A jet built by China and Pakistan may soon be the most widely operated combat aircraft in the world


China and Pakistan jointly developed the JF-17 combat jet, which first entered service in 2007.

As of October 2021, some 145 JF-17s were in service with Pakistan, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

Several other countries have expressed interest in the jet, and its numbers are poised to grow.

In early November, three JF-17 fighters of the Pakistani Air Force conducted aerial demonstrations at the Bahrain International Air Show.

At the same time, China was showcasing the JF-17 at the annual China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zuhai, China.

The events were the latest attempts by China and Pakistan to market their jointly developed fourth-generation fighter jet to international customers.

The JF-17 is only in service with three countries — Pakistan, Myanmar, and Nigeria — which operated a total of 145 as of October 2021, according to Aviation Week.

At the time, Aviation Week data showed that total was set to rise to 185 JF-17s by mid-decade — growth that would make it the most…

This story appeared first on yahoo.com, 2022-11-24.
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