‘The Masked Singer’ Semi-Finals Reveals Identity of the Snowstorm: Here’s Who They Are


SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the Season 8, episode 10, of “The Masked Singer,” “Battle of the Semi-Finals,” which aired Nov. 24 on Fox.

Two episodes in one week? “The Masked Singer” returned on Thanksgiving night for its semi-finals (and what appeared to be another subtle jab at host Nick Cannon’s baby making skills, via a chyron suggesting he’s sitting at the kids’ table).

The Thanksgiving-themed installment saw comedian Nikki Glaser unmasked as Snowstorm, leaving two finalists — Harp and Lambs — for next week’s finale.

Glaser was unmasked after facing off with Harp and Lambs in a three way battle royale (in which all three took turns singing the song “Since U Been Gone,” by Kelly Clarkson).

For Snowstorm, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg got it right with Nikki Glaser. Robin Thicke thought it was Whitney Cummings. Nicole Scherzinger picked Iliza Schlesigner. Ken Jeong guessed Kristen Wiig.

Nikki Glaser as Snowstorm joins Ray Parker, Jr., as Sir Bugaboo, Linda…

This story appeared first on variety.com, 2022-11-25.
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