Battlefield "cannot keep up" as a Call of Duty competitor, says Sony

Sony has alleged Battlefield failed as a Call of Duty competitor due to the sales disparity between the two.

Earlier today, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (opens in new tab) published Sony's arguments against Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Where Microsoft has argued that Battlefield would compete with Call of Duty, Sony disagrees, claiming that the former failed to compete with the latter.

The logic behind Sony's disagreement lies in the total sales figures of the two shooter franchises. Where the Call of Duty series has sold over 400 million copies in total, Sony writes, Battlefield has sold a total of 89.7 million, making it comparatively weak enough to fail as a competitor.

"Call of Duty is too entrenched for any rival, no matter how well equipped, to catch up," Sony says. "It has been the top-selling game for almost every year in the last decade and, in the first-person shooter genre, it is overwhelmingly the top-selling game."

"Despite the…

This story appeared first on, 2022-11-24.
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