Microsoft's Toxic Culture Persists Despite Pledge by CEO Satya Nadella

The Microsoft executive walked into the small, windowless room in Studio C at about 8 o'clock that evening. A half dozen staffers on the company's "mixed reality" team were working late, tinkering with prototypes of virtual-reality headsets. When the boss arrived, an employee murmured, "I've got the thing working."

The executive slipped on a pair of VR goggles and hit play. As the executive gazed into the VR headset, a nearby monitor — which mirrored everything on the headset's display — flickered to life. Everyone in the room could see what the boss had chosen for his virtual-reality experience.

In the video that filled the screen, several young women in skimpy clothing frolicked on a bed; an overtly sexualized pillow fight ensued. An employee who was present, speaking with Insider later, described the scene as "VR porn." The assembled staffers exchanged confused glances, and a couple of them walked out.

"It was in the office, in front of women," the person recalled. "Incredibly…

This story appeared first on, 2022-11-25.
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