Time Lapse Videos to See How They Move Each Day

Your plants are dancing throughout the day.

Old Dogs, New Research and the Secrets of Aging

The ways that dogs grow and age may provide potentially useful similarities with people.

Meet the Deadly Seawolf Submarine

We're rigged for silent running in the Seawolf, America's newest and fastest attack submarine.

Here’s Why So Many Physicists Are Wrong About Free Will

A crude understanding of physics sees determinism at work in the Universe. Luckily, molecular uncertainty ensures this isn’t so

Bananas Are Fighting a Pandemic of Their Own

Scientists, farmers, and activists are fighting to save the banana industry from collapsing due to a virulent fungal disease called Tropical Race 4.

Is Anybody in There?' Life on the Inside as a Locked-In Patient

The long read: Jake Haendel spent months trapped in his body, silent and unmoving but fully conscious. Most people never emerge from ‘locked-in syndrome’, but as a doctor told him, everything...

The Eternal Silence of Infinite Space

If we manage to find intelligent life somewhere in the cosmos, then, strange as it may be, at least it will provide evidence that we are not alone in bearing the burden of consciousness.

Thailand: Rare and 'Ancient' Whale Skeleton Discovered

Archaeologists believe the bones are as old as 5,000 years and remarkably well preserved.

FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook. Now Everything Is FarmVille

The game, a phenomenon a decade ago, is shutting down on Thursday. But its legacy — for better and for worse — carries beyond gaming.

Just Because It’s Natural Doesn’t Mean It’s Good - Issue 89: The Dark Side

Evolution is a wonderful thing to learn about, a terrible thing to learn from.

Police Want Your Smart Speaker—Here's Why

Requests are rising from law enforcement for information on the devices, which can include internet queries, food orders, and overheard conversations.

The Biggest Tech Trends of 2021

During the year ahead, technology will help us emerge from the pandemic in ways big and small, obvious and surprising.

Finding Time for Creativity Will Give You Respite From Worries

Drawing, singing, writing, knitting… lose yourself in something creative to find inner calm. You might also come up with solutions to problems

Chatting With the Dead

In giving voice to the digital ghosts of the deceased, chatbots are trying to succeed where photography and dreams fail.

How Americans Came to Distrust Science

For a century, critics of all political stripes have challenged the role of science in society. Repairing distrust today requires confronting those arguments head on.

Where We Are on Climate in Five Charts

After the turbulent year of 2020, BBC Future takes stock on the state of the climate at the beginning of 2021.

The Sovereign State of Facebook

It's making the kinds of world-shaping decisions that used to be in the hands of governments.

The Other Virus That Worries Asia

The death rate for Nipah virus is up to 75% and it has no vaccine. While the world focuses on Covid-19, scientists are working hard to ensure it doesn't cause the next pandemic.

Programmer Has Two Guesses Left to Access £175m Bitcoin Wallet

Stefan Thomas is not the first person to forget a password, but memory lapses are rarely so potentially costly

Scientists Find Amazing 5,000-Year-Old Crystal Dagger in Spain

This mythical looking dagger may have played a symbolic role in prehistoric Iberian society.

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