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AI Is Getting More Life-Like by Copying a Trick From Human Children

Roboticists from UC Berkeley have taught their bipedal robot Cassie how to walk through campus using child-like reinforcement learning instead of strict models.

Space Junk Map Tracks 200 ‘Ticking Time Bombs’

Large defunct rocket bodies have the potential to break into thousands of pieces, threatening functioning satellites that provide vital services like GPS.

Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit!

A tech tale of greed, desperation, and the power of expectations.

One Million Coronavirus Sequences: Popular Genome Site Hits Mega Milestone

Popular genome site GISAID’s impressive effort to understand the spread of COVID-19 has seen scientists upload sequences from most nations on Earth.

This App Helps Keep Rio’s Residents Safe From Gun Crime

Rio de Janeiro’s streets are notorious for their violence. An app is helping keep people out of harm’s way

The Mother of All Accidents

In 2001, Seth MacFarlane was the 27-year-old executive producer and creator of the not-yet-hit animated show Family Guy. Having broken…

Fact Check: How Safe Is Flying During the COVID Pandemic?

As many consider summer air travel, DW Fact Check spoke to experts about how to best minimize the risk of exposure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Visualized: Comparing the Titanic to a Modern Cruise Ship

The sheer size of the Titanic was a sight to behold in 1912, but over 100 years later, how does this vessel compare to a modern cruise ship?

10 Things We’ve Learned Since the Last Earth Day

The secret to wombat poop, how skies turn orange, and what a cold ocean blob could mean for the climate.

Light Pollution Map

Interactive world light pollution map. The map uses NOAA/EOG VIIRS, World Atlas 2015, Aurora prediction, observatories, clouds and SQM/SQC overlay contributed by users.

Winning at Competitive ML in 2021

An analysis of over 100 ML Contest winners

What Is Dark Matter? The Most Mysterious Force of the Universe Explained

Dark matter makes up a large portion of the universe, yet it remains undetected.

How to Find the NTH Prime Number

May 23, 2020

How the World’s Tallest Skyscraper Was Built

The Robots of the Future Are Already Among Us

From robot priests to apple pickers, these machines are bringing a robotic touch to the workplace

The Disaster Aircraft: Should Boeing's 737 MAX Ever Fly Again?

The Genetic Mistakes That Could Shape Our Species

New technologies may have introduced genetic errors to the human gene pool. How long will they last? And how could they affect us?

Future Earth 2121

For Earth Day 2021, Inverse is looking ahead, way ahead. Future Earth is a week-long special issue filled with original reporting on how our planet will change over the next 100 years. We ask if...

What to Do With Fish When the River Runs Dry

When people come to the aid of stranded fish, are the salvaged truly saved?

Russia: We’ll Leave International Space Station and Build Our Own

‘If you want to do well, do it yourself’ says head of space agency as relations with US strained by earthly disputes

Comparing the Possible Risks of the COVID-19 Vaccines

A visual explainer about the possible side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines

New Neural Networks Solve Hardest Equations Faster Than Ever

Two new approaches allow deep neural networks to solve entire families of partial differential equations, making it easier to model complicated systems and to do so orders of magnitude faster.

Understanding Quantum Computing Through Drunken Walks

The jumping off point for exploring quantum computing is to understand that while many of the principles are counterintuitive, the classical universe we know and love is but a mere shadow of the...

AskReddit: What Was Supposed to Be "The Next Big Thing", but Totally Flopped?

How Is Babby Formed? RIP Yahoo Answers

After 16 years, the ‘knowledge sharing’ site is being closed down – and without much thought about its community, says technology author Joanne McNeil

How Live TV Works

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines—and Started a Cold War

Secret codes. Legal threats. Betrayal. How one couple built a device to fix McDonald’s notoriously broken soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food giant froze them out.

Everything Apple Announced in 6 Minutes

Apple today held its first event of 2021, and it was one of the most exciting events that we've seen in some time. Apple announced a whole slew...

Everything a Fighter Pilot Wears in the Cockpit

From the HGU-68/P tactical helmet to the steel-toed, ejection-safe boots.

How Radio Astronomy Reveals the Universe

Radio waves, longer and less energetic than visible light, give astronomers access to some of the most obscure physics in the cosmos.

A Womb With a View

Bio bags, robotic preemies, artificial wombs, and the coming revolution in postnatal care to save babies born too soon.

The Case for More Doping in the Olympics

Some tech and drug enhancements are banned as unfair, but ironically they could end up leveling the playing field.

Facebook’s Social Audio Plans Include Podcast Discovery and a Clubhouse Clone

Announcements are coming on Monday, but some products won’t show up for a while.

The Obscure Maths Theorem That Governs the Reliability of Covid Testing

There’s been much debate about lateral flow tests – their accuracy depends on context and the theories of a 18th-century cleric

Microbes Are ‘Unknown Unknowns’ Despite Being Vital to All Life, Says Study

Understanding these tiny organisms could be key to tackling threats such as coronavirus, but new research shows how little we know

Minds Without Brains?

AI has not yet lived up to its hype, but there is already cause for concern about its influence.

They spent 28 days under the sea — and found another Earth

On the floor of the Mediterranean, Laurent Ballesta and three other explorers discovered amazing sea life, and signs of our impact on a mysterious landscape.

On a Wing and a Prayer

With punk rocker audacity and aerospace bona fides, Dezső Molnár is out to build a street-legal flying car.

Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation

We must never doubt Elon Musk again

The Noor

A spectacular short film of Siberia's Lake Baikal in winter, shot using a DJI Mini drone.

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