My Overemployment Story

My journey started when I decided to learn how to code as my new years resolution in 2019. By the time the pandemic came around, I found myself working in person as a front end developer. With the covid restriction in place I for the first time in my life found myself working from home. Since a couple of months after the start covid Ive been handling multiple remote jobs at the same time. So you might be asking yourself how can I start overemployment. At one point I was too and scoured the internet for stories to get some inspiration. In this post I will tell my story of how I got into overemployment.

I started learning to code in 2019 as my new years resolution. At the time I was working at a factory, making plastic parts overnight. I learned mainly by following online tutorials on FreeCodeCamp and YouTube videos. Working overnight allowed me time for self-study without interruptions during normal working hours. After about seven months of self teaching I landed my first job as a…

This story appeared first on, 2022-11-25.
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