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Facebook Says It Will Stop Operating in Europe if Regulators Don’t Back Down

European regulators are cracking down on Facebook's ability to transfer data across the Atlantic. Now the tech giant is threatening to pull its services from more than 400 million European users.

Top of the Matterhorn

The 'Wickedest' City on Earth?

Now a relatively quiet fishing village, Port Royal was once so notorious that it was considered by many to be ‘the wickedest city on Earth’ – until it sank into the sea.

The Uncertain Future of Corporate HQs

Do companies and cities still need each other?

Shetland: An Epic Landscape With a Viking Soul

Closer to the Faroe Islands than to Edinburgh, Scotland’s northernmost isles are home to fascinating ancient sites and a spirit of proud self-sufficiency

Just a Piggy in a Pool

The Happy History of the Word Cheers

Shifting Smoke: How Wildfires Are Sending Smoke Between Continents

How wildfires ravaging the U.S. west coast are sending smoke between continents and up to record heights in the atmosphere.

Scientists Discover Brain Cells That Remember Where Escape Routes Are

These neurons track safe places so mice can escape threats in a split-second

The Military Considered Using Heat Rays on Protesters

We break down what they are—and why they’re not (quite) as scary as they seem.

Which Countries Have Plastic Bottle Deposit Systems?

Cancer Is on the Rise Among Young People

Over the past decade, cancers associated with obesity show some of the most troubling increases affecting young adults and adolescents.

Short-Film: All Cats Are Gray in the Dark

Why Do Supreme Court Justices Serve for Life?

Alexander Hamilton argued that lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court were the only way, but some modern scholars disagree.

Europe’s China Weak Spot: Germany

EU diplomats say Berlin’s focus on the economy have put human rights on the back burner.

How to spend it: First Hampton's waterfront estate in decades

125 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Found Buried by a Volcanic Eruption in China

Archeologists in China have discovered two perfectly preserved fossils of a new 125 million-year-old dinosaur species.

WallStreetBets Alongside the S&P 500

How Banks Have Responded to the FinCEN Files

Read each statement, bank by bank.

Do We Have Victorians to Thank for Consumerism?

There were things to cover things, things to hold other things, things that were representations of yet more things.

What Makes Strangers Click?

Conventional wisdom says people are drawn together when they’re most similar. But how you navigate the world together might actually be what ignites the spark.

The Deadly Viruses That Vanished Without Trace

Scientists are only just starting to unravel why some viruses disappear, while others can linger and cause disease for centuries.

How Celebrity Bodyguards Are Trained

Bodyguards go through intense training to be ready to protect celebrities, CEOs, and politicians. Security firm Global Threat Solutions has protected the lik...

Best Sellers Sell the Best Because They’re Best Sellers

Publishing is becoming a winner-take-all game. Nobody dominates it like Madeline McIntosh and Penguin Random House.

Hiding a 10,000 Year Clock Inside a Mountain

It ticks once a year, the century hand advances once every 100 years, the cuckoo comes out on the millennium, and it will keep time for the next 10,000 years. In the belly of a Texas mountain,...

Global Preparation: How Different Countries Planned for the Second Wave

Lockdowns brought temporary relief to some, but everywhere testing and tracing is key

33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

Take them, adapt them, and apply them to your life

Indonesia Fish Exports Continue to China After Virus Discovered

Will the Universe Ever Run Out of Energy?

Is the "big freeze" our inevitable fate, or can dark energy save us?

A Coronavirus Winter: How the U.S. Can Survive the Pandemic

The coming months of the pandemic could be catastrophic. The U.S. still has ways to prepare.

A Water Dog and a Herding Dog Run Into a Lake

The Challenge of a Job That Doesn't Meet Your Needs

Covid-19 has left many people underemployed – in temporary jobs or on reduced hours. How do you make a success out of a job that isn’t what you wanted?

How Creativity Changes as We Age

As Turner lay dying, he asked to see sunlight. Renoir demanded a pencil. For many artists, the final chapter is the most creative

A Rare Day-By-Day Document of Life Aboard a Slave Ship

The logbook is written from the white perspective, and its horrors are plain to see.

Study Links Rising Stress, Depression in US to Pandemic-Related Losses, Media Consumption

Experiencing multiple stressors triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic—such as unemployment—and COVID-19-related media consumption are directly linked to rising acute stress and depressive symptoms...

Photographs From the Last Quiet Places on Earth

Little can compare to the healing power of silence

Billionaire Chuck Feeney Achieves Goal of Giving Away His Fortune

Irish-American mogul’s philanthropic foundation runs out of cash after 38 years

Face Mask Vending Machines Are Becoming a Reality in the U.S

The company behind them, Keen, is including artwork from the late Jerry Garcia.

Water Enters Futures Market, Allowing Buyers to Lock in Prices

Buying futures contracts may help businesses reliant on water keep prices down.