A.J. Cook Talks Her "Criminal Minds" Audition And Meeting Matthew Gray Gubler For The First Time


Back in 2020, when Criminal Minds ended after a whopping 15 seasons and 324 episodes, we were forced to say goodbye to the BAU team we knew and loved. It was a bittersweet goodbye because even though the series had finally come to an end, the rumor mill was fueled with talk of a potential reboot...before the finale even aired. Now, only two years later, the BAU is back, baby! The series reboot Criminal Minds: Evolution will follow our favorite FBI agents as they tackle their most dangerous threat yet.

To celebrate the new series premiere, Criminal Minds veteran A.J. Cook — who plays Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau — sat down with BuzzFeed to chat about the show's lasting legacy. We talked about her first audition for the series, meeting Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore for the first time, and what you can expect in the reboot. Here's everything we learned:

THEN: So, you’ve been playing JJ since 2005, do you remember what your original audition was like? What was it like meeting…

This story appeared first on buzzfeed.com, 2022-11-24.
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