What Business School Professors Say About Elon Musk


Tesla Founder Elon Musk isn’t all that fond of MBAs

What Business School Professors Say About Elon Musk

On Oct. 28, Elon Musk completed the deal to acquire Twitter. In the following days, he established himself as CEO, fired top executives, and laid off roughly half of the company’s workforce. Hundreds of Twitter’s remaining employees have since resigned in rejection of Musk’s takeover and his attempts to tear down the current culture and replace it with what he calls “Twitter 2.0.”


One of Musk’s demands for remaining Twitter employees is a full return to office for at least 40 hours a week—a demand that some experts say isn’t the most strategic.

“Removing employees’ choice to work flexibility, effectively using a stick rather than a carrot to motivate workers, is misguided,” Ayelet Fishbach, Professor of Behavioural Science at the Chicago Booth School of Business, tells Business Leader. “Punishment instead of reward will fail to foster a productive mentality…

This story appeared first on yahoo.com, 2022-11-24.
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