Brace Yourselves, Folks: Target's Black Friday Deals Are Pouring In

The Target Black Friday deals are right on, ahem, target. The mega-retailer has to compete with all the mega-retailers (you know who you are, Amazon and Walmart), so you better believe Target isn't backing down to make sure you get the best deal at the great Targé. Everything from must-have cookware to audiophile-approved headphones are on sale, and honestly, some of these deals are the same as the other big guys. What sets Target apart is its excellent Red Card, the Target-only credit card that gets you 5% off every single purchase. Yes, that 5% still applies on these already-too-good deals. Screw Amazon and its two-day shipping—you can get actual money back from Target!

Take advantage of all these Target Black Friday deals to stock up on gifts for your parent, partner, or whoever else manages to make it onto your Nice List this year. From dumbbells and Dyson vacuums to soundbars and smartwatches, these are 35 of the absolute best Target Black Friday deals destined to put a smile on…

This story appeared first on, 2022-11-25.
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