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Upstract is my next small thing in the news space — made for those who miss the days when Digg 1.0 was fun, Reddit less of a political play, and content discovery all about genuine affinity and...

The Impact of Banning Alcohol During Covid-19

Some countries have experimented with alcohol prohibition during the pandemic to keep hospitals emptier. What was the impact?

Ray Dalio on Capitalism’s Crisis

Veteran hedge-fund manager says capitalists don’t divide the economic pie well, so the system isn’t working effectively for all.

What Frogs Can Teach Us About the State of the World

By tracking amphibian songs, citizen scientists are helping us understand what's happening to our environment

Why You Should Read This Out Loud

Most adults retreat into a personal, quiet world inside their heads when they are reading, but we may be missing out on some vital benefits when we do this.

Can't Unsee: Surgery on Fruits

Emma Pickles This young girl has found a novel way to eat more fruit while encouraging her creative side. Twelve-year-old Emma ...

The Economist’s Analysis of Facebook Media Bias Misses the Mark

A recent examination of media bias on Facebook caught our eye here at AllSides.

My Cucumber!

What Bill Barr Said and What It Means

Had any other attorney general given the speech Barr gave this week, nobody would have noticed. In the context of his recent actions, Barr’s words amount to a defense of politicized justice.

What Smells Can Teach Us About History

How we perceive the senses changes in different historical, political, and cultural contexts. Sensory historians ask what people smelled, touched and tasted – all to learn more about the past.

Small Group of Rich Nations Have Bought Up More Than Half the Future Supply of Leading COVID-19 Vaccine Contenders

Unintended Consequences: The Perils of Publication and Citation Bias

Pieter Kroonenberg, a Dutch statistician, discovered a nonexistent paper that had been cited more than 400 times. 

APT41, the China-Based Hacking Operation Spanning the World

A global hacking collective known as APT41 has been accused by US authorities of targeting company servers for ransom, compromising government networks and spying on Hong Kong activists. Seven...

The Worst Forest Fires You’re Hearing Nothing About

Once again, the Brazilian Amazon is in flames

The Most Likely Way You’ll Get Infected With Covid-19

You don’t have to sanitize your apples anymore, but you do have to wear a mask

Ten Facts About COVID-19 and the U.S. Economy

In this set of 10 facts, Wendy Edelberg, Kristen Broady, Lauren Bauer, and Jimmy O’Donnell assess the extent of these economic damages and provide an overview of existing policy interventions.

Labeled “Research” Chemicals, Doping Drugs Sold Openly on

Amazon bans injectable drugs, but enforcement failures have led to a swell of listings for unproven performance enhancing peptides

How Kodak Detected the Atomic Bomb

Kodak detected the first atomic bomb before anyone else figured it out. Then they made a deal not to tell anyone. Thanks to HBO Max, and their new show raise...

Our Delusional Obsession With Splendid Isolation

So many of us externalise the need for calm, peace and simplicity by romanticising about escaping to a “cabin in the woods” that even photographs of such idealised idylls have become big business....

Wikipedia Edits Have Massive Impact on Tourism

Adding a few paragraphs and photos can boost revenue by £100,000 for small cities

Britain's Last-Ditch Line of Defense Bunkers Uncovered

Likely survival rates for these men were judged to be as low as 12 days, which may be why OBs were sometimes referred to as 'Suicide Bunkers'.

Working on the ISS...

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It Turns Out the Pandemic Made Us Better Partners

A VICE survey of 4,000 people around the world suggests that we may be having less sex, but we're more communicative—and falling more deeply in love.

How (And Why) Hurricanes Get Their Names

You probably recognize these right off the bat: Andrew, Katrina, Sandy and Sally. But when and why did we start giving hurricanes names?

To Save Birds, Should We Kill Off Cats?

Our feline friends are killing billions of birds every year. A fan of both animals believes there are humane solutions.

Tracking Down Credit Card Theft, 4,500 Miles Away

When cybersecurity reporter Danny Palmer found his card was apparently used on another continent, he set out to discover more.

Woman Dies During a Ransomware Attack on a German Hospital

Experts have been warning for years that this would happen

Inside Spain’s Fascism Fandom

*Filmed before the pandemic* VICE’s Carla Parmenter meets the Dutch Franquista, Tom De Groot who has turned his home in Amsterdam into a shrine to the Spanis...

Nuclear Test Dummies: Fake Town Filled With Mannequins ~1953

In order to better understand the blast and thermal effects of a nuclear bomb, the US dropped a 16-kiloton bomb on a fake town in the middle...

Why Plastic-Surgery Demand Is Booming Amid Lockdown

Lockdown and remote work have meant hours of staring at our own faces on video calls – and prompted interest in going under the knife.

Some U.S. Metro Areas Could Grow All Needed Food Locally

Metro centers in the Northwest and interior of the country have the greatest potential for localization.Large portions of the population along the Eastern Seaboard and the southwest corner of the...

Lessons from how the polio vaccine went from the lab to the public

A tragic error showed how complicated it can be to distribute vaccines on a mass scale.

How a productivity phenomenon explains the unraveling of America

The consequences of Baumol's Cost Disease

How Will Covid-19 Change the Way Museums Are Built?

The global pandemic will have long-lasting effects on the form and function of future museums

TV’s Future Will Be More Animated

Animation is one of the only sectors in the entertainment industry that hasn’t been forced to shut down during the pandemic, leading to a boom for a format that was already on the upswing.

Troves of KGB documents become declassified

On a bright, clear day in mid-June, Andry Kohut, director of the State Archive of the Ukrainian Security Service, stood in front of the sarcophagus of Chernobyl’s reactor Unit 4 wearing sneakers and…

Three in four Americans expect mass protests if Donald Trump is re-elected

My Dad, the Globetrotting Businessman, Paleographer…and Spy?

Growing up, I thought everyone’s parents told them bedtime stories about being chased by the secret police and dodging bullets. As an adult, I started to wonder just who Dad really was.

Monkey Steals Guy's Phone And Uses It To Take Selfies

The thief was someone he never expected.

Inside the Virtual Crusade Against Animal Cruelty on YouTube

Despite public outrage, videos of cat decapitation, puppy abuse and mouse torture continue to amass views on YouTube. Can the company come up with a solution?