Lane Kiffin Says He Anticipates Being Ole Miss HC Next Season Despite Auburn Rumors

Despite rumors that Lane Kiffin would step down to take over at Auburn as soon as Friday, the Ole Miss head coach has maintained that he isn't planning to leave.

Kiffin also responded to the reports of his reportedly imminent departure earlier in the week:

No. 20 Ole Miss fell to Mississippi State on Thursday night in the Egg Bowl, 24-22, dropping to 8-4 on the season after a once-promising 7-0 start.

Kiffin, who has been at the helm for Ole Miss since 2020, is now 23-12 during his tenure with the school.

While the Auburn head-coaching gig carries more prestige, it doesn't sound as though Kiffin plans to leave Ole Miss any time soon. Whether that's just posturing until the season ends or a legitimate stance remains to be seen.

This story appeared first on, 2022-11-25.
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